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Hyperscale Your Business - Akuntsu Digital Strategy Agency


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Hyperscale Your Business - Akuntsu Digital Strategy Agency

 HYPERSCALE YOUR BUSINESS Connecting the dots to make more sense of your digital investment.
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 2 AKUNTSU IS A DIGITAL STRATEGY AGENCY FROM MONTRÉAL AND TOKYO Akuntsu is a digital strategy agency that enables companies to make more sense of their digital investment and market their business in their strategic markets. NEXT: TEAM 1. We are a boutique agency with a curious and ambitious bunch that has the ability to leverage agility and develop tailored solutions. 
 2. We have a multi-cultural and geomarketing oriented expertise and ethic that enables companies to grow their business internationally or locally. 
 3. We focus our expertise and service clients in Sports, Entertainment and Commerce.
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 3 SERGE LABELLE Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer Serge has worked with top brands including the Olympics and the Cirque du Soleil, in coaching, marketing and international liaisons. He has been selected as a top-25 emerging entrepreneur at C2MTL, an international business conference promoting creativity in the commercial realm. DENIS LABELLE Co-founder, President Denis has played a key role in bringing the triathlon discipline onto the Olympic official sports map. Today, he is a key influencer, lobbyist and strategist in the Google ecosystem. He has been named to the “Top 3 people who should be a “the most knowledgeable about Google+” by the Google+ community, followed by 537,000 followers on the platform. YUKO NAKAMURA Senior partner, Chief Operation Strategist, Chief - Tokyo Yuko has coached numerous brands and agencies to optimize their digital strategy and marketing performance by driving their digital data analytics capability. She has led the performing campaigns by leveraging the brands existing resources and networks, earning internal sponsors for digital investment. Yuko serves as a board of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
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 4 CONNECTING THE DOTS TO MAKE MORE SENSE OF DIGITAL INVESTMENT Akuntsu helps you invest your marketing dollars better with real results and ROMI (return on marketing investment) by enabling leaders decision-making process and optimizing marketing performance when and where it matters. NEXT: OUR OFFER 1. We leverage your existing multiple data sources and translate data into business insights that your team and executives are questioning.
 2. We enable you to spotlight quick wins that will have an immediate or long-term impact on customer acquisition and conversion optimization and accelerate your business growth by optimizing your existing assets from strategy to performance.
 3. We focus on relationship building that will benefit both our clients culminating in a long- term partnership in Asia by discovering and facilitating an right opportunity for your goal.
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 5 WEB MARKETING ANALYTICS Does data help you earn internal sponsors to support your projects? DIGITAL GROWTH STRATEGY No time to stretch your resources to employ something new? BRAND LIAISON Are you seeking opportunity in new territories and networks? • Periodic performance analytics • Campaign analytics • Performance Scorecard • E-commerce deep-dive • Dashboard • Growth Hacking Strategy • Conversion Optimization • Content Strategy • Coaching • Gateway to Asia • Business Matchmaking and Facilitation • Decision-Maker Engagement
  6. 6. | email. — © 2016 by Agence Akuntsu. All rights reserved.| Tokyo | Montréal | | 1.514.699.4263 6 TELL US ABOUT YOUR CHALLENGE AND GOAL No matter where you stand in the digital spectrum, our team will help your brand surpass itself.
 We will clarify your challenge and offer feasible solutions to consolidate your current strategic roadmap. TELL US ABOUT YOU GET STARTED