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Networking 101


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tips for job networking

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Networking 101

  1. 1. Welcome to NETWORKING
  2. 2. Networking
  3. 3. Reality of the Current Market
  4. 4. Personal Introduction (Verbal Commercial, Elevator Speech, 15 Second Pitch)  WHO YOU ARE (Name and Program)  My name is . . . and I am currently a (insert major) student at the University of Calgary.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING (Snapshot of what makes you unique)  I am very interested in . . .  WHAT DO YOU WANT (What are you asking for)  I am at this event to . . . And I am interested in meeting some new people and learning about
  5. 5. Now it’s your
  7. 7. Are you one of these?  The Gripper  The Limp Fish  The Clam  The George W.  The Lingerer  The Double
  8. 8. Let’s practice  Hello, my name is…  Shake hands with as many people as you can in the next 5 minutes  Notice the different types of handshakes. What different impressions did they make on you?
  9. 9. Additional Tips Keep attentiveApproach groups of three, not groups of two;approach and stand quietly for 1 – 2 seconds…make eye contact and enter Keep up-to-date on current events so you can “small talk”Ask quality questions . . . . listen more than you speak AND Have fun!
  10. 10. Quality Questions What do you do? What are you taking? What do you enjoy about your job? What’s going on in the ____ field? How long have you been...? How did you get into that field?
  11. 11. Putting it all
  12. 12. Dressing for the occasion Business Business Casual Casual (Fridays) - Suit (solid color - navy or dark grey) - Khaki or dark pants - Keep it classy… still. This is not the - Long sleeve shirt (white or - Neatly pressed dress shirt same thing as “casual” coordinated with the suit) - Polo/golf shirts are appropriate if - Be conscientious of your - Leather belt you know the environment is casual environment - Tie (Windsor knot) - Leather belt and leather shoes - What to avoid: Sandals, ripped - Dark socks, conservative leather - Conservative watch pants, shorts, hats, anything dirty or shoes - When in doubt, err on the side of wrinkled, anything too revealing - Little or no jewelry caution (deep V’s or low-rise jeans) - Neat, professional hairstyle - Limit the
  13. 13. Dressing for the occasion Business Business Casual Casual (Fridays)
  14. 14. Dressing for the occasion Business Business Casual Casual (Fridays) - Pant or skirt suit (neutral colours) - Khaki, dark or grey pants - This is not the same as weekend - Coordinated blouse in a neutral - Neatly pressed blouse with buttons casual; no sweat pants, hoodies or colour done up and tucked in strappy tank tops! - Natural makeup - Leather belt and closed toe shoes; - Jeans are ok…but must not be - Leather belt flat or moderate heel ripped, faded or too slim - Hosiery is a MUST - Conservative and simple jewelry - What to avoid: Sandals, ripped - Closed toe dress shoes (no (don’t be afraid of a touch of colour) pants, shorts, hats, flip flops, platform shoes or sandals) - Avoid sleeveless tops and flip flops exposed tank tops, anything dirty or - Conservative and simple jewelry in the summer wrinkled, anything too revealing - Neat, professional hairstyle - Limit the amount of perfume/fragrance
  15. 15. Dressing for the occasion Business Business Casual Casual (Fridays)
  16. 16. Dressing for the occasionSemi-Formal - Women Semi-Formal – Men- Conservative & classy but dressier than the every day - Leave the tux at home business attire - Keep it simple and with suit: a nice suit is the ideal- Avoid short hems (anything shorter than a few inches wardrobe piece for a semi-formal event above the knee) - If we are to get technical, day semi-formal calls for a- Mid level neckline (avoid low neck line) grey or lighter suit and an evening semi-formal calls for- Dress or skirt paired with a dressy top or blouse a darker suit- Strapless tops or dresses should be avoided for - Combine the suit with a pressed dress shirt and a tie. business functions Play with the patterns on shirts- Silk, velvet, cashmere or high quality polyester fabrics - Do not underdress. No polo shirts or jeans. preferred- Heeled shoes (no platform); metallic or leather shoe is a good choice
  17. 17. Food and drink etiquette Food Drinks - Eat before the event if you’re hungry. Food at networking - Hold your drink in your left hand. You want to have your sessions are meant to be a snack, not a meal. right one available (and not wet or cold) to shake hands - Avoid messy foods. You never know what will be served with. but if you are able to keep one hand free, that is ideal. - If alcoholic drinks are what’s on the menu, know your - Don’t head for the food table with a large group of limit. Keep it to 1 or 2 drinks. Yes, open bars are nothing friends. Space it out. Try to avoid juggling food. to put your nose up to but you’re here to network. - Hold your food in your left hand & have a cocktail napkin
  18. 18. Closing the deal  Every interaction is an opportunity  Be direct!  Ask for a card … and use
  19. 19. Be prepared to follow
  20. 20. Ways to follow up  Connect on Linked In  Send an email  Make an appearance  Make a
  21. 21. Follow-up e-mail (reminder) Good Morning David, It was a pleasure to meet you at last night’s Networking Gala. I was inspired by your story of working your way up from a Communications Assistant to the Director of HR at Telus. I hope that we have the opportunity to cross paths again in the future. Sincerely, Colleen Bangs 3rd year, BA – English Literature student University of
  22. 22. Follow-up e-mail (action item) Good Morning David, It was really good to meet you at last night’s Networking Gala. You mentioned that there might be some summer opportunities in your department that I might be interested in so I have attached my resume for your reference and will keep my eye on your HR site. I hope you enjoy the Stamps game this weekend! Sincerely, Colleen Bangs 3rd year, BA – English Literature student University of
  23. 23. Moving on …  What’s the worst that can happen?  Be patient  Follow through on your word  Keep a mental inventory for next
  24. 24. And that’s a wrap …. THANK YOU!