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  1. NAME –Shivani Patil DIV – J ROLL NO. - 05 PRN - PROGRAM – - BtechCSE . SUBJECT – Technical Communication TOPIC – Book Review 2220105131115
  2. Interstellar is based on the book "The Science of Interstellar", by KIP THORNE The INTERSTELLAR movie is directed by"Christopher Nolan".
  3. Matthew McConaughey Joseph Cooper Mackenzie Foy Young Murph JessicaChastain Murph Cooper Anne Hathaway AmeliaBrand
  4. ➢ The movie revolves around a family with the father (Joseph Cooper)a test pilot in NASA, and Daughter (Young Murph) who in future becomes a scientist. ➢ The story is about how a duo of father and daughter saves the population. ➢ Cooper's daughter, Murph keeps talking about a ghostin her room, which foreshadows events that occurs later in
  5. ➢Cooper decides to look into this "ghost" Murph is talking about, and believes that the "ghost" is sending signals to them for some reason. ➢He studies the "signals" and believes that they are coordinates on a map so he and his daughter decides to drive it.
  6. • Cooper accidentally stumblesupon the new NASA headquarters,where he ends up being told about a space missionby his old colleague, Dr. Brand, that could save the human population.
  7. • He with his 3 other colleague accepts the mission,despite his daughter was not happy to send him to the mission. • They four then went in the outer space. • They then join the space shuttle with the space stationand went towards the wormhole near Saturn which has been recently used by the other astronauts.
  8. ➢ Firstthey went to the firstplanate from where they were getting the signals. ➢ But no land was presenton that planet and only water was present. ➢ While they were searching for the other pilots a huge wave of water rushed towards them and they have to flee to the other planate leaving one of their colleague to die there. ➢ The second planate was cold ice with no human survival. ➢ There they found the other pilot and he tries to steal their space shuttle. ➢ There occurredan explosionfrom the other space shuttle and again one of the colleague died in that explosion. ➢ So they then decided to leave the planate.
  9. ➢While they were visiting the planets, here on the earth Dr. Brand was counting his last breadth wit Murph cooper beside him. ➢They were discussing about, how the equation they were trying to prove was wrong, and that her father has died on that day.
  10. ➢ When they were returning to the space station, while connecting to it, a small accident occurred. ➢ Due to the accident they lost control over the space station. ➢ While they were trying to control the space station, they found out that they were near a black hole. ➢ They then decided to use the blackhole to gain the speed to retreat the data they have been found. ➢ But then Cooper decided to go to the black hole since they were not gaining the speed they wanted to return.
  11. • Cooper, in the blackhole finds out that there were fine sand particles which were damaging the ship. • So he escaped the ship and found out that he was falling downwards in a high speed into some space. • He safely was able to stop, and found out that there was some space inside the black hole. • The robot which also went inside the blackhole, somehow was able to connect with copper and told him that they were in 5th dimension space.
  12. ➢ Then Cooper, with the help of the marsh code, was able to send information to the Murph through the second hand of the watch. ➢ Murph then was able to solve the equation and was able to save the humanity and also his father.
  13. • Cooper then was also saved and was taken to a planet known as the "Cooper Station". • Finally he was able to meet his 98 years old daughter Murph who was in dying condition.
  14. MY REVIEW ➢Interstellar is a very interesting movie. ➢Somehow, according to me, it predicts that how the humanity is going to suffer in the mere future. ➢And how we have to look for the new home if we don’t manage to save the earth in the latest condition. ➢It is a great movie for the people who loves space and want to know more about space.
  15. OTHERS REVIEW ➢According to people, Unlike many apocalyptic sci-fi films that feature advanced technology as the source of destruction, it instead asserts that technology will save us. ➢Many people think that it's just a waste of time and it is not going to happen to the world. ➢While there are also some people who admits that there is a possibility that this might happen to us in future.