nestle cerelac marketing plan


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nestle cerelac marketing plan

  1. 1. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 1 NESTLE CERELACYumna Iftikhar, Muniza Hashmi, Sumaira faiz, Mustafa Javaid, Marzia Sakhi BS(BA)-4th-B Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences
  2. 2. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 2“Cerelac is a best start of ones life and off course future too” TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 3 1. Letter of acknowledgment…………………………………….....5 2. Executive summary……………………………………………....6 3. Why this product…………………………………………………7 4. Company profile…………………………………………………..8 5. Brief description of the company…………………………………8 6. Company vision and mission statement…………………………………………………..….…8,9 7. Marketing objectives………………………………………………9 8. Brief description of the product………………………………..…10 9. Industry analysis ……………………………………………….…13 Consumption Trends Profitability Future growth potential 10. SWOT analysis……………………………………………………14 11. Competition………………………………………………………15 12. Target marketing …………………………………………………16 13. Basis for segmentation……………………………………………16 14. Segment needs ……………………………………………………17 15. Segment growth potential…………………………………………17 16. Size of segment………………………………………………..…18 17. Positioning & differentiation strategy……………………………18,19 18. Defining the marketing mix………………………………….……20 Product strategy Price strategy Promotion strategy Placement strategy 19. CRM by the organization…………………………..………….…23
  4. 4. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 4 20. Conclusion……………………………………………………….25 21. Bibliography……………………………………………………..26 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTPraise is to “ALLAH” Almighty, the one testing us all at all times and making decisions aboutwhat we don’t know and can’t know. All thanks to him who gave us courage to undertake andcomplete this project.
  5. 5. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 5 Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and there are no exceptions. Thereport being submitted today is a result of collective effort. There are innumeroushelping hands behind who have guided us on our way.Writing this report appeared to be a great experience to us. It added a lot to our knowledge. Thisreport is one of our memorable experiences in student life. Though words are inadequate inoffering thanks to our teacher but we owe profound gratitude toMR. Mateeh Ullah KhanFor stimulating our creative abilities by assigning this project to us and for his able guidanceand useful suggestions, which helped us in completing the project work, in time.Whatever we have learnt from him and this project report has put indelible impression on ourminds.It is our conviction that this learning experience will always be a source of help in our practicallife and professional career.Finally, yet importantly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our beloved parents,for cooperation, help, kindness and blessings, our friends for their help and wishes for thesuccessful completion of the work. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis is a semester project regarding a baby food product name Nestlé Cerelac. It starts with anintroduction about Nestlé Company. It gives a briefing about all the brands of the NestléCompany.
  6. 6. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 6 Nestle has been serving worldwide with its excellence in product safety, quality andvalue. It provides many products which include dairy products, beverages, water, and infantdietetic and confectionary. We have taken NESTLE Cerelac for our project report. Their aim isto provide customer with best infant food on suitable prices make the product as convenient aspossible. According to their claim that they provide the best food through out the world.Here we are analyzing the marketing plan of Nestlé which is an FMCG; we have made a projectreport on Nestlé Cerelac. We will be seeing different strategies of the company. We will see thevarious strategies that can be used by them for improving their product. Our report includes abrief description of the company vision and mission statement its marketing objectives,description of the product, situation analysis, industry analysis, Consumption, trends,profitability and future growth potential, SWOT analysis, Competition.This report also includes the marketing mix of the product has been discussed to reveal thesignificance of its product, pricing, promotion and placement.Segmentation and targeting will help to understand the criteria of Nestlé marketing for thespecific product.In the end there has been explained CRM of Nestlé after that report has been concluded. WHY THIS PRODUCT?Market worldwide especially into developing regions such as Asia, MEA and Latin Americawith large ever growing baby population and increasing income levels. China, Russia, BrazilIndia, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia are the most promising markets for as these countries havehighest baby population and fastest growing middle class population.
  7. 7. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 7 We do not have as such varieties of baby foods here in Pakistan so we have selected theleading brand of food in the world that’s Nestlé. Here in Pakistan many people do not payattention on their Childs’ needs and requirements and provide them unhealthy food. We havesearched for the brand Nestlé Cerelac and now we are going to present thorough report onNestlé Cerelac.While milk remains the most important source of nutrition in the first year of baby’s life, everybaby reaches the developmental stage when milk alone is not enough to sustain rapid growthand development.Nestlé CERELAC is ideal as it is a nutritionally complete meal for every occasion and superiorto porridges, maize meal and jars. Moms can feed CERELAC to babies at any time of the daybecause it is a baby food, not a breakfast cereal.CERELAC compliments the milk feeds perfectly as it has the nutritional value of a fullybalanced meal for baby, and tastes great too! By feeding your baby CERELAC you can beassured that your baby gets all the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals needed for optimumgrowth development - just add water! COMPANY PROFILEDescription of Nestle:Nestlé began in Switzerland in the mid 1860s when founder Henri Nestlé created one of the firstbaby formulas. Henri realized the need for a healthy and economical product to serve as an
  8. 8. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 8 alternative for milk. Henri’s product was a carefully formulated mixture of cow’s milk,flour and sugar. Nestlé’s first product was called Farine Lactée (“cornflour gruel” in French)Henri Nestlé.The start of World War I made it difficult for Nestlé to buy raw ingredients and distributeproducts. Fresh milk was scarce in Europe, and factories had to sell milk for the public needinstead of using it as an ingredient in foods. Nestlé purchased several factories in the U.S. tokeep up with the increasing demand for condensed milk and dairy products via governmentcontracts. The company’s production doubled by the end of the war. When fresh milk becameavailable again after the war, Nestlé suffered and slipped into debt. The price of ingredients wasincreasing, the economy has slowed and exchange rates deteriorated because of the war.In 1874, The Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, founded by Americans Charles andGeorge Page, merged with Nestlé after a couple of decades as fierce competitors to form theNestlé and Anglo-Swiss Milk Company.Expanding its product line outside of the food market, Nestlé became a major stockholder inL’Oreal cosmetics in 1974. Many organized groups began boycotting all of Nestlé’s productsbecause they disapproved of Nestlé marketing its baby formula in developing countries.Problems like illiteracy and poverty caused some mothers to use less formula thanrecommended. In a watered down formula, vital nutrients are lessoned. Contaminated waterpresented another problem, since the formulas had to be mixed with water. The organizationsargued that the misuse of formula resulted in the malnutrition or death of many infants indeveloping countries.According to Nestlé the World Health Organization never made statements tying infant death ormalnutrition with baby formulas. The company didn’t deny the superiority and agreed thatsubstituting milk for other substances could be very dangerous. Nestlé explained thatbreastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers in developing countries often gave their babieswhole cow’s milk, tea, cornstarch, rice water or a mix of flour and water. These alternativeswere very unhealthy and a nutritional baby formula was a better choice. Nestlé says that it hasnever discouraged breastfeeding when it was possible. Nestlé agreed to follow the InternationalCode in developing countries in 1984, and the boycott was suspended. It resumed several yearslater when the organizations believed Nestlé was sending free or low cost baby formulas todeveloping countries. Nestlé said it only sent formula to countries that allow donations fororphans, multiple births, and babies with no access to milk. The company has stopped all publicadvertising for formula in developing countries for almost 20 years. The boycott continues tosome extent to this day without satisfactory resolution.
  9. 9. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 9 The company focused on improving its financial situation and continuing to expand. Theleading in the food industry, Nestlé brings in $81 billion in overall sales and has 470 factoriesaround the world. Nestlé will continue to grow, introduce new products and renovate existingones. The company’s mission is to focus on long-term potential over short-term performance.Nestlé expands across many different markets including beverages, ice cream, babyfoods/formulas, soups, frozen foods, snacks, pet care and of course candy.In line with Nestlé’s global philosophy, Nestlé Pakistan is proud of its commitment toexcellence in product safety and quality and to providing value and aims to be the leadingNutrition, Health and Wellness Company. As a socially responsible corporate, we always focuson environment friendly operations, ethical business practices and our responsibility towards thecommunities.Nestlé factories are operating in the regions: • Africa • America • Asia • Europe • OceaniaVision:Nestlé’s global vision is to be the recognized leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company.Nestlé Pakistan subscribes fully to this vision of being the number one Nutrition, Health, andWellness Company in Pakistan. In particular, we envision to; • Lead a dynamic, passionate and professional workforce – proud of our heritage and positive about the future. • Meet the nutrition needs of consumers of all ages – from infancy to old age, from nutrition to pleasure, through an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverage products of the highest quality. • Deliver shareholder value through profitable long-term growth, while continuing to play a significant and responsible role in the social, economic, and environmental sectors of Pakistan.
  10. 10. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 10 Mission:To positively enhance the quality of life of the people of world by all that we do through ourpeople, our brands and products and our CSV activities.Ambition:To be the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company.Marketing Objectives:Marketing objectives are compatible with the overall corporate objectives of nestle. Company’sobjective is to be the world’s largest and best branded food manufacturer while insuring thatnestle name is synonymous with the products of the highest quality.Description of Nestle` Cerelac:Feeding your baby properly is one of the most important aspects of baby care. There are anumber of baby brands for food available in the market. One of the most popular baby foodbrands is Cerelac manufactured by Nestle. This pediatric food product called Cerelac isconsidered very nutritious and good for babies health and growth. Besides, Nestle Cerelac iseasily digested by infants.Nestle Cerelac is a highly nutritious, easily digested instant cereal, containing milk powder. Anexcellent source of energy with complex carbohydrates that are enriched with key nutrientssuitable for baby’s little tummy. It also provides essential nutrients including vitamins andminerals. Such minerals include calcium to build healthy bones and teeth, and iron, which isrequired to generate red blood cells.Cerelac packs in all the necessary baby nutrition factors and serves as a complimentary meal forbabies above 6 months. This is because, after the age of 4, a babys body requires more fuel andthat can be supplied with Cerelac to meet up the nutritional requirements of the growing baby.Cerelac Offered in:Cerelac come in a range of seven varieties of baby food products which are as follows:
  11. 11. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 11 • Cerelac Rice • Cerelac Wheat • Cerelac Wheat - apple • Cerelac Wheat - honey • Cerelac Wheat - banana • Cerelac Wheat - 3- fruits • Cerelac Wheat - 4 – VegetablesNestlé Cerelac:BL Bifidus together with the combination of iron, zinc, vitamin A & vitamin C nutrients havebeen shown to help strengthen your child’s natural defenses day by day.Infant Cereal Rice & MilkNestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 1 makes it easier for you to gradually introduce solidfood to your child.Infant Cereal Brown RiceThe mild tastes of Nestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 1 make for a gentle move from amilk-only diet.Infant Cereal Rice & SoyaNestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 1 helps you to ensure that your child has a varied andnutritious diet.Infant Cereal Rice & Mixed FruitsNestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 2 introduces more new tastes to help develop your littleones taste buds.Infant Cereal Rice & Mixed VegetablesNestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 2 – another step forward in your little ones journey ofnutritional discoveries.
  12. 12. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 12 Infant Cereals Wheat & HoneyAfter 6 months, your child is ready to discover new tastes. His taste buds can differentiatebetween foods.Cerelac Oats, Wheat & PrunesBetween 8-11 months of age, babies need more than just nutritional value in food.Infant Cereal Rice & ChickenNestlé CERELAC Infant Cereals Stage 3 has richer tastes and textures to suit your childschewing and swallowing abilities.Infant Cereal Wheat & Ikan BilisLet your child explore different taste & textureToddler Cereals Honey JoyNutritionally tailored for children 1 year and above, Nestle CERELAC Toddler Cereals HoneyJoy provides wholesome goodness of wheat, corn flakes and honey.Toddler Cereals BL Multi Grain & Mixed FruitsA complete meal everyday, Nestlé CERELAC Toddler Cereals BL Multi Grain & Mixed Fruitsis suitable for children 1 year and above. It provides wholesome nutrition of whole grain andreal fruit bits.Toddler Cereals BL Multi Grain & Garden VegetablesNestle CERELAC Toddler Cereals BL Multi Grain & Garden Vegetables is suitable for children1 year and above. It is packed with the right proportion of selected ingredients in dense volumeswhich are suitable for their growing years.
  13. 13. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 13 SITUATIONAL ANALYSISIndustry Analysis: Consumption: The Nestlé Cerelac consumers are spread all over the world one of the reasons behind is the lower prices offered by Nestlé and its easy availability every where. Nestlé Cerelac is that much available that people hardly find any other Cerelac in market with an ease. The consumers are the infants of course but the customers are the parents and they select the best quality material for their children and that’s Nestlé Cerelac. Trends: Nestlé will apply insights into changing lifestyles by providing innovative ideas that appeal consumers. Every market is different, but Nestlé Professional has identified seven global trends: Evolving role With more women working outside of the home, demand for convenient, on-the-go family food is rising. Risk society In an uncertain world, people are turning to brands they can trust. And they’re becoming increasingly aware of the corporate behavior of the companies they buy from. Fluid lives The nine-to-five, three-square-meals-a-day routine is becoming a thing of the past. People want to be able to shop, eat and drink on their terms, where and when they feel like it. Fusion Holidays, world media and globalization have made us open to exotic new cuisines and creative taste combinations. Pleasure principles
  14. 14. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 14 The pressures of modern life mean people find it increasingly easy to justify treating themselves. That means being able to have their food and drink “their way”, with the ingredient options and flavorings of their choice. Wising up Well-informed consumers won’t come back for a second visit if the first is disappointing. And legislation and watchdogs are giving them new information about their choices. Seeking balance People want balance in their diets and in their lifestyles. They’ll choose healthy options, but they also like to indulge if the right treat is on offer. Profitability: Net profit was more than tripled in 2010, as the worlds largest food company successfully navigated the triple pressure in the U.S. and Europe. In august 2011, Sales also fell 12.9 percent. Nestle chief executive Paul Bulcke described the business environment as “extremely tough, volatile and competitive,” given the economic instability, rising raw material prices and the strong Swiss currency a strong factor for decline. Nevertheless, they managed to drive growth not only in emerging markets but also in developed countries, especially in Europe. Nestlé has been on a drive to grow in these countries by reformulating many products and finding cheaper packaging in order to make them affordable and accessible for the poorest consumers. Future Growth Potential: Nestle is today the world’s largest food and beverage company with its mission to provide healthier lifestyle. It has launched many products in Pakistan the majority of which are popular and among the market leaders. Nestle is installing new plants and importing latest technologies to improve. Moreover, innovation is one of its greatest strengths so it has a bright future in Pakistan.
  15. 15. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 15 SWOT Analysis: STRENGTHS ------------------TO BUILD ON WEAKNESESS ----------------------TO COVER ON OPPORTUNITIES -------------------TO CAPTURE THREATS ------------------------------TO DEFEND ON STRENGHTS WEAKNESESSNestle includes a culture that is team focused and One major weakness of Nestle is that it is entering intoan open door policy, ( Very long history over markets that are already mature and can give a tough140 years) focuses on collectivism and performance competition to new entrants. Nestle Plain Yogurt hasorientation attitude which encourages employees to proved to be a Nestle weakness because it has beenwork hard. People all over the world trust and unable to make its market place in USA. But Nestle byrecognizes Nestle as a big brand name. It looks at analyzing the sensitive areas can overcome itsachieving higher volumes by renovating existing weaknesses.products and innovating new products, they arelow-cost operators which allow them to notonly beat Competition but also edging aheadoperating excellence, innovation, renovation,product availability and communication aremajor strengths. IT is an important aspect that peopleall around the world are becoming more consciousabout health, that’s why they prefer Nestle. OPPORTUNITIES THREATSNestle in Pakistan has a great opportunity for Nestle is facing the threats by worldwide communityexpanding its markets because in Pakistan there is a due to its violation of international marketing standards.large ready market of food and beverages due to trends Many conferences and campaigns have been heldof eating and against Nestlé in this regard which can damage the name and trust of its customers. Another threat is due toThe increasing .It also has opportunities largely the increasing popularity of its competitorin China and India as well. Through proper marketing OLPERS in local and international markets.research Nestlé can cash on to these opportunities.Competition:
  16. 16. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 16 Nestle competes with other packaged foods companies as well as store brands fromretailers Nestlé’s major competitors are: • Farex • Emeven Global Ltd • Euro Africa Ltd • zar & company • Omani Euro Food Industries TARGET MARKETING
  17. 17. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 17 Bases for Segmentation:To occupy a clear distinctive and desirable place related to competing baby foods in the mindsof target customers Nestlé Cerelac segments its market on following bases: • Geographic Segmentation • Demographic Segmentation • Psychographic Segmentation • Behavioral SegmentationGeographic Segmentation:Cerelac segments its market geographically on divisional basis. They divide each division indifferent zones and every distributer is restricted to sale its products only in his own zone. E.g.Lahore is divided in to five zones like east, west, south, north and south west.Demographic Segmentation:Age:They have segmented the market from early age infants to 5 years children and have launcheddifferent flavors and kinds of Cerelac according to their requirements. On the other hand NestléCerelac has made this product for infants but has actually targeted the mothers who can either bevery old or young. Mothers are very conscious about their children health and want the best forthem.Income Level:People belonging to lower income groups cannot afford to buy readymade baby foods so Nestléwill target that segment whose income puts them in the upper middle and higher income groups.Social Stratification:Buyers are divided into different groups based on social class and life style. Many consumerslive a simple life and belong to lower class; they don’t spend on buying artificial food for theirchildren and people belong to middle class or upper class can definitely opt for this.Psychographic Segmentation:
  18. 18. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 18 Class consciousness:Nestlé has also segmented the specific class of mothers who don’t want to give breast feed totheir children so Cerelac is the most preferable and best nourishing food for infants as proxy ofchest food.Level of Education:Nestlé makes promotional strategies keeping in view the customer level of education. If the %of education is high in a country then through ads people can be made well aware of theirproduct and can convey their message easily. Promotion and education have a directrelationship.Behavioral Segmentation:Benefits:Buyers are classified according to the benefits they seek. Nestlé Cerelac has launched differentflavors and types of Cerelac according to benefits that are required by the children of differentstages of early life.Segment needs:Good nutrition is essential for the growth and development that occurs during an infant’s firstyear of life. When developing infants are fed the appropriate types and amounts of foods, theirhealth is promoted. Positive and supportive feeding attitudes and techniques demonstrated bythe caregiver help infants develop healthy attitudes toward foods, themselves, and others.During the first few years of life, the body grows at a very fast rate. The baby weighing on theaverage about 3 kg. At birth doubles its weight by 6 months. The weight touches 9 kg. By 1year. Infants and children are very active and they spend a lot of energy. They therefore, needlarge amounts of body building and energy-giving foods rich in proteins and calories.Segment Growth Potential:Nestle, sees a healthy growth potential for its food products meeting specific dietary needs ofchanging demands of the consumers that normal diets fail to do.Mr. Patrice Bula, Nestlé’s global sales and marketing head, said, “With the impact of economicgrowth and changing lifestyles in India, the need for science-based nutrition in products that weconsume everyday is going to be almost critical for a good life. We firmly believe that sales andmarketing is about responsible engagement with consumers. I have seen some very good
  19. 19. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 19 innovations and renovations in advertising communication, product development and inexpanding the distribution network.”Nestlé besides milk and yoghurt, Nestle markets popular products like Maggi noodles, Nescafeand Kit Kat chocolates in world. The company is observing its 100 years more in differentcountries.Size of the Segment:Infants (0-5), mothers (18-45).Differentiation strategy:Our range is highly hygienic and has excellent strength that prevents the food from dust,moisture and other contaminants, thereby increases shelf life. Further, our range is available indifferent finishes and at most affordable rates to the clients. 1. Nestlé Cerelac has strong brand image on the basis of quality. 2. Nestlé Cerelac always segments the exact customers. 3. Care pharmacy does not believe that till now any one of Nestlé competitors are successful to compete on the basis of quality. 4. Nestlé Cerelac has positioned among people as health provider brand for infants.Positioning Strategy:We are familiar with the name, Cerelac and not only familiar but consumers too. Wheneversome one (parents) thinks about the product in baby food category for their babies, the first andthe last name comes in their mind is Cerelac. Why Nestle Cerelac is so popular and authenticbrand, the reason is Nestle that communicates itself as Good food, good life. Cerelac is a nameof quality and best food for babies and the positioning statement of Cerelac also tells the sameas, best start to a healthier futureNestlé does positioning on several bases: 1) On product attributes 2) On needs / benefits 3) On Usage occasion 4) For Classes of users
  20. 20. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 20 5) Against competition 6) Away from competitorsTarget Market Profile: Geographic dispersion Urban, suburban Family life cycle Full nest, single parents Social Stratification Upper upper class, lower upper class, upper middle class Age segments Infants(0-5), mothers (18-45) Income Average, above average (50 k to 100 k per month)
  21. 21. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 21 MARKETING MIXProduct:SizesIt is available in 3 sizes; 350g and 175 g box packaging and a 25g sachet for customerconvenience.Shape & ColorThe shape and color are very attractive for the customers.Labeling and packagingThe labeling and packaging includes Nestlé brand and logo. The packaging includes an expirydate and time along with manufacturing date. Second part of labeling includes the quantity ofproduct in grams along with ingredients and contents.Competitive AdvantageIt is the only popular and quality baby food in Pakistan. Its unique `stay fresh seal and a longlasting shelf life gives the brand a formidable competitive advantage. Not only it is easy to makebut also it is completely made considering the digest system and requirement for infants ondifferent stages of age. The factors that make Cerelac successful is quality and superiornutritional value.Price: Nestle Cerelac Nestle Cerelac NestleNestle Cerelac strawberry & banana wheatbanana apple Cerelac Price $ 2.75 Price $ 2.75Price $ 2.75 Price $ 2.75
  22. 22. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 22 Nestle Cerelac Nestle Cerelac 3Nestle orange & honey fruitapple Cerelac Price $ 2.75 Price $ 2.75Price $ 2.75Promotion:Nestle has adopted the channels for promotion through TV, News papers,magazines Doctors and hoardings etc.•Advertisement budget of the companyNestle has preplanned to start the financial year but it is kept secret by the company.•Share of promotionShare of promotion in over all projects varies every year. Usually it is 40% of the product.•Nature of marketingThe product is marketed aggressively in the market.Placement:Outlets for Product LocatedNestlé Cerelac is available all over in Pakistan regardless of big and small cities.Direct SalesIt is not sold directly to the customers because of the extensive consumer groups. It is the reasonthey sale the product through distributers for easiness of the company.
  23. 23. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 23 Warehousing FacilitiesNestlé Cerelac has its own warehouses for the storage of products as well as it also has hiredsome warehouses.Transportation ModesUsually Nestlé mode of transportation is road which is also used for Cerelac.
  24. 24. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 24 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM)Nestle is the worlds leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. The Companys priorityis to bring the best and most relevant products to people, wherever they are, whatever theirneeds, throughout their lives.Nestlé follows the trend with various marketing program to continuously improve and providenutritious products for a better customer service. Nestlé’s Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a complicated system which mostly and helpfully supports for marketing campaigns.It contains more than 450,000 data of households, and has recently been upgraded to the secondversion. Data migrating is a tiring and complex work.Sector Nutrition, health and wellness company Customer Relationship Management (Tele-survey and databaseServices management) Call Center with data entry operators, conducting tele-survey service andSize updating database of households per year. Contacting moms with babies under 5.5 months-old to survey their households income, expense and nutrition incline, classify them to different segmentations and invite them to participate in Nestlé’s marketing program. Contacting moms with babies of 7 months-old to survey moms behavior in infant cereal category.Requirement Contacting moms with babies of 14 moths-old to survey moms behavior in growing-up milk category Manage and maintain Nestlé’s CRM system. Exporting forms for field-work.Solution Due to the large amount of data, it sets up a systematic process to make sure all new data has to be profiled and present in Nestlé’s CRM in a proper time manner. • ACD report is used to manage agents productivity and track agents recording for quality control • Setting up Quality Assurance process to prevent mistakes happening during data input. • Issuing statistic reports in order to oversee how effective the working process for further progress and improvement. • Tightly scheduling tele-work to assure households to be contacted
  25. 25. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 25 on-time. After 2 years of corporation, CRM has helped Nestle to clean up, verify and segment a very rich database of Nestle potential customers for appropriate marketing programs.Benefits With ongoing surveys to their customers & potential customers, Nestle can measure how effective their marketing programs on different groups of customer, how much improvement in brand recognition, in product consumption, etc so as to adjust their marketing programs to be more efficient in the following years.
  26. 26. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 26 CONCLUSIONNestle is today the world’s largest food and beverage company with its mission to provide healthierlifestyle. It has launched many products in baby food line in Pakistan the majority of which are popular andamong the market leaders. Nestle is installing new plants and importing latest technologies to improve.Moreover, innovation is one of its greatest strengths so it has a bright future in Pakistan.Nestle must state in writing that it accepts that the international code and the subsequent relevant World HealthAssembly Resolutions are minimum requirements for every country. Nestle must state in writing that it willmake required changes to bring its Baby Food Marketing policy and practice into line with InternationalCode and Resolutions. BIBLOGRAPHY
  27. 27. MARKETING REPORT ON NESTLÉ CERELAC 27éwww.foodanddrinkeurope.comwww.foodnavigator.comwww.Google.comwww.shareinfoline.comwww.Ask.comsharekhan-firststep.com