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Vietnam mobile payment review and solutions from 1Pay


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1Pay is the number one open mobile payment platform in Vietnam which provides new solutions to overcome all barriers of mobile payment in local market.

Visit: to access local payment in Vietnam within a few clicks

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Vietnam mobile payment review and solutions from 1Pay

  1. 1. Vietnam Mobile Payment review and Solutions from 1PAY Hanoi, May 2014
  2. 2. DIGITAL CONTENT MARKET IN VIETNAM Some figures: - 35 - 40 millions internet users - Over 72 millions mobile handsets in used (rank 17th) by October 2013 with over 100 millions mobile subscribers. - Overs 20 millions mobile internet users by the end of 2013 and expected to be more than 35 millions after 2014. - Total revenue of digital content market in 2013: >1 billions USD - Total Game revenue in 2013: 300 millions USD, by 2014 this number can be more than 500 millions, mobile games account for 30% => How to explore those opportunities?
  5. 5. POPULAR MOBILE PAYMENT METHODS • Non Telcos Payments: - Local bank: Smartlink, Banknet,… - International cards: Visa, Master card,.... - Store checkout: Google, Apple, Facebook,… - E-Wallets: Paypal, Ngan luong, Bao Kim,... - Game cards: Zing, Gate, Megacard, Vcoin,… - COD ^_^
  6. 6. SOME FACTS • Telco payment: - Low payout rate (45% normally) - Slow payment (45 days) - Hard to connect directly - Lack of support • Non telco payment: - Low penetration - Somes are not ready for mobile - Huge potential but still stuck 90% of mobile payment in Vietnam are telcos payment
  7. 7. 1PAY OPEN PLATFORM • Founded in January 2013, 1Pay ( ) is the top open platform for mobile payment in Vietnam. • Our mission: To help mobile developers and contents providers to approach and integrate all local mobile payment simply and automatically via open API and SDK. • Our vision: To be the top open mobile payment platform in South East Asia • 30+ staffs working in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city Top 5 DEMO Asia 2013 Winner Join DEMO FALL 2013 in Silicon Valley as one of the best startups in South East Asia
  8. 8. 1PAY BUSINESS MODEL 1PAY platform Payment service Providers Merchants SMS CARD WAP SUB Payment charging services Applications
  9. 9. OUR KEY PROVIDERS Besides direct connection with key providers for top up card charging, 1Pay always has at least two backup connections to ensure our card payment service running stably and continuously. Key Providers
  10. 10. • Support most mobile payment methods: Top up Card charging, SMS charging and Wap charging. • Open platform: 1Pay provides API and SDK for merchants to do payment integration, process charging and get money from 1Pay automatically. • Intelligent and useful dashboard : With 1Pay, merchants can check and manage their online businesses easily and effectively. • Fast and flexible payment policy: Payout monthly, 15 days or even T+2 (2 days after request). It is much faster compare to current service providers in Vietnam (normally after 60 days). 1PAY PLATFORM
  11. 11. 1PAY PAYMENT ACTIVATION PROCESS Step 1: Merchants create product on 1Pay platform and provide required information about this product (name, content description, charging flow). Step 2: Merchants click to select and activate 1Pay payment methods that they want to integrate to their products. Step 3: 1Pay operation team will review all information of each product provided by merchants and manually approve merchant’s payment activation requests. Step 4: 1Pay operation team and customer service team work closely to monitor contents and charging flows of merchant’s products to ensure those products working properly with information provided by merchants during the time running 1Pay payment service. 1Pay can disable our payment service in case of violation.
  12. 12. 1PAY SYSTEM • System Security: 1Pay was secured by GeoTRUST • Auto Routing: For each payment method, 1Pay system automatically rout to choose the best connection to provide for merchants to minimize error rate. • Switching Mode: Anytime if payment service from any payment provider has problem, 1Pay system automatically switch service connection to backup connection. • Auto Alert: Send alerts automatically to merchant in case of changing in merchant's revenue
  13. 13. 1PAY CUSTOMER SUPPORT • 1Pay has both technical support and customer support team of 10 people to help merchants and end users when they interact with 1Pay system both online and offline. • We apply time standard for 1Pay customer support team to finish each request as follow: - Technical request: 3 hours - Customer request: 30 minutes
  14. 14. Simple Ease of use Smart Full access to factors affect to your application in the market by business intelligent tool Secure Secured by GeoTRUST 1 3 4 1PAY Core Values 6 2 5 Speed High speed not only in system but also in payment Scale Easy for scale up Seductive Assisted you better than an assistant OUR CORE VALUES – 6S 6S core values are applied to all activities of 1Pay in order to serve our merchants more than their expectations
  15. 15. • 25+ game studios are using 1Pay payment • 500+ mobile developers and content providers • USD 15 millions planning in merchant revenues in 2014 • 100% annual growth rate we plan to reach within the next three years. OUR MERCHANTS
  17. 17. Nguyen Minh Quang Oversea Business Director (+84) 90 486 2366 quangvdec 1Pay Co., Ltd D1, Lot 15, Dinh Cong urban area, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi, Vietnam (+84) 4 364 066 27 CONTACT US!