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2 worksheet society and sport discussion board (1)


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2 worksheet society and sport discussion board (1)

  1. 1. SOCIETY, SPORT AND ITS CONTRADICTIONS: “THE PARADOXES OF CURRENT SPORT” NAME AND SURNAMES: Eugenia Marín Peinado GROUP: 4ºA TOPIC TO WORK: MEDIOS DE COMUNICACIÓN Y DEPORTE. CONCRETE TOPIC CHOSEN : Newspaper or website: Publication date: HEADLINE: ABSTRACT: The internet page says that last Saturday 24th May was celebrated the final of the Champions League between two Spanish teams: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. It was an important match because Real Madrid wanted the number 10 Cup and the Atlético wanted to have the first one. The 1 of Television Española had special programmers before the match, while the match and after the match. There were seven hours of TV alive from Lisboa and all there Levant information from the Stadio da Luz. It was a historical match and the directors of the sport programmers said that it was passion, emotion an entertaining in this event. And of course, responsibility because millions of people were in front of TV. The final at 20:45, was the most watched on TV since the Eurocopa 2012, over the final of the King Coup between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The match was followed by eleven million people on Tv, a 62% of share. The golden minute arrived at 22:36 just before the end of the match. In Madrid this moment had a 67% of audience. Th PERSONAL OPINION: The Television is the most important communication way because it permits that all the people in the world can follow a football match like this. It is cheap easy to use and comfortable. Society and Sport Physical Education Department