What kind of media institute might distribute your film?


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What kind of media institute might distribute your film?

  1. 1. Our film is British as it passed the British film Qualification.(Its the required set by the Department for Culture, Mediaand sport for a film to qualify for tax relief. The requiredpass is 16 marks out of 31). For this reason the idealcompany that would make and distribute our film would beBritish. Generally speaking our film could not be aHollywood film as our budget is very low in comparison totheirs. Creating the opening we did not have a budget andit did not cost us a penny, however if we were to create a fulllength movie of it, it would cost us millions of pounds.Hollywood would not make or distribute our film, as theirbudget for a film would be 100’s of millions of pounds.
  2. 2. Hollywood films are self funded, have biggerdistributors, famous actors, mass audience, whereasBritish films do not. It is a lot harder for British filmsto find finance as there is more of a risk that the filmwont be successful. Most British actors move toAmerica, and British films have niece audiences.Factors such as these make it more of a risk to goforward with a British, low budget, Independent film.
  3. 3.  Use their own money. Loans from bank. Product placement. Overseas investment (foreign). Regional film funding – local council/government. TV companies. British film Institute.
  4. 4. I think one of the best ways to get finance for our film is to getfunding from the British film Institute. This is because ourfilm handles a very controversial subject (suicide) so thingslike product placement, loans, regional film funding,would be harder to get as the subject turns them off. TheBFI has different types of funding to support different areaof film production. It has the film fund where it supportsfilm makers in the UK who are emerging on world class andcapable of making unique work. It also has other fundssuch as Innovation fund, The print and advertisementfund, and the Film export fund. I think it would be possiblefor our film to get the film fund as we are emerging and ourfilm is unique and different.
  5. 5. We could also possibly go to a TV company for funding asthey are generally successful companies, who do have themoney to support a film. A TV company we could go towould be Film 4 as they are well known for Co-financingBritish films such as The iron Lady, Shame, The woman inthe fifth, The Imposter, Berberian Sound studio, etc. ‘Thisis England’ is a British film, which has a slight controversialsubject , is funded by Film4 and Warp Films and cost£1,427,500 to make. Our budget being similar, and film4having dealt with controversial subject before might makeit possible for them to fund our film. If worst came toworst we would then have to get overseas funding frommany different companies.
  6. 6. The distributer is in charge of the marketing of a film.They can set the release date of the film and the waythe film can be exhibited. They need to get theappropriate product placement (advertisement) to sellthe film. For a Distributor money is very important.Our film having a small budget means that it is notnecessary for us to look for big distribution companiesas they only fund films with big budgets. Anappropriate company I think that would distribute ourfilm would be Dog Woof.
  7. 7. Dog Woof is a Independent British company that wasfounded in 2004, they have released award winningindependent films around the world such as Food, Inc.,Burma VJ, The Age of Stupid, Restrepo, Bobby FischerAgainst the World, Dreams of a Life, The House I Live Inand Chasing Ice. All very quirky films. They are ‘Proud tobe different’ from the average film distributor, and workwith filmmakers every step of the way. Having a history ofquirky films I think they will be glad to work with our filmas our film is not typical and is unique. They have produceda thriller before so this is a added bonus for us, making itmore possible for them to distribute our film. Since theyare British and don’t usually deal with high budgets, theybecome the perfect company for us to distribute our film.
  8. 8. We decided that our release date will be on the 3rd November2013, as our film plays with the number three so we thoughtthat it would only be appropriate to do so, it makes our filmmore dramatic and intense for the viewers who see it on theday. Also we chose November as it is the right season torelease it as in summer the main blockbuster films areshown. Our film being unable to compete with those filmsas they have huge audiences, possibly attracting our nicheaudience, would not make it a good idea for us to release itthen as we would lose out on profit. November is also theright season as everything starts to calm down and getscold, matching the atmosphere of our film.