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Franchise - No animations


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Franchise - No animations

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Waffle Brothers History John Power – Las Vegas, Nevada Rod Dupen – Sydney, Australia Spent 1 ½ years perfecting the Original Waffle recipe (Liege) Summer of 2007: Rolled out concept to all Fairs and Festivals in Denver Metro Area, Farmers Markets and catering events Fall of 2007: 1st Waffle cart put into action, spent the next years feeding the masses and promoting the Waffle Brothers brand 1st restaurant established in 2010 – 4thrd and Corona - Breakfast bagels, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, bacon, sausage, espresso, handcrafted lunch , sandwiches, gluten free and vegan edibles Currently have 3 locations… More to come!!!
  3. 3. Menu Fare Waffles - Original, Traditional, Whole Wheat, Gluten- Free, Vegan 30+ Toppings Meats. Eggs, Breakfast and Bagel Sandwiches Espresso and Coffee Drink Handcrafted Lunch Sandwiches Salads Gluten Free Vegan Options Pub Style Only… Fried Chicken, Wings, Burgers, Fries, Aussie Meat Pies and Liquor
  4. 4. The Three Waffle Models Waffle Brothers Three Models to Facilitate Growth in Territories Express (QSR) Limited Menu and Seating: Kiosk, Carry Out Only, Concession Style Shopping Malls, Colleges/Universities, Sporting Events, Entertainment Districts and Airports Approximately 400 – 600 sq. ft. Cost (???) Original (Fast Casual) Breakfast and Lunch Menu Neighborhoods, In-Line Retail, Locations with few surrounding Breakfast Options (Suburban or Urban) Approximately 1,200 – 1,800 sq. ft. Cost (???) Pub Style (Full Service) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner including Chicken & Waffles Restaurant/Bar District, Highly Populated Urban Areas, Central Business and Entertainment Districts, Casinos Approximately 1,500 – 3,000sq. ft. Cost (???)
  5. 5. The Waffle Brothers Concept A passion to serve handcrafted food to bring people from all over the world together in a home-feel environment. Uniqueness: Products, service style and approach combination of Waffles and Sandwiches, funky/fun environment *****CHARISMATIC****
  6. 6. John Power and Rod Dupen The Waffle Brothers Fresh FruitWaffle Breakfast PlateBreakfast Bagel Sausage, Egg, Cheddar Lunch Sandwich Mr. JonesTossed Salad Ice Cream Sundae Bananas, Ice Cream, Caramel, Walnuts
  7. 7. America is Turning to Waffles! In 2006 there was only one Waffle Food Truck - This number has grown to 58 in 2012 In 2007 there were only 3 Waffle Carts in the United States; Waffle Brothers was the 4th! The number of restaurants claiming Waffles of Chicken & Waffles as their core business in 2009 was 35-40 - That number has grown to 110 in 2012 There are 12 Waffle Franchise opportunities in the world today, only 7 in the United States
  8. 8. What Makes Waffle Brothers A Unique and Great Opportunity Waffle Types (5), not including specials and variety of toppings (30+) Fresh Fruit approach: Quality and Quantity Combination of Waffles and Sandwiches, as well as Gluten Free and Vegan options… everyone is happy! Imported from Belgium: Irons and Nib Sugar Fun, Funky and Engaging environment; We love our people and it shows!!! Relatively low start-up costs given the revenue generation opportunity Abbreviated hours of operation (Original Model: 7am – 4 pm Added revenue generation through catering services and bagged Waffles
  9. 9. “The Way of the Waffle” Proven Systems, Support and Training Minimum 5 day training in Denver, CO Onsite training and ongoing support Assistance with lease negotiations and site selection Continual development with promotions and best practices Monthly calls for assistance in day-to-say operations Webinars for updates on business practices and news Master Support training on how to run business at
  10. 10. Single Unit Franchise Fee: $40,000 Total Minimum Start Up: $161,000 Additional Units Fee: $35,000 Minimum Net Worth: $300,000 Minimum Cash Investment: $50,000
  11. 11. Master Franchise Territory Fee: $150,000-$335,000 Total Investment: $??? Minimum Net Worth: $500,000 Minimum Cash Investment: $65,000 Royalty Retained: 2.5%