What genealogy communities are out there


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What genealogy communities are out there

  1. 1. What Genealogy Communities Are Out There?
  2. 2. In today’s online age, family historyenthusiasts have found that they are notalone. Genealogy groups and communitieshave sprung up and have helped thousands ofgenealogists come together for support and toshare advice and tips.
  3. 3. International Genealogy CommunitiesThe search for family history in the U.S. oftenleads to other countries from which ancestorsemigrated. Many Americans find that in orderto complete a family history chart, they mustfocus searches inItaly, Ireland, England, Japan, and evenmultiple countries throughout the world.
  4. 4. To aid with international genealogysearches, there international genealogycommunities that can provide much-neededhelp in finding the data, documents, or recordsyou need. One good place to find aninternational community is athttp://www.worldvitalrecords.com/InternationalPages.aspx.
  5. 5. Religious or Nationality CommunitiesThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints is well known for continuallyresearching, collecting, and updatinggenealogy records. They also are veryaccessible not only for churchmembers, but to anyone looking forfamily history records. Their website is atwww.familysearch.org.
  6. 6. People of the Jewish faith have also foundcommunities in which they can help each othercomplete family genealogy research.At www.jewishgenealogysearch.com orwww.jewishgen.com, you can search throughJewish heritage records and databases, as well asobtain help and direction in performing yourancestry search.
  7. 7. Local Genealogy CommunitiesYou can find other genealogy enthusiasts in your owncommunity. Individuals who often perform genealogysearches have formed local groups where they canmeet, share ideas, offer classes, and help each othercomplete their individual family trees. Many localgenealogy communities are dedicated to searchinglocal family histories, including county family andproperty history records, towns, and even statecommunities that help provide resources togenealogists.
  8. 8. Genealogy SocietiesGenealogy societies are also available forthose who want to become part of a largercommunity. Through societies, you canpublish your own family history records, getinvolved with organized conferences andevents, and even take courses as a societymember.
  9. 9. Societies such as the National Genealogy Societywere formed to help preserve genealogyrecords, as well as provide education and trainingto members. Membership subscriptions to agenealogy society are usually veryreasonable, and they provide great benefits, suchas reduced price or free training, periodicals, andaccess to valuable databases.
  10. 10. Commercial Genealogy SitesYou can also become part of a community byjoining popular genealogy websites. Websites likeArchives.com, Genealogy.com, MyFamily.com, Ancestry.com, and other popular sites can put youin touch with other genealogy enthusiasts fromaround the world. In addition, you can get expertadvice from professionals and have access totools to help you build and save your family tree.
  11. 11. Whether you are a genealogyenthusiast, hobbyist, or professional, joining agenealogy community can give you greatbenefits. Consider those mentioned here, orsearch the web for local groups or yourgenealogy focus.
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