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Daisy-chaining Robots - A Social Media Masterclass


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This masterclass is about developing an online communication strategy for creative & cultural industries and businesses wanting a creative edge. Of course you'll already need to have a presence of sorts, it is advanced after-all.

We will aim to develop an online communication strategy using case studies & practical activities the session will cover:

the importance of personality online
harnessing new style marketing
using dashboards to automate
image is content royalty
control your copyright
mailing list use & security
team & guest blogging

This session has been generously supported and subsidised by the City of Ballarat and by Yum Studio. This session took place at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Monday 17th June, 10 am-4 pm.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Daisy-chaining Robots - A Social Media Masterclass

  1. 1. Daisy-ChainingRobots
  2. 2. Mine host
  3. 3. SCHEDULE FOR TODAY:10.00am – Be Yourself• the importance of personality online• harnessing new style marketing• draw your online shape11.30 Morning break (15 mins)11.45am – Robot Lovin’• using dashboards to automate• image is content royalty• list daisy’s to chain1.00 Lunch Break (45 mins)1.45pm – Take Control• control your copyright• mailing list use & security• Ideas book2.30 Arvo Break (15 mins)SCHEDULE FOR TODAY:2.45pm – Take it in hand• team & guest blogging• communication strategy• qanda & report4.00 CloseCONCEPTS FOR TODAY:It’s ok to be online during session – it’s demandedIt’s great to ask questions – find relevanceIt’s about people – first, last & middleYou will do some work - Just give it a go…HOUSE-KEEPING:Thanks: City of Ballarat Arts & Culture Unit & YumStudio for subsidyHook-up: #ballarat #robots #socialmedia #arts#culture #yumstudioTake: Please take pics and video with permission.
  4. 4. Your challengeShareLikeConnectonline
  5. 5. Your challengeShareLikeConnectFace to face
  6. 6. Be YourselfStephen Fry
  7. 7. Be Yourself
  8. 8. Be Yourself
  9. 9. Be Yourself
  10. 10. Be Yourself
  11. 11. Be Yourselfyoutribeaudience
  12. 12. Be Yourself
  13. 13. Be Yourself?
  14. 14. Be Yourself?Website widgetPlatform app
  15. 15. Robot lovin’
  16. 16. Robot lovin’?
  17. 17. Take control
  18. 18. Take control
  19. 19. Take control
  20. 20. Take control
  21. 21. Take control• Mailing list• Security – Alter ego• Email notifications• Auto RSS posts• Auto-responders
  22. 22. Take control? • List one idea that you want to work on• Talk to someone in your field• After discussing it, write one question
  23. 23. Take control? Communications Strategy:• Platforms you need• Number of updates• When will you update• Content of updates• How will you connect your website• What robots do you needDon’t wait for perfection – just get in there