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Digital marketing strategy - Case Study [Akuntsu]


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Digital marketing strategy - Case Study [Akuntsu]

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 2 CONNECTING THE DOTS TO MAKE MORE SENSE OF DIGITAL INVESTMENT Akuntsu helps you invest your marketing dollars better with real results and ROMI (return on marketing investment) by enabling leaders decision-making process and optimizing marketing performance when and where it matters. NEXT: CASE STUDIES We provide companies with a growth strategy, a choice of value-driven marketing channels and consumer behaviour analytics that will have an immediate or long-term impact on customer acquisition and conversion optimization and accelerate your business growth by optimizing your existing assets from strategy to performance Our client’s clarity for success sets them apart from the digital deluge.
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 3 Lifestyle retail brand UNIQLO is renown in Japan for its unique fashion vision. A mature brand in its local market, its leaders want to make it an international brand movement. • 338,100 international fans. • Mobilized more than 7,000 visitors on first day of store opening in Taiwan. • Press coverage for outstanding opening day turnout. RESULTS OUR PERFORMANCE • Facebook content strategy for brand awareness and amplification driven by WOM (word of month) and user generated content campaigns. • 100% organic (no online advertising initiatives) brand awareness amplification on Facebook. • International customer segmentation and targeting
 4 Bringing to light the full potential of the FIG’s existing content catalog to transform its brand into a 20-million views online media leader among its peers… right on time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. • YouTube channel views grew by 120.41% in the London Olympics year. The FIG YouTube channel has currently reached 61.2 millions views. • #1 YouTube channel (International Sports Federations) success story. • 347.9% Facebook community growth. RESULTS OUR PERFORMANCE • Leverage a rich bank of existing video contents and integrate the content strategy with international events roadmap • Embrace YouTube and social media to reach out global audiences. • Coaching for internal communication, web and marketing team.
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 5 OVERVIEW Lifestyle apparel brand Lolë was ready to take on new market expansion plans. Reaching out to consumers through the digital sphere was one way to gain 70% increase in their e-commerce revenues within a year. • 69.87% e-commerce revenue growth within 12 months. • Content strategy to increase e-commerce conversion rate by 42.23%. • Nurture and grow web following to over 219,000 fans with 2.48 millions online content views. RESULTS OUR PERFORMANCE • Digital marketing analysis focusing on e-commerce (conversions), customer acquisition and user behaviours. • Integrate digital content and merchandising analysis to support retailing and acquisition campaign optimization • Event ticket sales growth optimization • Coaching for web and direct communication team.
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