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Uip Brochure 09

  1. 1. U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A 2009-2010 University Immersion Program for International Students
  2. 2. Welcome The University Center, UCSB Congratulations! You have made one of the most important decisions in your life—to study in a foreign country. As a student in the University Immersion Program (UIP), you will have many opportunities to experience academic and personal growth at the University of California, Santa Barbara Extension. UIP offers two different study options. You may enroll in regular campus academic courses, exploring academic studies that immerse you in the intellectual environment of this highly ranked university campus. Or, you may take courses in professional studies, learning new skills that you can apply to workplaces throughout the world. The UCSB Extension faculty and staff welcome you to Santa Barbara. Our instructors look forward to your active participation in our courses and to the global experience and perspective that you bring to our student body. While studying at UC Santa Barbara, we encourage you to connect with your fellow students and to enjoy the many diverse activities that the University and Santa Barbara have to offer. We look forward to seeing you soon. Lili Byall, Director University Immersion Program TABLE OF CONTENTS Overview University Immersion Program General Information 2 Welcome (UIP) 12 Student Life 3 University of California, Santa Barbara 6 Overview 13 Activities for International Students 4 UCSB Extension 6 2009/10 Calendar Schedule 14 Housing 5 Santa Barbara, California 8 Academic Studies 15 Enrollment Information 9 Professional Studies 17 Visa and General Information See Insert pages A- D for the 11 Teaching English to Speakers 18 Fees and Deadlines Application for Enrollment Form of Other Languages 19 UIP Requirements 2 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  3. 3. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA Henley Gate, UCSB Excellent Study Environment • Established in 1944, the University of California, Santa the institute is on its way to creating revolutionary Barbara (UCSB) is a world famous institution of higher new materials, devices, and systems that will enhance education and a globally recognized research university. virtually every aspect of our lives. • UCSB’s renowned faculty includes five winners of • There are more than 18,000 students on the UCSB Nobel Prizes for landmark research in chemistry, campus. physics, and economics, and scores of elected members UCSB’s unique combination of high academic standards, of national and international academies and societies. internationally acclaimed faculty, and world-class research • UC Santa Barbara ranks among higher-education leaders ensures that students who take academic courses will in the United States and Canada as one of only 62 be studying in one of the most exciting educational research-intensive institutions elected to membership in environments in the world. In addition, students have the the prestigious Association of American Universities. unique opportunity to learn applicable skills that are ready for use in the workplace. Our professional development • Recognition of academic quality takes many forms. One courses are taught by industry experts in a setting where of the most prestigious is support from the National working professionals and students exchange ideas. Science Foundation (NSF). UCSB is home to 11 national centers and institutes, including eight that are sponsored Unique Campus by the NSF. On the edge of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 100 • A new interdisciplinary Institute for Energy Efficiency miles northwest of Los Angeles and 8 miles north of established by the College of Engineering is bringing Santa Barbara, UCSB has all the facilities and resources together 50 campus researchers with related expertise to required for university study. The Davidson Library holds develop new energy-saving technologies. 2.7 million volumes of books and journals and provides online services for research and Internet access. Students • The campus is home to the California NanoSystems enjoy easy access to UCSB’s classrooms and research Institute, one of the first California Institutes for Science resources including up-to-date computing facilities for both and Innovation. A research partnership with UCLA, classroom and open access use, a major research library, and various cultural events. U.S. News and World Report’s guide, “America’s Best Colleges,” the most widely read college guide in the country, ranks UCSB number 12 among all public universities in the US. U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 3
  4. 4. UCSB EXTENSION UCSB Extension With its strong commitment to fostering lifelong learning, UCSB Extension serves as the professional and continuing education provider for the campus. UCSB Extension is also the gateway for visiting students to participate in UCSB regular session academic courses on a space-available basis. UCSB Extension offers: • A unique selection of professional development and academic courses in many The Student Affairs building at UCSB different disciplines University Immersion Program (UIP) • The opportunity for students to self-select courses The University Immersion Program (UIP) offered • Course credits that may transfer to other universities through UCSB Extension is an academic study • Skills applicable to the workplace program that provides international students with the opportunity to enroll in UCSB academic and/or • Diverse student population professional development courses in many different • High quality curriculum and instruction disciplines. The program offers an excellent way to experience college life in the USA, and/or a classroom • Professional certificate programs leading to work environment dedicated to teaching applicable skills for experience the workplace. Credits earned may be transferred to • Four entry dates during the year (one each quarter) universities around the world or used to complement students’ professional goals. • Courteous and knowledgeable staff to support students in their educational endeavors UCSB as seen from Goleta Beach Flowers on a trellis, UCSB campus 4 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  5. 5. SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA Experience the best of the American Riviera Santa Barbara is known for its Mediterranean climate, wide sandy beaches, inviting mountain trails, and timeless charm. The city of Santa Barbara (population 89,454) is small and intimate enough to make the visitor feel relaxed, at home, and at ease, but it is big and diverse enough to offer the varied cultural attractions of a larger American city. Santa Barbara Botanical Garden North, adjacent to Santa Barbara, is the city of Goleta, population 55,240, and the community of Isla Vista, population 18,344, where most students attending UCSB live. Cultural Opportunities The unique combination of scenic natural beauty and a varied cultural landscape make Santa Barbara a world-famous, international destination. Santa Barbara’s proximity to Los Angeles and its many international artists and performers make for a colorful and ever- changing menu of cultural activities. Dance, theater, concerts, recitals, museums, restaurants, Santa Barbara Harbor, with view of Channel Islands and a year-round offering of outdoor ethnic festivals all combine to add to the flavor of this Western United States SANTA BARBARA WEATHER celebrated seaside community. There are also Month Avg. High Avg. Low many historic places of interest in the downtown January 17°C 7°C OREGON shopping district where self-guided walking tours February 18°C 8°C reveal Santa Barbara’s Spanish colonial past. March 18°C 8°C IDAHO April 20°C 10°C Recreational Activities May 21°C 11°C Santa Barbara is situated along a series of hills June 22°C 13°C and valleys between the Santa Ynez Mountains July 23°C 15°C NE VA DA and the Pacific Ocean. The warm weather, August 25°C 15°C mountains, beaches, and the many beautiful city • San Francisco U TA H September 23°C 15°C parks make Santa Barbara a perfect environment October 22°C 12°C for water sports and other outdoor activities. CALIFORNIA November 20°C 9°C Santa December 18°C 7°C Barbara • Los Angeles • ARIzONA U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 5
  6. 6. UNIVERSITY IMMERSION PROGRAM OVERVIEW Prerequisites The University Immersion Program (UIP) provides the English language proficiency is a minimum requirement. opportunity for international students to enroll in UCSB In addition, students must meet all course and program academic and/or professional development courses in prerequisites. Acceptance into the UIP depends on a wide variety of disciplines. This program offers an careful review of each individual’s background and excellent way to experience college life in the USA, and qualifications and the UIP Director’s approval. the credits earned may be transferred to universities Students interested in attending the UIP are required around the world or used to complement students’ to submit a tentative course of study that lists their first professional goals. Through the UIP, students select and second choice of courses. For UCSB courses with one study plan from two options: Academic Studies or prerequisites, students are required to bring from their Professional Studies. home university their most recent transcript (in English) and course descriptions (in English) of the courses that meet prerequisites. 2009/10 CALENDAR SChEDULE Summer Program Teaching of English Academic For International Professional Studies to Speakers of Other Studies page 8 Students page 8 page 9 Languages page 11 September 2009 October Sept 21 – Dec 12 Sept 21 – Dec 5 November Sept 21 – Dec 19 December January February Jan 4 – March 20 Jan 4 – March 27 Jan 4 – March 21 March April 2010 March 23 – June 11 March 23 – June 19 March 23 – June 6 May June July June 16 – Aug 8 June 16 – Sept 10 June 16 – Sept 18 August September Storke Plaza and the UCSB Lagoon If you want to experience business life before entering the job market, UIP is a perfect program for you because of its professional instructors and carefully chosen curriculum. With the help of the practical projects and real life scenarios, I had the chance of communicating with companies that are well-known in their fields. I think UCSB is the best option for both learning about the business world and enjoying life with its beautiful weather and beaches. Yuksel Ulgen, Turkey 6 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  7. 7. Eligibility To be eligible to enroll, students must present ■ The Application for Enrollment Form ■ A university transcript (in English) ■ A certificate with one of these test scores • Institutional TOEFL® 550 • CBT TOEFL® 213 • iBT TOEFL® 80 • IELTS® 6.5 Application and Program Fee Deadline Spaces in the UIP are limited (first come, first served). Due to Credit Transfer high demand, students are encouraged to submit applications Academic credit earned through UCSB courses may several months prior to the program start date. Applications be transferred to other academic institutions. However, submitted are considered on a space-available basis. Please the receiving institution always determines credit apply early; demand for the program is high and some quarters transferability. If students are currently in a degree program fill quickly. at their home institution, they must check with their For the application deadline, please see the Fees and academic advisor to verify acceptability of UCSB transfer Deadlines Chart on page 18. credit. The student’s academic advisor should work closely with them to select and approve their final course of study. Note: No UIP spaces are held without receipt of full If students or academic advisors have questions, they may payment of Program and Student Service Fees. contact the UIP Director. UIP Course Schedule Academic advising (as well as information about faculty, course selection and participation) is provided following acceptance into the program. Staff and the UIP Director work closely with students or their home institution academic advisors to prepare and finalize a study plan. U.S. Immigration requires that full-time students take a minimum of 12 units per quarter in fall, winter, and spring. In summer, students are required to take 6-12 units to qualify for full- time student status. To be eligible for earning units, students Students on the UCSB Campus must enroll in courses for credit. Students’ course schedules must be approved every term by the UIP Director. The UIP is offered four times throughout the year. Santa Barbara is the most beautiful place in the most beautiful region in the world. The students here are so warm-hearted and open-minded. The classes are very interesting and more hands-on than at my home university. With such places as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and several more within just hours from here, Santa Barbara is embedded in a region that everybody in the world knows. Over 300 sunny days and nice beaches make it hard to resist UCSB! Florian Thalmann, Switzerland U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 7
  8. 8. ACADEMIC STUDIES Taking academic courses (UCSB regular session) at The Academic Studies option is ideal for those who are the University of California, Santa Barbara through the seeking high-quality academic experiences while earning Academic Studies option allows students to take up to 12 academic transfer credit. units of academic courses or a combination of academic and professional development courses that are designed Academic Studies Fees and Deadlines to provide a concentrated course of study in a specific content area. UCSB academic courses introduce students For academic studies fees and deadlines, please see the Fees to innovative ways of thinking, learning, and conducting and Deadlines Chart on page 18. research. Students study with American students in courses taught by UCSB faculty. Summer Program for International Note: Students may attend academic courses provided: Students (SPIS) they meet all prerequisites; there is space in the class; and In the summer, the Academic Studies option of the UIP the UIP Director, the professors teaching the courses, and, is called the Summer Program for International Students at times, the department, approve their participation. (SPIS). Students are required to complete a minimum of Students may enroll in an academic course only on a space 6-12 quarter units to qualify for full-time student status. The available basis; students cannot displace UCSB matriculated summer term SPIS application and fees will be posted on the students from any class. Some academic areas, including UIP/SPIS Web site. We expect that fees will be comparable economics, computer science, and film studies, are especially to Academic Studies fees established for the fall, winter, impacted and space in classes is limited. Students may not and spring. find a space in the class of their first choice of classes. The Academic Studies option allows students to choose courses from a pre-defined core curriculum. Examples of core curriculum areas include: ■ Anthropology ■ History ■ Economics ■ Languages ■ Computer Science ■ Marine Science ■ Electrical and Computer ■ Materials Engineering Engineering ■ Molecular, Cellular, & ■ English Developmental Biology ■ Environmental Science & ■ Philosophy Management ■ Political Science ■ Geography ■ Writing ■ Global & International Studies Storke Tower across the lagoon at UCSB In Germany I study business and trade while working for L´Oréal. I really enjoy studying here at UCSB because it is unique being at such a beautiful place and having the opportunity to choose between so many different courses. UCSB is a well-known university with Nobel Prize-winning professors, and it’s right on the beach. What else does a student want? An elite university on the beach! Awesome! Thanks for giving us the chance to study here; it will always be the best choice I have taken, professionally and educationally. Julian Walser, Germany 8 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  9. 9. PROFESSIONAL STUDIES The Professional Studies option allows students to take a series of professional development courses. In professional development courses, students study with American business professionals as well as students from other countries. All courses are taught by practicing business professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom and demonstrate excellence in teaching. The Professional Studies option is ideal for students who wish to further their education and professional goals while networking with Americans as well as students from other countries. For transfer of course credit to a student’s home institution, please refer to Credit Transfer on page 7. The Recreation Center, UCSB As the continuing education division of the University of Education California, Santa Barbara, UCSB Extension offers certificate programs, courses, and seminars for professional and personal ■ Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) development. In addition to the certificate programs listed on this ■ TESOL Methodology page, UCSB Extension offers individual courses in a variety of subjects. Courses are offered in year-round quarters with evening Legal Studies & Mediation and weekend classes designed to fit into most schedules. ■ Mediation & Dispute Resolution Note: Students may attend professional development courses provided they have met all the prerequisites and space is available. ■ Paralegal Studies For course information and schedules, visit the UCSB Extension catalog (www.extension.ucsb.edu/catalog). Professional Development Course highlights A sampling of highly regarded professional development courses Professional Studies Fees and Deadlines includes: For fees and deadlines, please see the Fees and Deadlines Chart on page 18. Web Marketing Applications Course: BUSAD X409.36 (2 units) PROFESSIONAL This course addresses the most current principles and practices of Internet marketing. It presents strategies designed to give CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS businesses the opportunity to attract the right consumers for their UCSB Extension Professional Certificate Programs are sequential Internet product or service. Students learn how marketing on the programs that lead to a professional certificate. Students may Web can help build brand awareness, attract shoppers, enhance take an individual course or the entire certificate program in the customer loyalty, and capture market share. following fields: Business & Management ■ Accounting ■ Human Resource Management ■ Marketing ■ Professional Financial Planning ■ Project Management My major is history and I have been at UCSB six quarters - this spring will be my last one. What I have learned here at UCSB Extension will always be a part of my identity. Tina Pia Peirano, Denmark U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 9
  10. 10. PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Introduction to Project Management Global Economics Course: ENGR X452.01 (3 units) Course: ECON X455 (4 units) Project management has become an expected professional This course provides an overview of international skill for managers and specialists in all disciplines. Driven economic issues essential for managers and marketers in a by global competition and new technologies, the use of global business environment. It focuses on the global and project management is expanding wherever organizations cross-cultural nature of contemporary economic affairs. need to achieve performance objectives within scope, cost, Theoretical concepts are applied to specific cases such as and time constraints. economic relationships between the United States and Asia, South America, Europe, and other key regions. In addition For serious students of project management, this course to class meetings, students participate in a required one provides a conceptual and operational foundation for hour weekly online discussion with class members and the further study. Topics include: theoretical underpinnings of instructor. project management, project management put in a historical perspective, examples of successful and unsuccessful Principles of Marketing projects, working vocabulary of project management Course: BUSAD X160 (4 units) terms and acronyms, and survey of project management In today’s highly competitive marketplace, effective knowledge areas. marketing is important for all organizations. A well By completing this course, students are equipped with conceived strategic marketing plan is often the key to sufficient conceptual understanding to participate in in-depth business profitability and/or nonprofit success. This course, courses in project management. In addition, students are which provides an overview of marketing and the marketing able to put previous experiences in project management into process, is designed for those new to marketing or those a more systematic conceptual context. trained in other disciplines. Course participants use these tools and ideas to create a strategic marketing plan for a Foundations of human Resource product or service of their choice. Management Course: BUSAD X450.1 (4 units) An introduction to the strategic contribution of human resource management (HRM) to the total business enterprise and an overview of the basic human resource management functions. This includes workplace law and regulations, human resource metrics and cost analysis, recruitment, and total rewards (compensation and benefits, training and development, and organizational behavior). This survey course provides an overview of basic elements including understanding the functions of HRM within an organization, typical designs of HRM departments, the responsibilities and roles of HRM personnel, and an exploration of HRM as a career. Optional Practical Training (OPT) After completion of one academic year (nine consecutive months) of full-time study in a non-language program in the United States coupled with the completion of a Certificate Program at UCSB Extension, students can apply for permission to work for up to one year anywhere in the U.S. This is called Optional Practical Training (OPT). If the student’s application is approved by the U.S. government, she/he will receive authorization to work in the United States for up to 12 months in the subject area she/he has been studying. Note: OPT provides permission to work for up to 12 months in the U.S., but it is the student’s responsibility to find a job. UCSB Extension will assist students with their application for Optional Practical Training. We cannot guarantee that student’s application will be approved by the U.S. government. 10 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  11. 11. TEAChING ENGLISh TO SPEAKERS OF OThER LANGUAGES (TESOL) The UIP Professional Studies offers the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program. Students may select one option: the TESOL Professional Certificate Program or the TESOL Methodology Professional Sequence Award. TESOL Professional Certificate Program TESOL Methodology (16 units, 144 hours) Professional Sequence Award This program is a highly practical, introductory approach to (10 units, 90 hours) English language teaching. The curriculum reflects careful This classroom-based program is designed to introduce study and consideration of today’s theory and its practical language teaching techniques to both experienced and application in this field. The goal is to offer the most up- aspiring TESOL instructors. to-date and effective instruction in English as a second and The program: foreign language (ESL/EFL) teaching. ■ Provides TESOL instructors and trainees with a The program helps participants: strong theoretical background in communicative ■ Acquire subject knowledge and familiarity with the teaching methodology principles of effective ESL/EFL teaching ■ Prepares TESOL trainees with strategies and techniques ■ Develop a range of practical skills necessary for successful teaching practice. ■ Demonstrate their ability to apply what they have The program may be completed by taking the six analysis learned to a real teaching context. and methodology courses listed below. The program may be completed by taking the eight courses listed below. Prerequisites ■ Bachelor’s Degree and Prerequisites ■ One of the following test scores: ■ Bachelor’s Degree and • iBT® TOEFL 85 ■ One of the following test scores: • IELTS® 7.0 • iBT® TOEFL 90 • IELTS® 7.5 Courses Note: All courses (1 through 6) are required. Courses 1 Introduction to TESOL and the Learning Context Note: All courses (1 through 8) are required. 2 Language Analysis, Awareness, and Teaching Techniques 1 Introduction to TESOL and the Learning Context for TESOL, Part A 2 Language Analysis, Awareness, and Teaching Techniques 3 Lesson Planning and Resources for TESOL for TESOL, Part A 4 Classroom Practicalities for TESOL 3 Language Analysis, Awareness, and Teaching Techniques, Part B (TESOL Teaching Practicum 1) 5 Teaching Language Skills for TESOL, Part A 4 Lesson Planning and Resources for TESOL 6 Professional Development for TESOL: USA and Overseas 5 Classroom Practicalities for TESOL 6 Teaching Language Skills for TESOL, Part A TESOL Fees and Deadlines 7 Teaching Language Skills, Part B (TESOL Teaching For fees and deadlines, please Practicum 2) see the Fees and Deadlines 8 Professional Development for TESOL: USA and Chart on page 18. Overseas Hilary Tomczik Coordinator, TESOL programs Eligibility Acceptance into the TESOL programs is determined after careful review of each individual’s background and qualifications, and the program coordinator’s approval. Note: TESOL may be taken as an intensive program or on a course by-course basis throughout the year. Individual courses are open to students who wish to study specific topics without pursuing the certificate. U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 11
  12. 12. STUDENT LIFE Schedule of Classes UCSB Santa Campus Barbara University Immersion Program (UIP) academic classes may be scheduled any time Monday through Friday between 8:00 • • 65 kilo me a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The UCSB Schedule of Classes may be ter s accessed online at www.registrar.ucsb.edu/soc.htm Ventura Professional development classes are scheduled primarily in • the evenings and on weekends. PA C I F I C O C E A N Note: Summer TESOL classes may be scheduled during the day and evenings in an intensive format. Please visit www.extension.ucsb.edu/catalog for the UCSB Extension Location Catalog with class dates and times. Academic courses are held on the UCSB campus. No classes are held on campus holidays. Professional development courses are held on the UCSB campus, Santa Barbara and at the Ventura Center, located approximately 65 kilometers from the UCSB campus. During the Program Note: Public transportation to and from Ventura courses UCSB Extension provides student support services and is not available. Students need a car. information including immigration advising, academic advising, and limited housing assistance. Computer Labs and Internet Access Modern instructional facilities provide high-speed Internet access and a wide variety of software applications. Open access time in the computer laboratories is available for students taking academic courses. Students working together A student giving a presentation UCSB hOLIDAYS The university does not hold classes on the following U.S. holidays: 2009_____________________ 2010_____________________ September 7 Labor Day January 1 New Year November 11 Veterans’ Day January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. November 26, 27 Thanksgiving February 15 Presidents’ Day December 24, 25 Christmas March 26 Cesar Chavez Holiday December 31 New Year May 31 Memorial Day July 5 Independence Day 12 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  13. 13. ACTIVITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Activities for International Students The UCSB University Center is the focus of student activity. The center has a bookstore, a food court, a concert area, and a Multicultural Center. UCSB’s Arts & Lectures programs present lectures by political and scientific experts, as well as performances in music, dance, and theater (www.artsandlectures.ucsb.edu). The Department of Recreation at UCSB offers a wide variety of programs and activities for students, faculty/staff, and the community. Department facilities include: The Recreation Center, Events Center, Robertson Gymnasium, tennis courts (20), Storke Field, sand volleyball courts (3), Robertson Field, lacrosse pit, campus pool, Santa Barbara Harbor Sailing Facility, Students enjoying the surf in Santa Barbara softball field, Caesar Uyesaka Baseball Stadium, Cachuma Lake Rowing Facility, and Harder Stadium. Shopping Samples of adventure trips offered through the Department Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas are filled with outdoor of Recreation include Colorado River Canoe and Yosemite malls, name-brand outlet stores, boutiques, and arts and craft Backpacking. stores. UCSB’s nationally-ranked intercollegiate sports teams include Note: Students make their own arrangements for all soccer, basketball, volleyball, water polo, baseball, and tennis. activities. The UCSB men’s soccer team was the 2006 National Champion. Transportation in Santa Barbara Sports A free Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus pass enables There are many sports students can participate in, such as students to use the local bus system for daily transportation. We basketball, bicycling, camping, fishing, golf, hang gliding, encourage students to use this convenient form of transportation hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing, roller- to get to their UCSB Extension classes as well as to explore the blading, sailing, scuba diving, skateboarding, soccer, surfing, beautiful city of Santa Barbara. Most local buses run between swimming, tennis, volleyball, and windsurfing. 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Santa Barbara is a friendly city, and Cultural Events bus drivers are helpful. Many buses are even equipped to carry Cultural events are abound in Santa Barbara. They include bicycles. Thousands of people use bicycles to commute to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, dance, seasonal UCSB on a regular basis. Students may rent a car at local rental parades, ethnic festivals, UCSB concerts and lectures, and facilities for excursions to the outlying areas. events at art galleries, museums, and theaters. Rollerblading on the Santa Barbara waterfront Kayaking in the Santa Barbara harbor U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 13
  14. 14. hOUSING homestay UCSB Extension is working with Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE) as a provider of Homestay services for our international programs. Please use the following information to contact WISE for Homestay information and services: WISE University of Santa Barbara An apartment in Goleta P.O. Box 1628 Average Cost for Private Apartments Goleta, CA 93116 Apartment prices vary greatly depending on the type of Tel: (805) 965-8072 building, size of apartment, and number of people sharing Fax: (805) 965-8017 the apartment. Apartments are usually rented by the month, for a minimum of three to six months. E-mail: ucsbhomestay@wisefoundation.com Web: wise.wisefoundation.com/ • Rooms in private (non-student) homes usually university-homestay/IndexUCSB.htm include utilities. • Food costs an average of $350 per month. Private Apartments • Utility costs average $100 per month for apartments (gas, electricity, and cable) plus utility deposits. Private apartments cannot be pre-arranged by UCSB Extension. • Water and trash service are usually included in the rent. Private apartments may be difficult to find in Santa • Most apartments are unfurnished. Barbara, Goleta, and Isla Vista, which are adjacent communities. We provide limited assistance after you • Start-up costs include first month’s rent and security arrive in Santa Barbara. Students should plan to arrive deposit; in some cases, the last month’s rent must be paid early and spend at least one week in a motel or hotel while in advance. they search for an apartment or private room rental. Most Here are some helpful links to aid in a student’s search for apartments are unfurnished. Rentals may also be available a private apartment: in Isla Vista and Goleta near the university. • Craigslist santabarbara.craigslist.org/apa University Immersion Program students who have prepaid all Program and International Student Service Fees are • UCSB Community Housing Office eligible to access the UCSB Community Housing Web site www.housing.ucsb.edu/hchoices/cho-rental-home.htm for local apartment listings prior to arrival (www.housing. www.housing.ucsb.edu/hchoices/international-tips.htm ucsb.edu/hchoices/wherecanilive.htm). • Santa Barbara News-Press http://class.newspress.com/sect/rentals • Santa Barbara Independent www.independent.com ThE COST OF LIVING IN SANTA BARBARA 2009 approximate average prices for apartments in Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara Room Type Isla Vista Goleta Santa Barbara Studio $993 $918 $1092 1 Bedroom $1150 $1292 $1391 2 Bedroom $1990 $1673 $1699 3 Bedroom $2999 $2445 $2700 Room in home $735 $694 $725 Note: Prices increase every year 14 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  15. 15. ENROLLMENT INFORMATION Enrollment Information Note: Students may enroll online, or use the Application for • Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Enrollment form (insert in this brochure). Complete the online • Application for one or more quarters does not guarantee form and e-mail it to apply@els.ucsb.edu. a space in the program. Only students who enroll in the program and pay Program and Student Service Fees are Minimum Age Requirement guaranteed a space in the program. Students who apply for three quarters and only enroll (pay) for one quarter Students must be at least 18 years of age on or before the start are not guaranteed a space in the program for the second of the program. or subsequent quarter(s) unless they enroll (pay) for the second or subsequent quarters at the same time. When to Apply and how to Enroll • Some quarters fill three months in advance and space in in the Program the program is not available after that time. • Students must apply and enroll in the program each quarter • Application, program enrollment, and fees may be by the stated deadline (see the Fees and Deadlines Chart on submitted at the same time—on the same form—for one, page 18). two, three, or four quarters of study. Students save money • Students are encouraged to submit their application and each quarter by applying and paying for application and program enrollment form several months prior to the program program fees for two or more quarters at the same time. start date. • Demand for the program is high and some quarters fill When and how to Enroll in Courses quickly. To be eligible to earn units, students must enroll in courses for • Please apply and enroll early! credit by stated deadlines. • No UIP spaces are held without receipt of full program and Academic Courses: student service fee payment. Course enrollment in academic courses is possible only after the first class meeting. Please see limitations noted under Academic Early program application/enrollment allows for: Studies on page 8. • Time for our office to process applications Professional Development Courses: Course enrollment in professional development courses is • A good chance to get a space in the program possible prior to the first class meeting. Students are encouraged • Time for students to make visa and travel arrangements to enroll as early as possible as classes fill quickly. Please see limitations noted under Professional Studies on page 9. Additional Fees Additional fees may include the following: late application, late arrival, late payment, wire transfer processing, certificate application, textbooks, replacement student ID card, and transcript service charge. Students must pay these fees if a deadline is missed or for services incurred. Please see the Fees and Deadlines Chart on page 18. A fountain in Santa Barbara U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 15
  16. 16. ENROLLMENT INFORMATION Steps to obtain an F-1 Student Visa: Payment 1. Students receive an I-20 Form (this is their Certificate of Prior to the program start date by the stated deadline, Eligibility for an F-1 Student Visa) once they are accepted the following is required each quarter: into the UCSB Extension program. The I-20 Form is • Application Fee required in order to apply for an F-1 Student Visa. We will send the I-20 Form to the address on the student’s • Program Fee Application for Enrollment Form. • Student Service Fee 2. Once students receive their I-20 Form and prior to Optional: arranging their appointment with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country, they must complete • Professional Development Course Fees the Form I-901 and pay the $200 SEVIS Fee to the • TESOL Course Fees “Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and After the program start date, the following is required each Customs Enforcement.” For additional information, quarter: please see the U.S. Embassy Web site (www.travel.state. gov/visa/temp/types_1268.html). • Academic Course Fees Go to www.fmjfee.com and follow the directions for • Professional Development Course Fees payment. A receipt (Form I-797) will be sent to students For fees and deadlines, please see the Fees and Deadlines after they pay their SEVIS payment. If students pay Chart on page 18. online, they can print a receipt directly from their computer. Note: Students do not have a space or attend the program and may not enroll in courses until all fees Note: The SEVIS fee can only be paid by mail or via are paid and received. If payment is received after the the Internet. deadline, a Late Payment Fee is charged. 3. Upon receipt of the I-20 Form, students will need to arrange for an appointment with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country. It may take several Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards weeks to schedule their interview. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars and payable to 4. It is required that students bring their I-20 Form and the UC Regents. We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard receipt of their SEVIS payment to their appointment with only), traveler’s checks, cash (exact change only), the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country. international postal money orders, and personal checks drawn on U.S. banks. If paying by credit card, please include The United States immigration laws change frequently. card number, expiration date, security code (the 3 digit code We encourage students to contact the U.S. Consulate in that appears on the back of the credit card), and the name on their home country for current information. the card. The Recreation Center at UCSB offers the tallest indoor imprint climbing wall on the west coast of the US. 16 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  17. 17. VISA AND GENERAL INFORMATION International Wire Transfer If students choose to arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), an airport bus service (Santa Barbara Airbus) Students may also transfer funds directly to: may be taken to convenient locations in Santa Barbara. Buses Bank of America NA operate between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., leaving LAX every 100 West 33rd St., New York, NY 10001 three hours and arriving in Santa Barbara about two hours later. For more information, please visit www.sbairbus.com. Swift Address: BOFAUS3N Routing/Transit (ABA) #: 026009593 If students choose to stay with a homestay family, they can arrange with their host to be picked up from the Santa Barbara Payee: Regents of the University of California Airport or the Airbus stop in Goleta. (UCSB/UNEX) Orientation Reference: UCSB/UNEX, student name, Prior to the first day of class, students receive a comprehensive company/agent/university name orientation to academic and student life, including: Note: Please ask the bank to have all fees and bank-to- • Welcome and orientation to the program bank charges paid prior to sending a wire. Please add the processing fee when paying by wire transfer. See the Fees • Immigration and insurance information and Deadlines Chart on page 18. Allow four to six weeks for • Course enrollment procedures processing. We encourage students to contact their bank to inquire about additional wire transfer fees. Certificates UCSB Extension certificates of participation are awarded upon how to Apply for an F-1 Student Visa successful participation and completion of a program. International students studying full-time at UCSB Extension Injury and Sickness Insurance require an F-1 Student Visa. The Student Service Fee includes student injury and sickness insurance. The insurance begins one to two days before the General Information student begins the program, and ends the last day of the program. Insurance does not include vision and dental coverage. Prior to Arrival Prior to arrival students receive a letter of acceptance and the Note: Students are not insured until all Program and I-20 Form. Student Service Fees have been paid. Late Arrival Students arriving late (after the program start date) for their program are charged a Late Arrival Fee. Getting to Santa Barbara Traveling to Santa Barbara is easy. We encourage students to book a flight with the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) as their final destination. The airport is conveniently located only five minutes from the UCSB campus. Flags along the harbor, Santa Barbara U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 17
  18. 18. FEES AND DEADLINES 2009/10 UIP Fees and Deadlines Chart Amount Deadlines Refund Program Fees Application Fee* $ 170 6 weeks prior to start of program Nonrefundable Program Fee payable each quarter $ 965 2 weeks prior to start of program Yes, prior to start of program Student Service Fee** payable each quarter $ 465 With payment of Program Fee Yes, prior to start of program Subtotal $1,560 Course Fees Academic Studies $2,520 Specific to the ‘Add Deadline’ as stated Specific to deadlines as stated in Undergraduate 12 units ($210 per unit) in the Open Enrollment Publication the Open Enrollment Publication (after start of instruction) Graduate 12 units ($295 per unit) $3,540 SPIS TBA Professional Studies—12 units $1,525 - $2,785 Specific to each course as stated in Specific to each course as stated the UCSB Extension catalog in the UCSB Extension catalog TESOL PSA—10 units $2,170 2 weeks prior to start of instruction Yes, prior to start of instruction TESOL PCP—10 units $3,295 2 weeks prior to start of instruction Yes, prior to start of instruction Additional Fees Textbooks $100 - $450 Student ID Card $ 3 Additional Fees As Needed Course Materials/Lab Fees*** $20 - $150 Return Check Fee $ 25 Credit Card Charge Back Fee $ 25 Late Application $ 100 After deadline Late Arrival $ 100 After start of program Late Payment $ 100 After deadline Wire Transfer Processing $ 35 Certificate Application $50 - $100 Replacement Student ID card $ 20 Transcripts $9 - $16 Library Card $ 12 Recreation Center $ 60 *Save $170 each quarter if applying and paying for Application, Program, and Student Service Fees for two or more quarters at the same time. **Adjustment for possible insurance increase; fees will be announced in fall 2010 ***Some courses require Materials/Lab Fees; these fees are listed in the UCSB Schedule of Classes Note: Fees are subject to change without notice. Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara 18 U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N • U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M
  19. 19. UIP Requirements Academic Professional TESOL TESOL Studies Studies Professional Professional Certificate Sequence Award With the Program Application, students submit: A university transcript A bachelor’s degree A bachelor’s degree One of the following minimum scores: iBT TOEFL® 80 iBT TOEFL® 80 iBT TOEFL® 90 iBT TOEFL® 85 IELTS® 6.5 IELTS® 6.5 IELTS® 7.5 IELTS® 7.0 Institutional TOEFL® 550 Institutional TOEFL® 550 CBT TOEFL® 213 CBT TOEFL® 213 After Acceptance into the UIP students submit: , A tentative course of study listing your first and second choice courses Prior to course participation, students must meet all prerequisites as listed in: UCSB General Catalog UCSB Extension Catalog — www.extension.ucsb.edu www.catalog.ucsb.edu; UCSB Schedule of Classes www.registrar.ucsb.edu/soc.htm A R A A B A R B I A , S A N T F O R N C A L I l Students Internationa T Y O F E R S I U N I V ogram for mersion Pr CKLIST University Im ENT ChE ENROLLM s in course te and su bmit ❐ 3. Enroll and subm it 2. Comple 1. Choos e your ❐ enrollme nt e Prerequis ites ❐ stu dy option for Program Enrollment ❐ Proof of Cours r Course Enr ollment ❐ Application ❐ Application fo dy Option isite for Stu ❐ Pro of of Prerequ ❐ Course Fees itations lim ort enrollment ❐ Copy of Passp (Note course n) r each Study Optio ment listed unde ❐ Financial State (s) ❐ Application Fee ) ❐ Program Fee(s ce Fee(s) ❐ Student Servi U N I V E R S I T Y I M M E R S I O N P R O G R A M • U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A E X T E N S I O N 19
  20. 20. University of California Santa Barbara Extension University Immersion Program University of California, Santa Barbara, Mail Code 1110, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1110 USA (805) 893-4200 • www.extension.ucsb.edu/ip