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Bdc report abstract


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Bdc report abstract

  1. 1. Youth of United Nations Association Tanzania BDC-YUNA Report (Abstract)This year Bumbuli Development Corporation (BDC) in collaboration with Youth of UnitedNations Association of Tanzania (YUNA) conducted a pilot Form four study camp. The campduration was 28 days, from 5th August to 4th September 2012.The relationship between YUNA and BDC has been in-line with the fact that bothorganizations have focused on the improvement of quality of education with special interestamong form four students.The role of YUNA Tanzania during the camp has been to manage the volunteers; from theircontracts to well being, substituting the volunteers whenever they become unable to deliver orgot sick. This greatly reduced the burden to BDC on the management part. The roles of theteachers were to teach and manage the students in the camp at ground level. The role of BDCwas to provide the financial support for the camp, necessary administration support andadvice.YUNA under the project manager created a recruitment team that was responsible to reviewthe applications and interview the applicants according to their ability to facilitate and deliverthe materials they have to teach.Due to the limited resources that were available (especially time), priority had to be given tosome subjects that were poorly performed. The subjects selected to be taught were, Physics,Biology, Mathematics, Biology, History and English