Principal's Talk at Yew Tee Primary School


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Principal's Talk at Yew Tee Primary School

  1. 1. Self IntroductionOng Kong Hong, Zach Education BA, MA – University of Cambridge, Principal UKTeck Whye Secondary School Master of Education – University of Melbourne, Australia Previous work experience Teacher, Victoria Junior College Assistant Director, MICA & MOE Vice Principal, Bedok Green Secondary School
  2. 2. SecondarySchool Education Social-emotional development Develop a broad range of skills for life Provide greater choice and flexibility to meet different abilities and interests Prepare students for various pathways at the post- secondary level
  3. 3. Secondary Education Landscape GCE A-Level ExaminationGCE O-Level Examination International BaccalaureateGCE N-Level Examination Government/ Specialised Independent Gov’t-Aided Schools Schools -Mainstream e.g. Sports School, SOTA, -Autonomous SST, NUS High -Niche Programme Privately-Funded Schools-Independent / Integrated Prog e.g. ACS (International) School S1 Direct School /education/admissions/ Admission Posting Admission dsa-sec/ PSLE at P6
  4. 4. Post-secondary Education Landscape University DegreeJunior College (2 yrs) or Polytechnic Institute of Technical Centralised Institute (3 yrs) Education (1 - 2 yrs)(3 yrs) GCE A-Levels Diploma Nitec/Higher Nitec (DSA) (DPA) Direct Entry GCE O-Level Examination to Higher Nitec (4NA) Poly Foundation Sec 5N Prog (4NA) GCE N-Level Examination Special/Express Course Normal (Academic) / Normal (Technical) (Sec 1 – 4) Course (Sec 1 – 4)
  5. 5. The Secondary School Curriculum N(A) courseExpress course N(T) course
  6. 6. Sec 1 Express & Normal (Academic) Examinable subjects English Language Mathematics History Chinese/Malay/ Tamil Science Geography Language Art Design & Home English Literature Technology Economics Non-examinable subjects  Pastoral Care / Civics and Moral Education, Physical Education, Project Work, Music
  7. 7. Normal (Technical) Examinable subjects English Language Mathematics Art Basic Chinese/Malay/ Science Tamil Language Design & Technology Home Computer Economics Applications Non-examinable subjects  Pastoral Care / Civics and Moral Education, Physical Education, Project Work, Social Studies, Music
  8. 8. Flexibility and ChoiceOpportunities since 2006 Recognising student talents and strengths  N(A) students strong in certain subjects may offer up to 2 O- level subjects at Sec 4 (e.g. MTL, Maths)  N(T) students may offer 1 – 2 N(A) subjects in which they show a strength or talent Recognising differences in learning styles  Introduction of Elective Modules and Advanced Elective Modules  Revised N(T) curriculum with focus on practice-oriented learning New pathways  Top 4N(A) students may progress to Secondary 5 N(A) directly without taking the ‘N’ Level examinations  Top N(T) students may be laterally transfered to N(A) course
  9. 9. Choosing a Secondary School Academic considerations  Previous year’s Sec 1 posting aggregate ranges of the schools  Academic performance of your child School considerations  Programmes offered including subjects, CCAs  Fits child’s talents , e.g. niche and strengths of school  Fits child’s learning style  Accessibility: distance, bus/MRT services  Single-sex vs co-ed schools Choose 6 schools of slightly different entry points
  10. 10. Quite a few studies doneoverseas show thatchildren may actuallyperform better in a lesspopular, or whatresearchers term a “lessselective” school… Theresearch suggests thatparents should insteadfocus on getting theirchild into a school thatwill boost his confidencein his academic ability,… Children are likely toaccomplish more, bemore persistent andhave higher aspirationsif they feel competent inwhat they do, areconfident and feelpositively aboutthemselves.
  11. 11. The TWSS Experience
  12. 12. Our Approach
  13. 13. Our Approach Our Mission: Empowering Lives, Transforming our Future We empower Teck Whyeans to create opportunities for themselves and others in the future by equipping them with the 21st century values, skills and knowledge. We help them discover their passion and purpose in life and develop strength of character to succeed despite challenges.
  14. 14. Our ApproachOur Vision: A Community of Future-ready Learners Who Lead, Serve and Achieve Through a culture of collaboration, a mindset of excellence and a spirit of lifelong learning, we aspire to be a community of Teck Whyeans ready for the future, as we lead with conviction, serve with compassion and achieve with confidence.
  15. 15. The New Paper, July 21, 2011
  16. 16. ST1: Staff the KeyCaring and Dynamic Staff at TWSS
  17. 17. Teachers whoLead, Care & Inspire Mdm Grace Tan Winner of the Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award 2012 (全国模范 华文教师奖 ) Mrs Shirley Teo Winner of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2011 Winners of the 2012 Caring Teacher Awards (school level)
  18. 18. Fostering lifelong habitsTODAY (Feb 10) featuring ourmorning reading programme English & Mother Tongue Weeks
  19. 19. Signature ProgrammesEnglish Language Multiliteracies Programme Integrates technology (video cameras, iMacs) and story-telling (writing narratives, constructing story-boards) to enhance the learning of English language Develops students’ capacity to produce, read, and interpret spoken language, print, online and multimedia texts
  20. 20. Signature Programmes Presentation at SP Design Thinking Summit on Railway Corridor Art & Our students’ winning designs at the Many Design Project Ways of Seeing III programme organised by the Design Design Singapore Council held at Republic Poly Art & Design Mentoring ProgrammeWorking with professional designers + Art & Design Alumni sharing
  21. 21. Design Thinking in Action Showcase @ ExCEL Fest 2012 Innergy Award (Bronze) 2012
  22. 22. Participation and Achievement at theSingapore Garden Festival(Singapore Orchid Show)
  23. 23. Talent & Interest Development Our students at the iChef Cooking Competition Sec 3 Science Enrichment Art & Design Mentoring Programme
  24. 24. Talent & Interest Development NT programme: Amazing Race @ Sentosa ICT in learning: i-Pad Music programme featured in The New Paper
  25. 25. Value-added Results since 2010 2010: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for 1st time: Band 5 of 2009 4 Exp Results School Achievement Table for Normal Course! 2011: Achievement Award 2011: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for (Academic Value-added) for 2010 4 Exp Results 2010 5 N(A) Results 2012: Achievement Award 2012: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for (Academic Value-added) for 2011 4 Exp Results 2011 5 N(A) Results From Bronze to Silver and in Band 4
  26. 26. Co-Curricular Activities CCAs are an integral part of our students’ holistic, well-rounded education. They help nurture qualities such as resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance, which prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world Every secondary school student must participate in at least one CCA from the following options:  Sports and Games  Uniformed Groups  Performing Arts Groups  Clubs and Societies CCA grade (based on LEAPS scoring system) may be considered for JC/CI/poly admission
  27. 27. Co-Curricular ActivitiesUniformed Group OrganisationsBoys Brigade, Girl Guides, NCC, NPCC, St John’s Ambulance Brigade Sports & Games Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Hockey, Taekwondo
  28. 28. CCA Achievements: Sports HockeyNational Inter-School HockeyTournament 2011‘B’ Div Girls - Champion‘B’ Div Boys - 1st Runner Up‘C’ Div Girls - 1st Runner UpNational Inter-School HockeyTournament 2012‘B’ Div Girls - Champion‘C’ Div Girls – 2nd Runner Up Floorball National Inter-School Floorball Tournament 2011 ‘B’ Div Girls - Champion ‘C’ Div Girls - 3rd Runner Up National Inter-School Floorball Tournament 2012 ‘B’ Div Girls - 1st Runner Up ‘C’ Div Girls - Champion
  29. 29. CCA Achievements: SportsArcheryInter-School ArcheryCompetition 2011 & 2012‘B’ Div Girls - Champion‘C’ Div Girls - Champion‘B’ Div Boys - 1st Runner Up’C’ Div Boys - 1st Runner Up
  30. 30. Sporting Excellence Hockey 2008 Floorball 2008 Archery 2011 & 2012 B Boys: 1st B Girls: 3rd B Girls: 1st 1st Sustained Achievement C Girls: 1st C Girls: 1st B Boys: 2nd Award (Sports) C Boys: 4th 2009 C Girls: 1st for outstanding achievements in 2009 B Girls: 4th C Boys: 2ndHockey & Floorball from 2007 - 2009 B Girls: 2nd 2010 C Girls: 3rd B Girls: 2nd C Boys: 2nd C Girls: 3rd 2nd Sustained Achievement 2010 2011 Award (Sports) B Girls: 1st B Girls: 1st for outstanding achievements in C Girls: 1st C Girls: 4thHockey & Floorball from 2008 - 2010 2011 2012 B Girls: 1st B Girls: 2nd 3rd Sustained Achievement B Boys: 2nd C Girls:1st C Girls: 2nd Award (Sports) 2012 for outstanding achievements in B Girls: 1stHockey & Floorball from 2009 - 2011 C Girls: 3rd
  31. 31. CCA Achievements: Uniformed Groups Boys Brigade St John’s Ambulance Brigade J M Fraser Award for Corps Achievement Award 2011 – Bronze Excellence 2011 – Silver NCC (Land) NPCCBest Unit Competition Unit Overall Proficiency 2011 – Bronze Award 2011 – Silver
  32. 32. Co-Curricular Activities Performing Arts GroupsChinese Dance, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Modern DanceNEW! Clubs & Societies Art Club, Infocomm Club, Environment Club, Library, Robotics Club
  33. 33. Other CCA Achievements in 2012 Whampoa CC Taekwondo Poomsae Championship 2012: Overall Champion Chinese Dance: 15th Singapore World “Gold Lion Award” – Gold medal Boys Brigade: National Drill Competition 2012 – 2nd Band: 4th National Band Competition – Silver SJAB: Inter-Corp First Aid & Home Nursing Competition Zone 6 – 2nd Modern Dance: Super 24! Dance Competition – Champions Robotics: Underwater Robotics Olympics 2012 – 2nd
  34. 34. Value-added Results since 2010 National Youth Achievement Award: 2011 – 23 students 2012 – 90 students Green Schools @ South West Gold Award 2010 and 2011 Schools Green Audit Award Lotus 2010 and 2011
  35. 35. Character & Citizenship Education @ TWSS
  36. 36. Character & Leadership: Developing future leaders Greater student involvement & ownership  Flexibility & choice in community service  Enhanced student leadership development  Building confidence through school experiences (e.g. Sec 3 camp, NT programme) and community outreach
  37. 37. Values in Action: Partnering & Serving the Community CCE-Project Work using Design Thinking SouthWest Mural of Love project CNY “Love with aHamper” SW CDC’s Lets Paint Homes!
  38. 38. Values in Action: NE in the communityTotal Defence Day @ ITE College West Youths for Religious Celebrating National Day Harmony @ with the community Southwest
  39. 39. Values in Action:Partnering & Serving the Overseas CommunityOverseas CIP in Thailand Overseas CIP in Batam
  40. 40. Overseas Partnerships:Enriching Learning and Making New Friends Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme Seojae Middle School, South Korea
  41. 41. Parent engagement: Strong Support from the PSG PSG Welcome Tea for Sec 1 Understanding parents parent needs & expectations Leveraging on resources from SFE and Dads for Life Dine with Dads Breakfast with 2012 Sec 1 parents
  42. 42. Inspiring Excellence @ TWSS TWSS Excellence and Resilience Awards  Recognise outstanding and value-added performance of our disadvantaged students & motivates them to progress to higher education  Sponsored by GIC and private donors  TWSS Sports Scholarship  Inspired by Syasya Rifqah, winner of the School Spots Star Award  Sponsored by the TWSS Alumni & SAC  Develops sporting talent, starting with Hockey in 2012, while supporting academic excellence
  43. 43. Building strong partnerships Leveraging new media