Rakuraku Contact Network Award Presentation


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This is the presentation for Global Mobile Award 2009

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Rakuraku Contact Network Award Presentation

  1. 1. How many meeting site in the world?
  2. 2. http://www.friendster.com/ Uncountable… http://www.myspace.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ http://www.orkut.com/ http://www.cyworld.com/ http://mixi.jp/ http://www.multiply.com/ http://360.yahoo.com/ http://www.flickr.com/ http://gree.jp/ http://www.hi5.com/ http://www.wretch.cc/ http://www.vkontakte.ru/ http://chinesefriendfinders.com/ http://www.love21cn.com/ http://www.jiaoyou.com/ http://www.worldfriend.net/ http://www.lastfm.jp/ http://www.linkedin.com/ http://www.okcupid.com/
  3. 3. Then… How many non-meeting, closed site in the world?
  4. 4. One… is
  5. 5. http://www.ra9.jp RakuRaku Contact Network
  6. 6. What is the closed site? You can join the Rakuraku group service because you are already a member of the actual group. You DO know who is next of you.
  7. 7. Potential for crime Recently an internet dating service and meeting site, even SNS, are having potential of criminal background such as obscenity, fraud. Because these are open network. You DO NOT know who is next of you.
  8. 8. However, Rakuraku Contact Network helped to prevent a crime. In fact, 2007 in Japan, one criminal was arrested by police as a witness reported to school network by Rakuraku Contact Network. This incident was introduced in a local newspaper. http://www.kobe-np.co.jp / ※ Kobe Web News ※ Kobe Shinbun 13/Dec/2007 (Newspaper)
  9. 9. In Japan
  10. 10. Already one of the largest Global Mailing List Service ※ Nikkei NET, IT Plus 21/Aug/2008 Introduced by Nikkei net news http:// it.nikkei.co.jp/mobile/news/index.aspx?n =MMIT1d000025082008&landing=Next
  11. 11. Increasing 3000 to 5000 users everyday
  12. 12. User attribution Unmarried   82 % Married   18 % Age ・ Sex Married/ Unmarried 60% of users are 18 - 24 years old Impression 1 out of 4 are female collage student in Tokyo. ※ As of June/08
  13. 13. Because we are approaching to actual existing community. That means real network!
  14. 14. For example, Sports club, PTA, Enterprise company
  15. 15. Group attribution Group classified data Group, team of Sports   31.5 % Friends 18.2 % Other   7.4 % Volunteer 4.2 % Education 8.3 % Learning community 6.2 % Business   7.1 % Group, team for hobby   16.4 % Family, Relative 0.7 % ※ As of June/08
  16. 16. What’s Rakuraku Contact Network? ~ Support system for group activities ~ Rakuraku Contact Network is one of the largest mobile mailing list service in Japan. It has lots of feature such as various type of mail functions, Scheduling, Map, Weather forecast and group community features and so on… User are enjoying daily activities and communication with it. WHY? Because it is the service for closed community. Features ★ User numbers increase by around 3000 - 5000 per day! ★ The chamber of commerce and industry, enterprise and public organization and other various groups are using Raku-Raku Contact Network. ★ Attendance of conformation, Sharing schedule, Sharing pictures, Mail magazine, Security tool, use like various purpose! ★ Possible to approach for real network group! ★ Very high ad click rate ( Average CTR0.7 ~ 0.8% )!
  17. 17. Raku-Raku Contact Network is an absolutely new type of contact network that revolutionizes existing telephone contact networks. Since users in groups and teams communicate via sending email, the ability to read mail is essential. This is why it is outstanding for advertising results! What’s more, since more than 90% of users are mobile telephone users, a high click rate can be expected. Apart from all kinds of mail functions, such as attendance confirmation mail etc, it is packed with other functions such as bulletin boards and scheduling. Use it once; you’ll never want to be without it again! A free high-speed mail contact network, never seen before, with support for all mobile telephones and PCs.
  18. 18. How to Use Raku-Raku Contact Network Operation is simple! What’s more, it’s speedy!! There is a reason why around 71,300 groups or entities are listed. For example, take the case of a circle… 1) Sending Group Contact Mail Since you can send out a group email to contact the mobile telephones of the entire group, you avoid the hassle of multiple telephones calls and can convey information rapidly and accurately. Group contact mail is extremely handy for notifying of sudden changes of plans, such as cancellation of events or changes in venue or time, no matter your location. Organizer Access Can’t Attend Answer Pending Can Attend 3) Attendance Management Organizers can access an overview of member attendance via a dedicated page. This makes participant numbers clear and management simple. This avoids the hassle of sending individual confirmation mails. 2) Registering Attendance With a single click of a link in the mail text, group members can register their attendance or non-attendance, or can defer their answer until later. Naturally, they can also enter a comment. Group Member A Raku-Raku Contact Network Server Group Member B Group Member C
  19. 19. Raku-Raku Contact Network: Screen Transitions Scheduling Function OOOO Junior High School 2nd Year, 3rd Homeroom Parents’ Association Schedule (Days) 2007 February 1st (Tue) 2nd (Wed) ● Art Club Recent Works Exhibition 3rd (Thur) 08:00-08:30 School Gate Greeting Campaign 4th (Fri) 14:30-16:00 PTA Meeting (re transport safety) 5th (Sat) 6th (Sun) Click Bulletin Board Function OOOO Junior High School 2nd Year, 3rd Homeroom Parents’ Association Bulletin Board / Main Message 045 Takahashi   1/12 11:32 Thank you very much for the many valuable opinions we received at the recent Parents’ Association meeting regarding school transport safety. 046 Nakamura   1/12 15:04 It seems we will receive a response from the Police within the month regarding the recently discussed installation of a guard rail on Midorigaoka St. 047 Suzuki   1/14 10:27 There are not enough dusters for next month’s volunteer school clean-up: can we ask you each to provide 1 or 2 dusters each? OOOO Junior High School 2nd Year, 3rd Homeroom Parents’ Association Contact List / Overview 1) Kyoko Abe (Takashi Abe) 2) Kyoko Inoue (Sho Inoue) 3) Nanae Ito (Saki Ito) 4) Yuko Uno (Midori Uno) 5) Naoko Emoto (Sho Emoto) 6) Miki Okada (Miho Okada) 7) Shizue Kataoka (Shu Kataoka) 8) Masako Kimura (Yuko Kimura) 9) Chie Koda (Meguri Koda) 10) Chieko Sasaki (Shota Sasaki) 11) Yoko Suzuki (Ai Suzuki) Contact List Function 1-20/35 items [Top] On Greeting Campaign duty on 4th February are Mrs Yamaguchi, Mrs Hashimoto, & Mrs Kikuike. Please confirm that school gate is closed when commencing. Contact Network Page OOOO Junior High School 2nd Year, 3rd Homeroom Parents’ Association Welcome, Kyoko Inoue Dedicated Group Page ■ Midorigaoka Regional Parents’ Group ■ Okuzawa Regional Parents’ Group ■ Daiokayama Regional Parents’ Group 1) Contact History Mail 2) Mail to Organizers 3) Scheduling 4) Contact List 5) Bulletin Board 6) Settings 7) Personal Information 8) Logout OOOO Junior High School 2nd Year, 3rd Homeroom Parents’ Association 024 1/16 10:24 Greeting Campaign next month Since Mrs Yamada & Mrs Koda have kindly joined us, next month’s plans should count on their participation. 025 1/16 11:31 Thanks for the message Thanks for your prompt message regarding the addition of Mrs Yamada & Mrs Koda to the Greeting Campaign. Contact History Mail Confirm your next plan via your mobile phone at any time ! Shared group scheduling in days, weeks, or months is possible. Group members can access and confirm via the schedule display edited by organizers on the dedicated page. The Bulletin Board is ideal for members to speak with each other! Everyone can adjust their plans via the daily, weekly, or monthly Scheduling display, and then exchange information using the handy bulletin board. It’s packed with management functions making it fun to use. Ideal for member management for groups! This handy one-glance page gives member information such as name, sex, affiliation, etc.
  20. 20. ◆ Total Groups : over 120,000 Groups ◆ Total Users : over 1,800,000 Users ◆ PV/Month : over 60 million PV ◆ Mail/Month : over 18 million mails ※ As of Sep/08
  21. 21. Business model Banner Advertisement Segment by Picture Banner Text Banner Sex Age Region Married Telco Group At Rakuraku, we do not charge any king of fee’s from the subscribers. Instead, we generate revenue through advertising. High CTR Average CTR 0.7% - 0.8%
  22. 22. For Segment Advertisement Possible segments Age Group Telco Region Married Sex Make advertisement with these targeting conditions… ◆ 18~24 years old ◆ Women ◆ Unmarried ◆ Lives in Tokyo ◆ Plays some sports Targeted user will see the ad that suit client’s needs. Segmentalized Ad ◆ 18 ~ 24 years old ◆ Women ◆ Unmarried ◆ Lives in Tokyo ◆ Member of sports team For example ・・・ AD SPACE CLICK!
  23. 23. Case example UNIQLO ◆ Segment as SPORTS group ◆ Ad for ‘Making your designed sports ware’ ◆ Free send brochure for registered user ◆ Duration: 3 weeks (Aug/2008) http:// www.uniqlo.com/jp / Actual screen image
  24. 24. Advertisement Plan 1 Details ◆ Posting way : Post by rotation below menu TOP Main page banner, Confirmation page banner, Board Top page banner, Schedule top page banner, Post in Mail by text ad      (※ See the media guide for details ) ◆ Posting period : 2 weeks ◆ Warranty : imp ◆ Number of imp : 1,000,000imp ◆ Expected CTR: 0.5 ~ 0.8% ◆ Telco career : imode/ezweb/SoftBank ◆ Incentive : None ◆ Target segment : 20 years old ~ 49 years old, Women Specification ◆ Picture banner & Text ◆ Prescribed changing : Possible ※Only working day ◆ Change URL configuration for each Telco: Possible ◆ Posting deadline : Fundamentally 5 days before start day ◆Text must be 8 characters x 2 rows (disallow HANKAKU-KANA char) Subject : Rain tomorrow Sender : info@ra9.jp it will rain tomorrow afternoon! So please come down to the gym. [PR] ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ http://××××××××××××× Attendance http://××××××××××××× AD SPACE CLICK! AD SPACE CLICK ! AD SPACE CLICK ! AD SPACE CLICK!
  25. 25. Advertisement Plan 2 Details ◆ Posting way : Publish advertisement in header of mail 「 RakuRaku NEWS」 , RakuRaku Contact Network mailing magazine. ◆ Warranty : Number of sent mail ◆ Number of Mails : 400,000 mails total ◆ Expected CTR: 0.5 ~ 0.8% ◆ Telco Career : imode/ezweb/SoftBank ◆ Incentive : None ◆ Target segment : 20 years old ~ 49 years old   Women Specification ◆ Text ◆ Prescribed changing : Possible ※Only working day ◆ Change URL configuration for each Telco: Possible ◆ Posting deadline : Fundamentally 5 days before start day ◆ Text must be 10 characters x 2 rows (disallow HANKAKU-KANA char) Subject : Tomorrow training Sender : info@ra9.jp Finally Beijing olympic will start! Let’s see the Japanese’s effort♪ <PR> Summer spa is HYATT SPA! WHY NOT JOIN? Win the free ticket ! http://×××××××××××××××× ┏━━━━━━━┓ ┃ Important notice┃ ┗━━━━━━━┛ For more secure, You would input the password in log on page from 4 th August. Please see the log on page for more details ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇ This week’s PICK UP ! 「 Group GAME 」 ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇ HOT GAME NOW! 「 Animal CIRCUS 」。 Current Ranking one score is 147,700 points !!! Hint: You should kindly get the torch quickly and throw in your left side by your right leg! http://ra9.jp/member/login.php?at=4_sUHEr&aurl=00006u
  26. 26. ◆ Rakuraku in Philippine ◆ 17 t November 2008 Start ◆ Partner company 「 IPVG 」   The largest data center and online gaming company in Philippine ◆Brand name in Philippine is EZ BUZZ http://www.ezbuzz.ph/
  27. 27. Corporate profile Established:25th/April/2000 Description of business: Rakuraku Contact Network Division Mobile Contents Division WEB Solution Division Number of employees: 40 Base office: Tokyo, Japan
  28. 28. The president of eole .Inc Naohito Yoshida 2000 Establish Zappallas .inc http:// www.zappallas.com / 2001 Establish eole .inc http:// www.eole.co.jp / Active for mobile contents as a director more than 10 years in Japan. The one company he established is Zappallas .inc which is the largest fortune-telling contents service company in Japan.