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Regional muna report abstract


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Regional muna report abstract

  1. 1. Youth of United Nations Association Tanzania Regional Mun Report(Abstract)REGIONAL MUN organised by YUNA Tanzania (UN Chapter and UNCTN) was Sponsored bythe UNCG as under patronage of United Nation Information Centre(UNIC).The series under thetheme “Envisioning New Social and Economic Development Strategies Post 2015”, weresuccessfully run from 15th to 30th December in five different regions reaching more than 500youth.The regional MUN 2012 Participants, researched prior to the conference on the theme. Theycollected information from the local governments, various institutions, non-governmental andinternational organizations involved in developmental efforts, regarding the current status of theMDGs and its progress towards 2015 . From their research, participants come up with PositionPapers entailing Progress on the MDGs in their areas of assignment.The resolutions derived from the Regional MUN’s have been compiled in the annex as theTanzanian youth recomendations towards the world we want post 2015.The MUN Department created organising commeittes in every region, where they identified theneeds of the participants, and played a major role to ensure the effectiveness of the program.The regional organising teams called for the application, which was online and screening wasdone to select best applicants out of the enormous number of applicants.
  2. 2. The conference was monitored by the project team headed by the MUN Department.