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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Learning story: Redesigning ananimal shelterSTEPSGOLDEN RULES: THE PUPILS COMMUNICATE VIA THEIR GOOGLE GROUP&HAVE A ‘DIARY’ ON WIKI1-Choosing an ainmal shelter in Turkey2-Choosing an animal shelter abroad3-Preparing the questions to ask4-Visiting the shelter in Turkey5-Shooting a film during the visit-making an interview-taking notes6-Contacting the shelter abroad-finding the photos of the shelter- making an online interview with the attendants there7-Finding the similarities/differences between the shelters8-Making a table as to the qualities of these shelters9-Deciding on the things that should be improved10- Writing a paragraph about their observation
  3. 3. TheThat table teacherfunctions like sends them notes bya diary using the wiki
  4. 4. They made onlineinterviews with theattendants of theshelter in Germany
  5. 5. A part from theinterview
  6. 6. They made tablesshowing thesimilarities/differencesbetween the shelters
  7. 7. Photos taken in the shelter inKadikoy
  8. 8. Mete from team 1 whilecaressing a dog
  9. 9. TEAM 3Beykoz Animal Shelter in Istanbul & Cankaya Animal Shelter VsThe Shelter in England & the One in the U.S.A
  10. 10. Team 3 1-Similarities&differences between the two shelters 2-a table showing who does what
  11. 11. Each group had a ‘diary’thanks to which1-we communicated2-we knew how much wepaved our way
  12. 12. Notes of the teacher helped them improve themselvesA part of an onlineinterview with the vetworking for the shelter inEngland
  13. 13. The interview withZach from Marley’sMutts Dog Rescue inAmerica
  14. 14. Sometimes thingswent wrong but weunderstood that thepupils liked ‘the taskitself’ much
  15. 15. When they could go tothe shelter inBeykoz/Istanbulfinally, they askedtheir questions They didn’t publish the interview. Instead they decided to write a paragraph
  16. 16. They made a search about theanimal shelter in Cankaya/Ankaraand translated what they found intoEnglish
  17. 17. Photos from the centre in Beykoz
  18. 18. Photos from the centre in Beykoz
  19. 19. They thought about what they had learnt and came upwith some solutions
  20. 20. TEAM 4 Kadikoy Animal Shelter/Istanbul Vs The animal shelter in Belgium
  21. 21. Team 4 They prepared a table showing the similarities&the differences between the two shelters
  22. 22. Whenever they faced some difficulty, theywrote it in their diary/blog on their page Notes were enough to communicate
  23. 23. The interview they made at theshelter in Kadikoy &the picturestaken there
  24. 24. The pics taken at the shelter in Kadikoy
  25. 25. The pics taken at the shelter inKadikoy
  26. 26. After studying the qualities of the shelter in Kadikoy and inBrussels, they came up with some suggestionsSUGGESTIONS Both of the animal shelters are located in places similar to each other.. They are among companies & skyscrapers. They are out of sight. In my opinion, thats why people dont visit them often. But actually Help Animals invites people to come and see the animals there. They contact teachers and they want students to learn about that feeling: love for animals. Both animal shelters are against the sale of animals. In Brussels its forbidden to sell animals in public markets. In Istanbul, Kadikoy Municipality has forbidden selling animals on 13.03.13, too. Both of them have the same sort of physical structures. Cages, kennels, floor, etc. Smaller cages are for little dogs, kennels in free areas are for elderly dogs. Others are for the aggressive dogs. -Servetnur Topel- 9/B
  27. 27. SUGGESTIONS• I think thetwo animal shelters have a common problem. Its about cages floors. They must be grass or wood. If its concrete, animals nails get hurt and they feel cold much more when its winter. They could be nearer the residential areas. This way more people would go there. Bowls for dogs should have been cleaner. They should disinfect animals often for hygiene. -Sedanur
  28. 28. Their suggestions again…SUGGESTIONS• General features of the shelters are very similar. Their purpose is the same: Helping animals and improving the communication between people and animals. Withal sale christmas decorations are very creative. When I came to Kadikoy Animal Shelter, I met the volunteers. I think they deal with animals quite well and communicate with the visitors sincerely. Other than this, I think the information about the animals on the website of Kadikoy Animal Shelter could be more detailed. If the people were more sensitive about animals I think the shelters would be more beautiful. (By Rabia)
  29. 29. TEAM 5 Beykoz Animal Shelter Vs The Animal Shelter in Canada
  30. 30. After their visits, each group published the videos prepared by themselvesThe pupils wrote notes onto the pagesof the others
  31. 31. TEAM 6 Beykoz Animal Shelter Vs A Dog&Cat House in London/the U.K.
  32. 32. This team also had a table showing thesimilarities&differences between the twoshelters
  33. 33. TEAM 2They studied the stories /history of the streets having interesting names:1-Sogukcesme Street2-Cezayir Street (Fransiz Street)3-Bab-i Ali Street4-Nur-u Ziya Street5-Balik Tutan Sasi Kedi Street
  34. 34. Th ey us ed ‘g oo gl em ap s’ to se ar ch fo rt he st re et s
  35. 35. They also had an agenda published on wiki
  36. 36. They used facebook to learn more aboutthese streets
  37. 37. They made videos to tell usabout what they had found
  38. 38. Pictures of the streets
  39. 39. Pictures of the streets
  40. 40. Some links to the videos preparedmailto: