Where can i get birth records


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http://bit.ly/13ymRXZ <===> historical records quickly and simply. Search an extensive database of images, newspapers, vital records, and more!

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Where can i get birth records

  1. 1. Where Can I GetBirth Records?
  2. 2. Birth records can prove to be highlyuseful tools for a number of reasons.You may have misplaced your birthrecord and need another copy to applyfor a passport, for example. Or you maybe looking for your birth parents.Finally, you may be interested inperforming genealogy searches for yourancestors.
  3. 3. Whatever the reason, obtainingbirth records, either for yourself orfor a relative, is a fairly simpleprocess, given the conveniences ofthe internet.
  4. 4. Your State or Local Vital Records Office Because there is no national database for birth records, you must go through your state or local vital records office to obtain an official, raised seal birth record. However, the process is a fairly straightforward one.
  5. 5. Simply head to your state or local vitalrecords office, armed with your checkbookand as much information as possible on theperson’s birth record you are interested inobtaining. It makes the process mucheasier if you have some key information sothat the vital records department can easilylocate the birth record in question.
  6. 6. It is important to recognize, however, thatmost states prohibit the release of a birthrecord unless you are the person listed onthe birth record. The individuals that canobtain a birth record include: thespouse, power of attorney or legalrepresentative of the person in question, theparent, sibling or stepparent of the person inquestion, the grandparent/grandchild of theperson in question.
  7. 7. Some of the information requested by thevital records office may include: first andlast name, name of the individual’sparents, city in which the birth tookplace, and the individual’s birth date. It isnot necessary to have all of thisinformation; it just facilitates the process.
  8. 8. The vital records office will ask you to fillout a form for the birth record request.Along with the completed form, they willlikely ask for a small fee to produce anoriginal birth record. Although birthrecords are vital records that are free tothe public, the vital records office willrequest a fee to cover theiradministrative costs.
  9. 9. Depending on the state in which youlive, and depending on how busy thevital records office is, you may be ableto receive your birth record that day.Otherwise, they will likely mail it toyou.
  10. 10. Birth Records Websites There are many birth records websites that allow you to accomplish the same thing, as they generally just do the legwork for you. Websites are ideal for ordering birth records, especially if the birth record in question is out of state.
  11. 11. Websites that perform birth records searchesoften ask for key information in order tofacilitate the process. Therefore, onceagain, the more information you provide, theeasier it is to have a successfulmatch. Websites work in different ways;some offer memberships, thereby allowingyou to search many different people for aperiod of time (this is often ideal forgenealogy purposes), while others simplycharge a flat fee for performing the searchand providing you with a copy of a birthrecord.
  12. 12. Often times, many of the websites thatperform these searches use state or localagencies to find the person inquestion. They can therefore oftenprovide you with a raised seal birthcertificate, sent directly to your home, in amatter of weeks.
  13. 13. END