Asian Americans & Hallyu


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  • Interviewed 18 people from high school – college. u
  • Hallyu: known as the sudden popularization of Korean pop culture. Not indicative of Korean pop culture.
  • Asian Americans & Hallyu

    1. 1. Asian Americans & Hallyu By Elizabeth Yuen
    2. 2. Survey 1. Do you consider yourself Asian American? 2. In your definition what is the “Korean Wave?/ Hallyu”? 3. Do you think that the Korean wave has penetrated America? 4. Why do you think the Korean Wave has gained so much popularity? 5. Do you yourself participate/ indulge in Korean pop culture (i.e. Kpop, fashion, etc.) 6. Do you feel that with the rising popularity of Korean Pop Culture that others treat you differently? (i.e. dancers, girls to be sexy, guys to be hot with their chocolate abs) 7. How has Psy’s Gangnam Style changed how others view Asian Americans? Or has it at all? 8. Has Korean Pop Culture shaped the way you present yourself to others?
    3. 3. In your definition what is the “Korean Wave?/ Hallyu”?  5/18 people did not know what Hallyu/ Korean Wave refers to  The 13 that did know 7/13 came from an area with a fairly dense Asian population (West Coast) Generally known as “ rising popularity of South Korean culture that is rippling outside of its own nation”
    4. 4. “In my opinion, the Korean wave has only made a small impact in America. While New York and California has been the venue for many KPOP concerts, and English subbing websites like Viki and fan meetings are strong, Korean entertainment and culture has a very niche following. It does not have universal appeal to draw in more fans, a fact that can be attributed to cultural differences between America and South Korea. Many Korean pop stars have tried to debut and make it big in the United States, with mediocre success.” -Jenny Mei Do you think that the Korean wave has penetrated America? • In my survey, generally the Korean Wave has only made ripples but has not completely washed over America.
    5. 5. Why Has Korean Pop Culture Gained So Much Popularity?  “I think that Korean pop culture has become so popular because of the incredibly extensive internet community that has built upon it. I personally have been interested in Korean pop culture for a long time and what I find interesting that it has is an extensive online community that has always been accessible to English-speakers. On top of that, the Korean entertainment companies has always seemed open to Western influences. Also, the culture itself has consistently improved and the quality has become very high over time. Unlike Japan, it does not have an overwhelming number of artists, so it is easier to follow.”-Joanna Mei  “I think the Korean Wave has gained popularity because it provides a nice alternative to American music, film, and television. The celebrities are attractive, the music is catchy, and the films and drama series are fun to watch. Some also might find it easy to relate to South Korean culture due to Asian backgrounds.” -Micky Wong “I think the popularity comes a lot from a rising interest in an upbeat and "poppy" style of fashion and music. It also helps that this wave occurred right as networking and globalization began to expand exponentially” -Brandon Dong
    6. 6. “I wouldn't say I am only 'indulged' into Korean culture. But I am more open-minded to any other cultures. To better understand our neighboring countries/allies. ” -Adrienne Lam Do You Participate/ Indulge in Korean Pop Culture? For most of my response, indulging in Korean pop culture was merely a phase. “I used to… but not as much now…” Indulges only as far as learning the Korean alphabet
    7. 7. Do you feel that with the rising popularity of Korean Pop Culture that others treat you differently?  “Not really. I find what I am comfortable with and people accept that for who I am.” -Howard Guan  “Me specifically? no. But I feel that korean women are now stereotyped because of these kpop women's groups. More and more, Korean women are pressured to do plastic surgery and it disgusts me. They have become less tolerant of natural beauty, wanting to conform because that's the "true" beauty to them. and that bothers me.” -Ferheen Abbasi
    8. 8. How Has Psy’s Gangnam Style change how others perceive Asian Americans?  “I feel that Psy may have done more harm than good. I know, as an educated individual, that Gangnam style was meant to be a parody - to make fun of the mainstream korean culture that people assume is korean. However, the uneducated assumed that it IS truly korean. I hate it when non-asian people try to sing Gangnam Style (ie Glee. God. That was horrible). They're doing the language more harm than good. But, I do acknowledge that it has shined a light at Korea for being a forefront in the music/pop industry, more than it has ever done before.”  -Ferheen Abassi  I don't know if its changed how others view Asian Americans. In the Bay Area, I don't know if it has a lot of effect considering that there are so many Asian Americans here and we definitely aren't intensely mysterious and too exclusive. Outside of the US, in Argentina, I've found that Gangnam Style seems to represent Asians like the song Hotel California represents Californians. -Joanna Mei
    9. 9. How has Korean Pop Culture Shaped the Way You Present Yourself to Others? Guy Response  8/9 guys replied that it has not shaped them in how they present themselves to others.  “I wouldn't say it has really shaped the way I present myself to others but people in general know that I'm fascinated with Asian culture.” -Matt Harmetz Girls Response  No, it hasn't really done that. Maybe before when I cared more about being cute (lol). Korean girls used to be really cute to me, but then I found out about how fake those women are (because of plastic surgery) and it's turned me away. I dislike that culture that forces women to mutilate their bodies just because society says that's beautiful.” [Ferheen Abbasi]  Asian Pop Culture in general has shaped me into a more bubbly, cutesy type of person. I think the best way to put it is that it's made me "more Asian.“ [Jenny Mei]  I think in some way Korean Pop Culture has effected the way I present myself. Probably more of the variety shows and the different type of humor they have, I've acquired more a Korean taste in humor in my own sense of humor that I show. Makeup-wise and fashion- wise yes, I often take much inspiration from the styles of Korean singers and actresses. [Cassandra Au]
    10. 10. Concluding Thoughts From interviewing, not all Asian Americans find that they can associate themselves with Korean pop culture. Although Korean pop culture has become slightly popular it has not yet penetrated American ideals. Asian Americans are into Korean Pop Culture at first to discover their roots but find that they don’t accurately depict their Asian background. Because the Korean wave was simply a wave, interviewees feel that perceptions haven’t changed. Some would much rather watch actual Asian American artists that present Asian American issues such as Wongfu productions, Nigahiga, etc. {they find them more enjoyable and relatable)