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Model un report 2012 first draft


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Model un report 2012 first draft

  1. 1. Youth of United Nations Association Tanzania UN Report 2012 Report
  2. 2. Theme: “Rio+20 and Sustainable development: Advancing Human Progress in Harmony with nature”
  3. 3. List of AcronymsMUN Model United NationsYUNA Youth of the United Nations AssociationUNCTN UN Clubs Tanzania NetworkUNA United Nations AssociationUNDP United Nations Development ProgramUNIC United Nations Information CenterUN United NationsAU African UnionNGO Non-Governmental OrganizationCSO Civil Society OrganizationsWFUNA World Federation of United Nations AssociationWFUNA-Youth World Federation of United Nations Association-YouthGA General AssemblyEARMUN Eastern Africa Regional Model United Nations
  4. 4. AcknowledgementThe project team extends a thankful hand to the UN System and its agencies for not onlysupporting the Tanzania Model UN General Assembly but also for their work focused onachieving the Sustainable Development and especially towards Rio+20 which was theprimary focus of the conference.The project team also expresses its sincere gratitude to various stakeholders in the countrywho are working on Sustainable Development supported the TMUN 2012 in one way orthe other. YUNA extends its genuine appreciation to the United Nations system inTanzania particularly United Nations Information Center (UNIC), United NationsAssociation (UNA) as a partner organization, United Nations Communication Group(UNCG) for their efforts in making the event a success.Special thanks to the Deputy Speaker of the Tanzanian Parliament, Hon. Job Ndugai whoagreed to attend and officially open the conference. Also we would like to thank theParliament of the United Republic of Tanzania for providing the venue and facilities whichwere used during the conference. Also we are grateful to Ms. Audrey Njelekela, Dodoma-TACAIDS Regional Coordinator who officially closed the conference.The contribution of heads of schools and institutions who allowed their students toparticipate in the 2012 TMUN also is highly recognized. Lastly but not least, we sincerelythank our members and participants of YUNA and TMUN respectively for alwayssupporting our endeavors in furthering the UN Agenda.Anyone else, who in a one way or the other helped in making this Model UN Assembly asmooth experience, is also appreciated.
  5. 5. Executive SummaryThe fifteenth Tanzania Model United Nations (TMUN 2012) took place in Dodoma at PiusMsekwa Building from 31st March to 2nd April, 2012. TMUN is one of the largest youthgatherings in the country which brings young people from across the country together.Organized by the Youth of the United Nations Association (YUNA), TMUN 2012 was oneof the successful 15 Model UN’s which earlier focused on various issues such as Peace andSecurity, Climate Change etc.The 2012 TMUN was officially opened by the Deputy Speaker of the TanzanianParliament, Hon. Job Ndugai. The guests’ panel, during the opening session included Mr.Edward Lwidiko (YUNA Chairperson), Mr. Phillip Musiba (UNIC Representative) andMr. Adam Anthony, the President of the 2012 MUN General Assembly and the TMUNConference Coordinator, Ms. Nicey Munisi a representative from the Palestinian Embassy.Also the 2012 TMUN was attended by youth activists such as Mr. Lawrence Chuma andReynald Maeda from United Nations Association (UNA), Mr. Humphrey Polepole andEbben Msuya from Tanzania Youth Coalition, Ms. Angela Damas and Rebecca Muna fromCitizen’s Global Platform, Hanifa Kiluwa from the Ministry of Development, Gender andChildren, Mr. Kimeu Mutua from UNEP Kenya.The conference was highlighted by a number of Committee sessions and General Assemblysessions, a vibrant and exciting cultural event, an official opening ceremony and a closingCeremony. This MUN General Assembly carried a special feature where delegatesrepresented various countries at the general assembly and applied the Rules of proceduresin line with those of the United Nations.
  6. 6. At the end of this conference, youth realized the achievements, opportunities andchallenges ahead of us to achieve sustainable development. The meeting was then closedby Ms. Audrey Njelekela, Dodoma-TACAIDS Regional Coordinator who also took part inawarding the best delegates of the 2012 Model UN.Background of the Model UNModel United Nations General Assembly (MUN GA) is an authentic simulation of the UNGeneral Assembly by young people, which is conducted in various parts of the world,aiming to foster young people’s understanding of the UN and its processes and enhancetheir skills in leadership, diplomacy, research and negotiations among others.Model UN’s has evolved to become one of the critical youth forums all over the world. Inthe model UN, students get a chance to develop researching, presentation andcommunication skills. It also introduces an idea of being diplomatic in decision making andpeacefully reaching a common consensus.In Tanzania the Model UN has been organized by YUNA for the past 14 years, YUNA firstconducted the UN Model General Assembly conducted in 1997. The subject was PovertyEradication. The 2012 Model UN General Assembly was held in Dodoma. YUNA has alsobeen jointly organizing the Eastern Africa Regional Model UN (EARMUN)Youth UN-Model General Assembly has attracted the public and the media attention, and ithas continued to do so. For over 50 years now, all over the world, students have benefitedfrom the national model United Nations assembly and enjoyed this interactive learningexperience that not only involves young people in the study and discussion of global issuesbut also encourages the development of skills useful throughout their lives such as;  Researching  Writing
  7. 7.  Public speaking  Consensus building  Conflict resolution  Compromise and cooperationBackground of the themeRio+20 is the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Developmentto take place in Brazil, in June 2012. It is a historic opportunity to define pathways to asafer, more equitable, cleaner, greener and more prosperous world for all. Twenty yearsafter the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, where countries adopted Agenda 21, a blueprint torethink economic growth, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection; theUN is again bringing together governments, international institutions and major groups toagree on a range of smart measures that can reduce poverty while promoting decent jobs,clean energy and a more sustainable and fair use of resources.Rio+20 is a chance to move away from business-as-usual and to act to end poverty, addressenvironmental destruction and build a bridge to the future. Over the last two decades, therehave been many examples of successful sustainable development in fields such as energy,agriculture, urban planning, and production and consumption.This year’s Tanzania Model UN, is centred on sustainable development since the rightto development implies improvement and advancement of economic, social, culturaland political conditions. It is impossible to separate the well-being of the human personfrom the well-being of the earth. Therefore truly sustainable development places just asmuch importance on the protection of the earth and of the earth’s resources. Internationaldocuments that include the environmental aspect of development affirm and reaffirm thathuman beings are at the centre of concern for sustainable development. They are entitled toa healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.
  8. 8. As the goal of sustainable development is to permanently improve the living conditions ofhuman beings, political, social and economic developments must be carried out in a waythat is environmentally and ecologically friendly ensuring the continuous rejuvenation andavailability of natural resources for future generations.TMUN SustainabilityThe sustainability of the 2012 Tanzania Model UN (TMUN) is anchored on;  Supporting the efforts of young people and youth organizations who are advocating in the course of attainment sustainable development.  TMUN will continue to be an annual event, providing forum for continuation of discussions and activities that will be started and or continued by this conference in particular.Observed OutcomesSeveral outcomes were observed during the 2012 TMUC conference. The outcomesobserved act as a catalyst for the continuation of holding the future TMUN(s)  Awareness and understanding of young people who attended the conference on the sustainable development and Rio+20 progresses in Tanzania has remarkably increased.  The adoption of an outstanding Final Resolutions entailing what young people have decided to do to contribute to the efforts towards achieving the sustainable development.  Enhanced partnerships that will involve young people in ongoing reforms and processes that are dedicated towards achieving sustainable development.
  9. 9. Monitoring and evaluationThe 2012 MUN conference was monitored by the project team headed by the conferencecoordinator. Also the conference was evaluated at different levels;  Organizational LevelYUNA held a meeting on the last day of the event to evaluate successes and challenges thathave been faced in the course of organizing the 2012 TMUN.  Participant levelParticipants were provided with evaluation forms by the organizing committee to evaluatethe coordination of conference. Responses showed several weaknesses in the first day,which were contained in the followed days.  Observer levelSeveral participants attended the meeting as observers and they also commented on thewhole organization of the conference. The outcomes of all levels of evaluation are to beused in further improvements of organizing the coming model assemblies.