Where can i death records


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Where can i death records

  1. 1. Where Can IGet Death Records?
  2. 2. Death records, in general, may be obtainedfrom the state or municipality in which theindividual died. However, the process ofobtaining a death record often involves a bitmore legwork than simply requesting it.
  3. 3. Death records provide a good deal of usefulinformation about an individual’sdeath, including: the date of death, the placeof death, and the name of the mother andfather. Death records may also include themaiden name of the deceased’s mother.
  4. 4. Regardless of why you are requesting adeath record, it is important to understandthat state and local governments are the onlyentities that issue death records; it istherefore often practical to head to the vitalrecords office of the state or city in which theindividual died.
  5. 5. There are many resources for obtaining adeath record; however, the conveniences ofthe Internet have allowed many individualsto obtain information on loved ones andancestors that otherwise would have beenquite difficult and time consuming to find.
  6. 6. Most vital records offices accept walk-inrequests; however, because most ofthese vital records offices are inundatedwith vital records requests, you mayhave to wait several weeks before theyprovide you with the death record inquestion.
  7. 7. With that said, you may also obtain acopy of a death record through the vitalrecords website of the state inquestion, and you may also send in awritten request for the information.
  8. 8. Social Security Death IndexAnother valuable search tool for death certificatesis through the Social Security Death Index. Begunin 1935, this online database is quitecomprehensive, and it may be particularly useful ifyou don’t know the state in which an individualdied. This website, however, may ask a lot ofinformation about the deceased, including thename, the date of birth, the date of death, thesocial security number, and the state or county ofresidence.
  9. 9. The Social Security Death Index is a valuable search tool, as it contains over 80 million records of death that have been reported to the SSA. However, it is important to understand that the Social Security Death Index does not have information on all individuals. •
  10. 10. Online SearchesThere are a number of onlinearchives, however, that can provide you withdeath records in a more convenient fashion.All reputable search engines will require afee; however, these fees are typically verysmall, and the search can be completed fromthe comfort of your home. •
  11. 11. Perhaps the most convenient part of usingan online archive database is that you cansearch for individuals who died in differentstates. In other words, instead of searchingfor ancestors using separate statewebsites, you can perform comprehensivesearches from just one location.
  12. 12. There are many websites that either providelinks to the appropriate state’s website orutilize search engines of their own. Eitherway, they can be highly useful whensearching for death records from nearly anytime and place.
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