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Current status of PSR - Phpblt1


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Current status of PSR - Phpblt1

  1. 1. Current status of PSR PHP BLT #1
  2. 2. @yui_tang / Yui Sakamoto • Software Engineer @ Mercari, Inc. • I was server-side engineer… • But, I m writing JavaScript…
  3. 3. • 推し松は十四松です。
  4. 4. What’s PSR PHP Standards Recommendations • 直訳するとPHP標準勧告 • どうにでも自由に書けちゃうテンプレートエンジ ンに、秩序を与える。 • 当然、言語側には何の強制力も無い • 本当に大事なことはプロダクト。その他の瑣末な ことに気を使う時間を極力減らす為に存在。
  5. 5. PHP-FIG • “PHP Framework In Group” • フレームワークの相互運用性 について議論するグループ • その為にPSRを策定・発表
  6. 6. Accepted • PSR-0 Autoloading Standard • PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard • PSR-2 Coding Style Guide • PSR-3 Logger Interface • PSR-4 Autoloading Standard • PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface
  7. 7. Review • PSR-6 Caching Interface proposed/
  8. 8. Draft • PSR-5 PHPDoc Standard • PSR-8 Huggable Interface • PSR-9 Security Disclosure • PSR-10 Security Advisories • PSR-11 Container Interface • PSR-12 Extended Coding Style Guide
  9. 9. Review flow
  10. 10. Stages 1. Pre-Draft 提案段階、当然まだ番号は振られない。 2. Draft PSR-XXの番号が振られる。 3. Review PHP-FIGメンバーの投票段階 4. Accepted 正式なPSRとして認められる
  11. 11. Introducing Drafts PSR-9 Security Disclosure “The main goal of the PSR-9 standard is to provide structure around the documentation a project provides to the wider community around security vulnerabilities that have been found (and fixed) and those that are still pending.”
  12. 12. Introducing Drafts PSR-10 Security Advisories “The goal of this PSR is to give researchers, project leads, upstream project leads and end users a defined and structured process for disclosing security vulnerabilities.”
  13. 13. • PSR-9 セキュリティ勧告の報告基準 • PSR-10 レポートの発見を容易にするために、セキュリティの開示ワークフ ロー • 要約、公開された日付、より多くの情報とユニークな参照IDへのリンクが含まれ、それぞれの 脆弱性のエントリ • CWEおよび/またはCVE情報、可能であれば(すべてではない脆弱性のCVEとして報告されま す) • どのバージョンの問題が影響 • 問題の現状 • 解決した場合、修復の説明 • プロジェクトのユーザーへの影響に基づいて、低/中/高深刻度 ““
  14. 14. Introducing Drafts PSR-11 Container Interface “The goal set by ContainerInterface is to standardize how frameworks and libraries make use of a container to obtain objects and parameters (called entries in the rest of this document).”
  15. 15. The following projects already implement the container-interop version of the interface and therefore would be willing to switch to a Container PSR as soon as it is available. Projects implementing ContainerInterface • Acclimate: Adapters for Aura.Di, Laravel, Nette DI, Pimple, Symfony DI, ZF2 Service manager, ZF2 Dependency injection and any container using ArrayAccess • Aura.DI (v3+) • dcp-di • Mouf • Njasm Container • PHP-DI • PimpleInterop • XStatic Projects implementing the delegate lookup feature • Aura.DI • Mouf • PHP-DI • PimpleInterop • Middlewares implementing ContainerInterface
  16. 16. Introducing Drafts PSR-12 Extended Coding Style Guide “This guide extends and expands on PSR-2, the coding style guide and PSR-1, the basic coding standard.”
  17. 17. • Keywords and True/False/Null “PHP keywords MUST be in lower case. The PHP reserved words int, true, object, float, false, mixed, bool, null, numeric, string and resource MUST be in lower case” • Strict Types, Namespace, and Use Declarations • When present, there MUST be one blank line after the declare declaration. • When present, there MUST be one blank line after the namespace declaration. • When present, the namespace declaration MUST go after the declare declaration. • When present, all use declarations MUST go after the namespace declaration. • There MUST be one use keyword per declaration.
  18. 18. • Using traits • abstract, final, and static • Method and Function Calls • Closures • try, catch, finally • Anonymous Classes
  19. 19. How to commit PHP Framework Interoperability Group!forum/ php-fig
  20. 20. 参考 • PHP-FIG • PHP FIG mailing list!forum/php-fig • PHP - 憂鬱な希望としての PSR-7 • PSR-3 Logger Interfaceのご紹介
  21. 21. ご清聴ありがとうございました。