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Working in bank


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Starts with what students will face after graduation. Finding the best job, ace the interview and work your way up. How to manage your boss, friends and allies. How to maneuver in politics.

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Working in bank

  1. 1. Working in bank YUDY YUNARDY
  2. 2. Working in bank
  3. 3. What every student (will) do 1.Find the best job 2.Ace the interview 3.Work you way up
  4. 4. How??? 1.Internet 2.Social Networking 3.Professional Networking
  5. 5. Job sites in internet
  6. 6. How to ace the interview 1.Prepare / research 2.Dry run 3.DON’T BE LATE 4.OVERDRESS IS BETTER
  7. 7. How to work you way up 1.Probation 2.Retention 3.Politics
  8. 8. Probation 1.Finding your ground 2.How to do your job
  9. 9. Finding your ground 1.Important places 2.Places you shouldn’t go 3.Places you can’t go
  10. 10. How to do your job 1.How to do things right 2.How to do the right things
  11. 11. Retention 1.Manage your boss 2.Manage your friends 3.Manage your foes
  12. 12. Manage your boss 1.Give face 2.Professional 3.Your boss is director of your movie
  13. 13. Manage your friends 1.Keep in touch regularly 2.Don’t let friends affect your work 3.Use social media wisely
  14. 14. Manage your foes 1.Identify 2.Know your time 3.Stand up
  15. 15. Politics 1.Manage your allies 2.Manage your networks 3.Do what you love and love what you do
  16. 16. Manage your allies 1.Friends and foes change, allies stay 2.Keep your distance 3.Renew history
  17. 17. Manage your networks 1.What you can do for someone 2.What someone can do for you
  18. 18. Do what you love and love what you do 1.Lessen the stress 2.Brings the best in you 3.Makes you a better person
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. THANK YOU