Are there free birth records


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Are there free birth records

  1. 1. Are There Free Birth Records?
  2. 2. There is no such thing as free birthrecords. For all the websites that claim theycan provide you with a free birth record, lookfor the hidden fees and look for the catch!
  3. 3. Birth records may be obtained for anynumber of reasons, and they are vital forreceiving other documents, such as a driverlicense or a passport. Some employers ask forbirth records when applying for a job, and birthrecords are a great resource when performinggenealogy searches.
  4. 4. Local Vital Records Office vs. Online Services Regardless of where you get your birthrecord, it will cost you money to do so. Your firststop may be your state or local vital records office.Although this may be your best option, particularlyif you are in the same city or state of yourbirth, retrieving your birth records from a reputablewebsite may be slightly more convenient.
  5. 5. Many times, the vital records office of a state orlocal government is overburdened with a highnumber of requests for vital records. As a result, itmay take some time to receive an original, raisedseal copy of your birth record. The fees forobtaining a birth record is often less through yourvital records office than online, but theconvenience of receiving the birth record in ashorter length of time is often well worth the extracost.
  6. 6. Why Birth Records are Not Free Birth records, regardless of who obtainsthem, must be pulled from a state or local vitalrecords office, and these offices always charge asmall administrative fee to do so. Therefore, acompany that says they can provide a free copy ofyour birth record is misrepresenting the truth. Infact, you will often find that they charge a number ofrelated fees that end up costing you more thansimply ordering the birth records on your own.
  7. 7. However, there are many websites, suchas, that take the properchannels to produce results. Often times, it isthese websites that can help you locateloved ones or ancestors that may beincredibly difficult to do if you performed asearch through your local vital records office.
  8. 8. These websites facilitate process ofperforming genealogy searches and allow you tosearch for the birth records of loved ones fromthe comfort of your home. Reputable websitesoften have easy-to-use search tools thateliminate the hassle of coming up empty handed;instead, they offer full records access and easyretrieval of birth records.
  9. 9. Best of all, these websites allow you to obtainall of the information you need in onecomprehensive location. They can even provideyou with links to other genealogy websites toretrieve all of the information necessary tocomplete a thorough, comprehensive search.
  10. 10. Finally, websites such, through small fees and reasonablypriced memberships, allow you to save searchesand records, review past records and searchesand maintain a personal collection for convenientviewing at any time. Searching birth records andperforming genealogy searches has never beeneasier!
  11. 11. END