Intranet (hiring module)


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RCC Intranet system training

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Intranet (hiring module)

  1. 1. Regional Call CentreIntranet (Hiring Module)11thJul 2012
  2. 2. Login PageLogin:ID: <employee ID>Password: ‘Default’
  3. 3. New candidate• Search for the candidate based on Reference Number or IC Number. IC Numberis the best.• Reference Number here is the JobStreet ID or other ID assigned by Agencies• If there is no record for such candidate, create a new one.
  4. 4. New application• Enter candidate’s IC Number, Name, Source, Status and Date• If Reference Number (Jobstreet or Agency provided) available, can enter for reference• Click update
  5. 5. New Application• New entry will be reflected• Logout
  6. 6. Candidate’s entry sectionHR Login:ID: guest1Password: guest1
  7. 7. Candidate’s entry section• Candidate enter’s his/her IC Number, position applied for and source• Note: Probably we should remove ‘source’• If candidate has applied for the same position within the past _____ years,Notification Screen should appear informing candidate to get in touch with HR
  8. 8. Application Form• Depending on whether the candidate’s information is available (basedon previous entry), it will either go for fresh form, or edit previousinformation
  9. 9. Online Test• Once candidate clicks ‘Submit’, takes him/her to online test.• To start with, we will replicate current test.
  10. 10. Printing and updating status• Once candidate completes the test, HR / RCC Manager is able to print– Employment Application Form as per current format– Test details with calculated score• Candidate can then sign on the Employment Application Form• Once the interview is over, Manager is able to update the status(accepted/declined/etc)• As and when candidate responds, the same can be tracked as well
  11. 11. Requested Resume• If candidates have been actively sourced through JobStreet / JobsDB, statuscan be tracked.• Entry for such are made under ‘Requested Resume’• As sometimes IC Number is not revealed, only Reference Number is required.As and when such details are revealed, IC Number is updated under ‘HiringStatus’
  12. 12. Reports• Status of hiring can be checked under reports• Displaying the same in graphs is underway