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Real Life Learning and Design of Knowledge Engine


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I did a short version of this content at PyCon China 2012. You can read the text version of that speech at:

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Real Life Learning and Design of Knowledge Engine

  1. 1. Real Life Learning andDesign of Knowledge Engine Yuanliang Liu
  2. 2. Python
  3. 3. Software
  4. 4. Software will bethe construct of future society
  5. 5. softwareBill Joy: software is to give ideas a concrete formDijkstra: the naming of ”Computer Science” has done great harmsGuido: make everyone able to program, the future standard of literacyChristopher Alexander: understanding of life
  6. 6. SocialProgramming
  7. 7. The tragedy of sociologyThe ineffectiveness of sociologyUse software to explore
  8. 8. Education
  9. 9. Feedback from customersEinstein: feel very luck that he was killed by schoolingMark Twain: Ive never let my school interfere with myeducationJohn Taylor Gatto: teachers are a group of people whocannot make a living from what they teachA middle school headmaster: you teachers cannot make a living if you get out of schoolA middle school student: the platform will have no future if it has anything to do with tests
  10. 10. How to meet the needs of learningSudbury valley schoolMy learning in collegeMy teaching practice at Wuqi SchoolHow software programmers learn how to program
  11. 11. Deep analysis• Is modern education system successful?• Scaled, easy to operate, needs of mass production surpass needs of peoples happiness
  12. 12. Satisfy needs of learning? Still dont know how to learn after staying in school more than 10 or 20 years Isolated from real life Is it learning to lock people away from life for more than 10 years? What you can learn in school is only a tiny fraction of what you need to learn in your life. So it can be ignored School make people lose the ability to learn Compulsory schooling, makes students lose sense of the space School teachers have no true understanding of knowledge, and thus doesnt know how to apply it flexibly in teaching The school cannot teach courage. At least it should be able to teach self-reflection. But it cannot even teach this.
  13. 13. My road of exploration Elearning research Learning theories in the academic Alternative learning from American grassroots practices Alternative learning from Chinese grassroots practices Personal rich learning experiences, learning across multiple disciplines. First explore what is learning, then explore what is education, with scientific attitudes and with software
  14. 14. How to imagine the future of educationThe understanding of lifeHow to create life
  15. 15. Refactor• Internet lowers the threshold, and connect things• The new economy needs individuals of creativity, know how to learn and how to explore• The explosive growth of self-production of social products• New era calls for new education
  16. 16. How internet changes education• Individual, abstract knowledge out, real life learning• Make people who has knowledge teach, make course preparation easier• Rich learning resources• Organizations carry out education responsibility• Organizations open up inner resources, internship, apprenticeship• Rich tools to help build portfolios online
  17. 17. Knowledge Engine t m en age Man Blo ge Books gs w led Kno Knowledge Engine t en em ag Lea an rni ng tM ec oj Pr
  18. 18. Knowledge Engine• Text• Frame, not mind map• Tags, importance
  19. 19. Knowledge EngineKnowledge structure, learning resources, projects, questionsWith these, people can learn by themselves, choose the best way of learning for themselves, in their pursuit of happiness
  20. 20. What is knowledge• Result of exploration with software• Inner core, abstract out• Need to reflect and make changes often• Topic, the whole, bottom• Understanding, stay in touch with reality, apply knowledge• Knowledge is flowing structure
  21. 21. Real life learningLearn how to learn from real life learningOnly real life learning promotes independent thinking and opens up learning spaceLearn fastest and bestCourage,observe,understanding,truth. Topic,classificationWhat to learn: the most interested, promote thinking
  22. 22. Real life learningLearning subjects and learning material isolated from real life are what cause student self- management crisisIf a student doesnt spend at least 5 times of the hours the teacher spent teaching, this student is not worth teachingAccumulate experiences and infos through a period of timeSeek knowledge structure of others in conversation or in reading, seek unfamiliar knowledge structure in other domains
  23. 23. WorkflowLearning is interaction between stream and structure, and their mutual stimulation
  24. 24. Similar work internationally Trello content curating
  25. 25. Knowledge Engine compared with current tools
  26. 26. Cats Cradle“Self-taught, are you?" Julian Castle asked Newt."Isnt everybody?" Newt inquired."Very good answer.”
  27. 27. Return learning to its original faceWe are all self-learners.Make self-learning easier!
  28. 28. Knowledge Engine:http://www.3exps.orgOpen Source Learning: blog:
  29. 29. AppendixReal life learning: 5982/What is knowledge: 79/Learning and thinking patterns with notebook: 91/About learning: 2/
  30. 30. AppendixRiverside School of India and real life learning : notes/note/15608/