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International Legal Firm Precedent LLC


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International Legal Firm Precedent LLC

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International Legal Firm Precedent LLC

  2. 2. Who we are • International Legal Firm Precedent holds a special place amongst the legal companies of Ukraine. We believe that our determination to provide the most effective assistance for our clients is a keystone of our firm’s success. • Our background allows us to offer insightful guidance throughout your proceedings, guidance that can help you obtain the efficient and favorable resolutions of your problems. Being a full service law and consultancy firm, our counsel may cover any aspect of doing business in Ukraine and through out CIS. • We advise on mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial law, employment, arbitration and litigation, banking and finance, taxation, foreign investments, antitrust, customs, international trade and WTO law. • ILF Precedent is a Kyiv, Ukraine, international legal company. Our service range for companies and individual clients covers the full bandwidth of existing market (legal practice, property administration and facility management), as well as consulting services and assistance with the realization of investments for property sourcing and development. • A particular expertise of ILF Precedent is “Sub-standard Legal Situations”. The existing law of Ukraine features many conflicts, ‘holes’ and other controversial factors that contravene the standard understanding of law and may result in the emergence of sub-standard legal situations. Only the best experts can handle them; the ones who are able to act unconventionally and respond precisely to client demands. Such expert work by ILF Precedent provides assistance even in the most complicated of legal situations. • The cross-disciplinary integration of our services and the continually growing service network has made us a reliable partner for both national and international clients. • We consider your business our business, the running of which is placed in capable hands with us. • Our work maxim is performance and flexibility right from the start – we look after your interests all the way. Honest labor bears a sweet fruitKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  3. 3. Why are we different? • Commitment, integrity and competence is what we offer our clients. Timely, practical, comprehensible and concise counsel with a clear action plan is the standard we adhere to. • Years of practical work, combined with a wide breadth of legal knowledge, allow us to provide comprehensive guidance to our clients facing a number of legal concerns in any practice area. Our team • In developing our practice we strongly rely on a team of carefully selected and well motivated professionals who are responsive, solution- oriented, creative and committed. • The advanced educational background and diversified experience arms our attorneys with vision as well as understanding of background and needs of our clients. • The staffing policy of ILF Precedent is focused on maintaining a challenging combination of experience and youth. Today the Company team consists of both experienced and considerably young experts. Apart from extensive and versatile knowledge, they have unlimited dedication to their profession, which is manifested in a caring attitude towards everyone turning to the Company for help. Our experts make a maximum effort to resolve a customer’s problems as efficiently as possible and all our legal services are of the highest quality. • Our lawyers are tenacious when it comes to providing the best possible solutions to your legal problems. We will explore any avenue and investigate all possible scenarios to help you find the best resolutions possible in your unique situation, all in an effort to help you find the closure you need to move forward with your life free of legal worry. • Exceeding expectations and offering More than just legal more attitudes with the same advisers, we view ourselves enthusiasm and passion for the legal practice and consulting are the primal as your advocates and characteristics of our company – we friends. are always at your service.Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  4. 4. Our clients and relevant experience • Our clients are major foreign and national market leaders, trans-national blue chips, financial and strategic investors, private equity funds and investment banks. We possess profound understanding in a number of industries such as banking and insurance, oil & gas, energy, natural resources, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, real estate, PPP, construction and development, retail, production and others allowing us to provide value- added advice that corresponds to the business needs of our clients • At International Legal Firm “Precedent” “our job is to protect you and assist in your business”. With this simple philosophy in mind, we have helped thousands of individuals resolve problems that arise in their workplace and in their everyday life. From negotiating commercial contracts, to litigating criminal cases, to simply helping employees and businessmen navigate their way through the twists and turns of complex situations, we are here to assist you. Our fees • Our fee structure is always transparent and predictable to clients. Our policy is to do to the utmost to provide client with a reasonable fee estimate and even fixed fee cap if the circumstances allow. The services we provide are visible, tangible and measurable as we help our clients to accomplish their goals and find a solution in a time effective and cost efficient manner. Due to our constant fee updates and project progress monitoring, our clients are always aware of the costs incurred or to be incurred and avoid the negative surprise by a bill.Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  5. 5. Our strength Market Knowledge We are a wide-focused firm and at the same time we have built intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses and the sectors in which we operate. So we are able to provide our clients with strategic advice, as well as advice on individual cases. A Personal-Touch Approach The Partner in charge is always available; working closely with the client to analyze the issues at stake, to find potential solutions, and to identify the most successful strategy. This Partner will personally handle your case; and will build an optimum team of lawyers to best satisfy the requirements of each project. Dedication to our clients We work beyond hierarchical boundaries, both within the firm and with our clients. The cornerstones of our work are commitment and excellence.Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  6. 6. Practice AreasILF Precedent is a company which covers the complete range of all the branchesof the law and economics. The diversity of our services is due to our companyexperts having wide experience in many different branches. Years of practicalwork, combined with a wide breadth of legal knowledge, allow us to providecomprehensive guidance to our clients facing a number of legal concerns in anypractice area. Legal Practice Our company lawyers are highly qualified in the following branches: •Civil and labor law •Criminal law •Administrative law •Land law •Housing law • Drawing up of draft contracts • Revision and modification of draft contracts • Granting assistance in holding negotiations with foreign partners and for conclusion of contractsWe provide consulting services, produce draft agreements (contracts) requiredby you or your clients; we can amend or alter your own draft contract and ensurethe correct application of English legal terms. We can hold negotiations withyour foreign partners concerning the conclusion of contracts on your behalf. • International corporate lawWe can provide legal support for international commercial activity and corporatelegal relationships in many countries worldwide. • Intellectual property – ЕU, Great Britain, the USA and other countriesWe develop, protect, make use of and register intellectual property rights. Wealso invest in the development of intellectual property. • Judicial proceedings and dispute settlement – EU, Great Britain, the USA and other countriesKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  7. 7. Our lawyer teams operating in many countries all over the world can handleyour dispute from its emergence until its ultimate settlement by representing youin relationships with third parties, taking proceedings in a court of arbitration ora court of general jurisdiction. • Banking and financesRaising of all kinds of credit abroad; processing of securities transactions – fromthe easiest to the most complicated. • Family law and defense of propertyLegal assistance for divorce, includingpreparation of documents required fordefense of property located abroad. • Engineering and constructionOur highly skilled lawyers provide consultingservices relating to all legal issues concerning engineering and construction. • Real estate abroadComprehensive consulting services; settlement of all issues pertaining tocommercial real estate in Great Britain, the USA and the EU. • Fraud prevention measures in the EU countries and the USAComprehensive investigation of fraudulent actions, including consulting serviceswith regard to withdrawal of assets. • Oil and gas industryOur leading international lawyers’ team from the United States and the EuropeanUnion provide advisory services and supports customers in issues concerning theoil and gas business. • Trust establishment and managementLong-term experience in trust establishment and management in many countriesall over the worldKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  8. 8. Consulting services • Market & Location Consider our analysis and research services for informed decisions. Depending on the individual requirements of our clients we also obtain input from specialists in market research and analysis and experienced investment advisors.  Information on local government, policies and interest groups,  Cultural background information  Local property value and rent level developments and forecasts  Interdependencies with other markets  Growth potentials  Preliminary property assessments  Credibility assessments of potential transaction partners  Strategy elaborations  Studies of existing and evolving location factors • Finance & Investment With our specialized partners we provide you with an honest and objective assessment of how your financial prerequisites are best aligned with your property objectives. Plan your investment with us. Our services aim for your investment to take place and operate under the best conditions achievable.  Current financial status information  Precise goal definitions  Profit and cash flow forecasts  Early identification of possible trends and problems  Financial scenario analyses  Capital requirements  Expected returns on investment  Government/ local body support programs  Tax optimization  SWOT analyses  Strategies and timing  Sensible business planning solutions for your future enterprisesKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  9. 9. • Client Support  Legal Support & Negotiations For our clients requiring legal support we work in close conjunction with experienced law specialists to provide a strong legal backing on areas such as: Leases – renewals, rent reviews, etc.  Contracts  Legal disputes  Banking  Estates  Taxation  Trusts  Commercial law  Resource management We negotiate on your behalf or assist you with all involved parties, like tenants, authorities, potential transaction partners and contractors. We represent your interests like our own. • Logistics & Travel For visiting Ukraine, we offer our clients advice in the organization of their visit to our country. We assist with and arrange:  Visa formalities and the necessary documentation  Visits to the authorities  Finding the relevant contact persons  Transfers and pick-ups  Arrangement of courier and delivery services  Fleet management  Removals  Transfers and accommodation  Tours of your properties and interesting high-potential  LocationsOur aim is to make your stay a pleasant one. We make the arrangements, so youcan concentrate on business.Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  10. 10. • Public Relations In certain contexts, professionally managed public appearances are a valuable tool to raise public interest and/or support for your proposed activities. We help in communicating a favorable message. We consult on and organize: • Public meetings and talks • Hosts and speeches • Media appearances • Technical equipment • BTL • Catering • Digital renderings and Internet presentations • Promotional media packages • Sponsorship partners • Media planning and advertizingKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  11. 11. Investments • Property Sourcing Following your decision to invest, we facilitate your property investment in the Dunedin area, and we work hard to maximize income and profitability generated by this investment. We work in conjunction with experienced real estate experts and manage your property portfolio in line with your strategic objectives, so you can make the right moves at the right time.  Property search  Due diligence  Property purchase support  Planning and realization of property marketing campaigns for leasing or sale  Regular portfolio reports and value assessments of properties owned by the client  Purchase & sale recommendations • Property Development  Preliminary documentation. Our reliable project service covers all requirements of building project co- ordination. We liaise with project managers, engineers and contractors to deliver a hassle free package for the development of your property including:  Feasibility studies  Engineer’s reports  Consent applications  All surveys and site investigationsWe support our clients right from the preliminary documentation phase of theproject. After the documentation and consent phase we provide a seamlesstransition to the co-ordination of commercial property development projects.  Project coordination. We organize project management for your development plans, which covers areas like the following:  Quote assessments  Liaison with contractors and consultants  Work co-ordination  Cost and quality management  Timing and deadlinesKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  12. 12.   Overseeing of individual stages which are integrated in external projects  Regular development reports  Certification and commissioningWe handle your development project to completion. Your success is our success.The Company offers a full complement of investment products and services. Sale representative services We assist producers in the upscale market by providing design, negotiating skills, and choices that result in marketable sales solutions. Acting as your export sector in Ukraine, our experienced sales staff will offer not onlypredictable, standardized and cost-effective sale costs, but a wider and deepercoverage of the vast Ukrainian territory. We can bring more stability to yourbusiness by satisfying the Ukrainian customer needs and facilitating the flow ofgoods. Besides providing the regular export support, we can also supplyregularly valuable information and services such as credit reports, marketresearch and market development analysis, warehousing, installation anddemonstration of products, product quoting, product sales training and currentproducts improvements.Management • Property administration 1. FinancialOur service structure ensures efficient financial management of your property,including all aspects of property/company bookkeeping, as well as insurancemanagement.  Cost calculation and monitoring in the operation of buildings and tenancies  Ensuring that payments are made appropriately and obligations met  Professional budgeting  Operating expense calculations  Cash flow forecasts and profit calculationsKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  13. 13.   Professional support in developing financing solutions and optimized payment structures  Liaising with banks and authorities  Identification of saving potentials  Liaising with experienced chartered accountants for preparation of annual accounts  Property insurance in conjunction with selected insurance professionals for thorough risk assessments and tailored insurance packages  Regular financial status reports 2. Tenant Relations ILF Precedent covers all aspects of tenancy and lease management.  Acquisition and screening of prospective tenants  Contact for tenants on ongoing matters  Lease negotiations  Rent review and lease renewal negotiations  Drafting, controlling and changing of leases in conjunction with solicitors to meet our clients needs  Executing of lease agreements  Rent collection • Management of operating expense payments 3. Company & Office Management For all your property related company and office management requirements we organize the right solution.  Setting up company structures  Fully equipped representative offices  Contact persons  Secretarial duties  Telephone and call processing  Postal addressesKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  14. 14. • Facility management Mechanical, Energy & IT The technical infrastructure and its maintenance are of great importance to run a property efficiently. We offer the full range of technical facility management in cooperation with qualified technicians, keeping the infrastructure of your property in good working order at all times. We coordinate all service contracts and supervise all technical staff working on the property. Our services include: Mechanical  Maintenance and monitoring of all mechanical applications on the property, such as air conditioning and heating plants, light fittings, elevators, pumps, pressure vessels, fans etc.  Regular on-site visits and servicing  Troubleshooting Energy Management & IT  Detailed energy usage analyses and forecasts  Identification of potentials for energy usage optimization  Regular energy reports  Maintenance of telecommunication facilities and networks  Infrastructure installations and upgrades Property Maintenance & Security We sincerely believe that working together we will achieve more!Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77
  15. 15. International Legal Firm “Precedent” Kiev, Artema st., 21 Contact phones: +38067 504 50 91 +38050 603 22 33 +38044 531 87 70 +38044 229 24 77 www.muf-precedent.comKiev, Artema st., 21 Contact mobile +38067 504 50 91 office +38 044 531 87 70 +38050 603 22 33 +38 044 229 24 77