How to Pitch the Media - By Yulu PR Co-founder Jennifer Maloney


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Three simple steps to pitching the media by Yulu PR Co-founder Jennifer Maloney.

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How to Pitch the Media - By Yulu PR Co-founder Jennifer Maloney

  1. 1. Pitch Perfect How to Snag a Reporter’s Attention in 3 Easy Steps! By Jennifer Maloney, Co-founder Yulu Public Relations Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda • 3 Steps to Pitch Success • The Art of the Follow up • Best Pitch Practices
  3. 3. 3 Steps to Pitch Success
  4. 4. Pitch 101 3 Simple Steps for Pitch Success 1. Know your Angle 2. Know who you’re pitching 3. Pick up the phone!
  5. 5. Pitch 101 1. Know Your Angle  Issues Hi-jacking – does my angle tie into a current event, new study, holiday or newsworthy trend?  Significance? Am I pitching “the first of, the largest, the oldest of its kind?  Why should anyone care about this story?  Who will be impacted by this story?  How will this story reflect on my client? The sticky test S – Simple – Can my pitch be easily understood? U– Unexpected – Is there an attention-grabbing element to my pitch? C – Concrete – How will we cement our pitch into the mind of the reporter? C – Credible – What credibility does my source have in speaking to my angle? E – Emotional – Does my pitch appeal to its audience on an emotional level? S – Stories – Is this a pitch that could cultivate a good segment, article?
  6. 6. Pitch 101 2. Know Who You’re pitching Tailor your pitch so it’s relevant to the reporter’s audience • Beat – What industry does this reporter cover? What approach does he or she take to covering this beat? • Region Is my pitch relevant to the region this reporter covers? • Type of Outlet Does my pitch need to be tailored for TV, print, online? • Previous articles/segments How has this reporter covered news in the past?
  7. 7. Pitch 101 3. Pick up the phone! In this digital age, phone calls are not always appreciated. However, it is often the quickest way to: • Cut through the noise • Determine interest level • Know if you’re pitching the best person • Get feedback on your pitch • Develop a relationship • Turn the pitch into coverage
  8. 8. Best Pitch Practices
  9. 9. Best Pitch Forward  Have your research done before you approach a reporter  Listen and pause to get the reporter’s feedback  Remember it’s a conversation  Be confident in the value you are bringing with your idea  If you don’t believe it; don’t pitch it
  10. 10. The Art of the Follow up
  11. 11. Follow up 101 When following up with media 1. Assume the reporter has not read your pitch 2. Listen to gauge their buy in or feedback 3. If you’ve received a no, ask for feedback for future relations 4. Keep good relations, but don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Reporters are people too.
  12. 12. Questions? Jennifer Maloney, Co-founder of Yulu PR Google + Twitter Yulu PR