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Hiv aids report[1]


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Hiv aids report[1]

  1. 1. Youth of United Nations Association TanzaniaHIV/AIDS Report Morogoro Conference for Secondary School StudentsACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe Morogoro HIV/AIDS Committee through Mzumbe University United Nations Chapterwould like to extend heartfelt appreciation for the support that we got from Mzumbe University,Morogoro Municipal Council, and individual thanks go to Prof. Kuzilwa, Prof. Kamuzora ,Mzumbe University Dean of Students ,Laizer Nyangusi, Morogoro Municipal Director ,Morogoro Municipal TACAIDS Coordinator , Morogoro Secondary Schools Education officer,secondary school teachers who attended the conference AND the Morogoro Region Committeefor HIV/AIDS (Organizing Committee)INTRODUCTIONMorogoro HIV AIDS committee through Mzumbe University UN Chapter conducted aconference on 24/03/2012 at Mzumbe University.Attendees were students from different secondary schools in Morogoro municipality namely;Bigwa Sisters seminary, Kigulunyembe , Kilakala Girls, Lutheran Junior Seminary,St.Peters Seminary, St.Francis De Sales, and Presbyterian Seminary.
  2. 2. The main Topics taught were; Behavioral Change Communication, HIV/AIDS and Law andGender -based violence. Mainly the programme aims at providing essential knowledge onHIV/AIDS and related Diseases to young people especially secondary schools students that areon the verge of joining higher learning institutions.SUCCESSES  We trained students and we assessed them by giving them different tasks to do in order to measure their understanding ability on the matters presented by participatory method of training during their presentation.  We managed to network and enabled them to do the same.  We formed committees from the six participants that we had from each school to act as ambassadors training other students from their schools concerning HIV/AIDS and other related diseases.  We were able to understand how unknowledgeable people are on the aspect of HIV/AIDS law; hence it is a call to spread the education to many areas.CHALLENGES  We had problems in raising funds as some people/organization /department did not respond to our calls and this caused some financial constraints.  The number of participants we expected to have was below expectation. We had planned to have 60 participants from 12 secondary schools with 6 delegates each but only 6 schools participated.  Some of the targeted groups failed to come partly because it was holiday period. We expected to have students from form IV, V and VI, but we had form III, IV and Only.SUGESTIONS  Education that we gave them should be given to people in homes and villages who are unaware of the burning issues on HIV/AIDS and related diseases.
  3. 3.  The Morogoro TACAIDS offices should seek ways to support the committee in its work plan. This includes networking with donors and some key players in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  The Committee should be given a chance to send representative(s) in different meetings and seminars conducted by TACAIDS and other organizations on HIV/AIDS.  Support should be provided to the next phase conference meant for rural secondary schools.CONCLUSIONThe Committee is looking forward to conduct phase two of the project that shall involve ruralsecondary schools.On behalf of the Team,Jacob MogendiChair - Morogoro Region HIV/AIDS CommitteeSecretary General -Mzumbe University UN Chapter+255(0) 786670670,