What are divorce records


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What are divorce records

  1. 1. What are Divorce Records?
  2. 2. In the United States, a couple can be legallymarried in any state, and any marriedcouple can also arrange a legal divorce inany state. To begin the divorce process, oneof the married individuals must file fordivorce in the county courthouse in which heor she resides. By doing so, a permanentlegal record is created.
  3. 3. What is a Permanent Divorce Record?A divorce record is a legal document that legallydissolves a marriage. It is a courtdocument, usually drawn up by attorneys, thatstates the reason for the divorce and all thesettlement agreements. Through this document, amarried couple can have full legal protection ofeach individual’s interests. All assets acquiredduring the marriage are split, and spousal supportpayments are calculated, as well as child supportpayments if there are minor children resultingfrom the marriage.
  4. 4. Divorce processes differ from state to state.However, one person usually begins the process byfiling a lawsuit and petitioning the court for thedivorce. He or she then becomes the ‘Petitioner,’while the other spouse becomes the‘Respondent.’ With the help of a lawyer, thepetitioner can state his or her demands from thedivorce. The respondent usually has a certain timeperiod to respond, and if no response is made, thenthe court will usually grant the divorce to thepetitioner with all demands set forth.
  5. 5. If the respondent wishes to contest thedivorce, or dispute the proposed settlementagreement, then litigation is involved wherethe two sides must negotiate a mutualagreement. If no settlement can bemade, then the divorce goes to trial, where ajudge will make the final decisions.
  6. 6. Once a final settlement made, thefinal divorce decree iscreated, filed, and signed by thecounty judge assigned to the case.This creates a public record of theterms of the divorce.
  7. 7. What Is Included In a Divorce Record?The legal divorce record will have the followinginformation: Full legal names of the petitioner and respondent The date that the divorce was filed The location where the divorce was filed The date the divorce became final
  8. 8. Other information that may be included: Credit card balance information from each individual Other debt disclosures Income tax returns A list of all assets and how they are divided Payment calculations and arrangements for spousal support and/or child support
  9. 9. How Can Divorce Records Be Useful? Divorce records can usually beaccessed by the public unless thedecree has been sealed by courtorder.
  10. 10. Legal divorce records can be useful in a number of ways. Here are just a few: Verify that an individual is legally divorced Verify whether an individual was previously married Useful for helping to locate an individual Uncover previous spousal abuse Discover history of illegal acts
  11. 11. Thanks to our current digital age, publicrecords, such as a divorce records, can be easilysearched and accessed with the help of abackground check company. Or you can do theresearch yourself for much less money.
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