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revista derechidos
yuliana meza
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Grupo derechidos revista digital idioma

  1. 1. Students: Daniel Cunha Yuliana MezaTeacher:Olga M. Reinoso portada 1
  2. 2. Me hago a dirigir a este articulo un importante derecho que necesitamos resaltar nosotros como sociedad y se dice que La libertad de expresión e información constituye un derecho humano fundamental que asegura el libre intercambio de ideas y opiniones en una sociedad democrática y plural. No son acordes con el sistema democrático las limitaciones o restricciones al derecho de informar e informarse objetivamente. En la actualidad venezolana, muchos son los actores políticos que aseguran queen el país se está violando la constitución, estableciendo una especie de censura que va en contra del libre intercambio de opiniones e información. El profesor de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Andrés Guillermo Carvallo, asegura que es necesaria la existencia de un sistema jurídico que garantice la posibilidad de expresarse y comunicarse, en un debate sin fronteras de ideas y opiniones, que además consagre el derecho de las minorías a participar en la toma de decisiones sociales y políticas que sean de interés ciudadano. La libertad de expresión, es el presupuesto de la libertad del ser humano ya que en ella se asienta el pilar fundamental de donde emanan las demás libertades públicas. La existencia de la libertad de expresión es incuestionable; sólo debeser materia de interpretación, el grado y la medida de su ejercicio, teniendo como límites las normas constitucionales y legales encaminadas a no permitir el abuso de esta libertad, quebrantando las libertades individuales. opinion 2
  3. 3. sucesos 3
  4. 4. Freedom of speech is part of the human rights of persons and is protected by the Universal Declaration of 1948 and the laws of all democratic states. This f reedom means that all humans are entitled to express themselves withoutbeing harassed because of what they think. Freedom of speech is the f reedom to conduct research, access to inf ormation and transmit it without barriers. The term should never be regulated by censorship: in contrast, can be adjusted f rom f urther responsibility. This means that with f reedom of expression, can not prevent a person to express, but to be punished f or their expression. Forexample, a journalist plans to report on a TV show that an of f icial is corrupt. This of f icer tries to stop the broadcast, but the journalist, protected by f reedom of expression, achieved disseminate the contents. However, the Court shows that the inf ormation is f alse and the journalist must eventually f ace charges of libel and slander. The right to f reedom of expression, theref ore, is not absolute. The legislation generally prohibit a person incites violence or crime, to make an apology f or discrimination and hatred or encourage war. In a country with f reedom of expression, theref ore, can not promote or encourage racial murders. Freedom of expression is linked to f reedom of press, which is the guarantee totransmit inf ormation through the media without the State to exercise control prior to issuance. sucesos 4
  5. 5. the media are private or community public and never will be subject to censorship by the trade or commercial interests. not by the intervention of regulatory bodies. any sanction should be applied only after the issuance government censorshipgovernments threaten journalists and communicatorsthat close media opposing their policies and make them change theirminds with government advertisingpunishing the media for opinions expressed by journalists interviewedapplying indirect censorship by controlling abuse of papernewspapers or concessions and renewals of radio frequencies sucesos 5
  6. 6. The purpose of freedom of expression are thoughts, ideas and opinions. That is, subjective assessments, judgments and beliefs lay no claim to assert facts or evidence. The right to information is to communicate facts. Unlike the subjective beliefs, the facts may be true or false. Toexercise the right to information, the facts must be truthful. Freedom of speech is the freedom that we normally use citizens in our everyday relationships, but the distinction between opinions and facts is complicated when themedia, since in his speeches are often mixed opinions and facts. sucesos 6
  7. 7. freedom of expression can not be an excuse for disrespecting human rights, censorship no further liability if, but further responsibility more shall be expressly established by law and are necessary to ensure the rights or reputations of others, protect the nation , order, health or morals to not become the pretext of defending rights in an excessive limitation 1. Freedom of speech does not protect the right to insult. Insult is understood to exist when the speech includes degrading manifestations unnecessary to issue themessage or when you notice mood of insults or humiliation in the issuer. 2. Also not included in freedom of expression racist or xenophobic, because they considered contrary to the dignity of the person (recognized as a fundamental right in the Constitution ). sucesos 7
  8. 8. sucesos 8
  9. 9. Adivina adivinadorWhat if human rights What is the only animal were violated? that dies in applause? Lefties are saved! The mosquito. chiste del día During a hearing in court generated a dispute and the yells prosecutor to defense counsel: -You are a thief The defender answers to the prosecutor: And youre a sellout. Then the judge says: -Since the parts are correctly identified, continue with the audience entretenimiento 9
  10. 10. P V I O T V G H A I I N in the next gameO T C E T O R P O U B O these words:U G M E F R I E S S X I freedomE H G A M E S O U I S S expressionH M O D E E R F A O T S citizenshipJ P J L P X Z E O N H E rights protectS T K T M U O I E U G R violationS C I T I Z E N S H I PH M O N E X T Z X O R XI Z U W O R T B I S V EK S A I A E I O U E S ML C V I O L A T I O N U entretenimiento 10
  11. 11. Daniel Cunha Yuliana MezaExpediente: CJP 101 00030 Expediente: CJP-113-00464Cédula: 20.414.915 Cédula: 23.779.684 Grupo editor 11
  12. 12. o bibliografia 12