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Enbe project one yks1

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Enbe project one yks1

  1. 1. ENBE Project OneName : Yuan Khai ShienStudent ID : 0314818Group : X
  2. 2. Our side (10mX10m)
  3. 3. 3D slide layoutside viewfront view
  4. 4. Layout of our side (side view)
  5. 5. Side layout (top view)C147.7cmC148cm56cmC160cm(h) 110 cmC69cmC58cmC 103.5cmC 124cmC 47cmC 57cmC102cmC 119cm(h)120cm(h)300cm(h)186cm(h)256.3cmC = circumferenceh = height
  6. 6. Insect (creatures)Name : Mosquito LarvaeSpesis : Culex sp.
  7. 7. Structural of Mosquito LarvaeAbdomen
  8. 8. Characteristic• slender and long mouth parts• scaly wings• complete head for larvae• a pair of spiracles on the dorsal part of the 8thabdominal segment of the larvae• Life span: Males, 1-3 weeks. Females, much longer.Hibernating females may live as long as 5 months ormore.• Range of flight: 500 meters long and 300 meters high.• Culex adults are usually drab, unicolorousmosquitoes.• times of wing biting, male 300-400, female 500.
  9. 9. AdultEggsLarva (4stages)Pupa10-14days totaltobecomeadultLife Cycle1-4 days7 days2-3 days
  10. 10. Life cycle• Egg:1. Adult mosquito generally lays eggs on water surface or its adjacent sites2. Development of eggs takes 1 to 4 days• Larva:1. Aquatic animal without leg2. With four stages of development or instars3. Comes up to the water surface to take atmospheric air with its spiracle at the 8thsegment4. life span almost 7 days• Pupa:1. Non-feeding aquatic form2. Has to come up to the water surface to breathe usually3. Life span is 2 to 3 days• Adult:– Body can be divided as head, thorax and abdomen– A pair of compound eyes and antennae as well as mouthparts on itshead1. A pair of jointed legs on each segment of the thorax and a pair of wings2. The abdomen is composed of ten segment
  11. 11. Defense and Survival of Mosquito• mosquito larva will swim deeper into waterwhen disturb by others• if mosquito inflected with bacteria,they wilactivate their immune system to protectthemselve• they fly as fast as it can from predators• they lay many eggs in one time to preventextinction.
  12. 12. Plant (rubber tree)Name : rubber treeSpesis : Heveabrasiliensis sp.
  13. 13. Characteristic of rubber tree( HeveaBrasiliensis sp.)• the rubber tree will grow to heights of 100 to 130feet• can live almost 100 years• Its most famous feature is the milky white sap,known as latex• Hevea brasiliensis is a species of rubberwoodthat is native to rainforests in the Amazon regionof South America
  14. 14. trunk of rubber treeleaf of rubber tree-Pinnate veins leaffruit of rubber tree- willexplode and spread all theseed while reproduce
  15. 15. Survival of rubber tree• have long strong trunk can stand forstrong wind• have long root so can absorb more waterfrom other place• spread seed from mother tree forreproduce so that wont get any completeagainst small rubber tree and motherrubber tree while having photosynthesis.
  16. 16. Five sense• seeI see many type of flowerand tree, many type ofcreatures exampledragonfly, plenty type ofbeautiful butterfly, cicadaand many more.Thecombination of all this letme see the wonderful andunforgetable environment.
  17. 17. • HearI hear the sound of river flow, the sound of creatures in the morningand night, i hear the sound of grass and leaf waving while blowing bythe wind
  18. 18. • Feeli feel comfortable and peacefulwhile staying with nature andwonderful environment.I feelenjoy while chasing with thebutterfly and dragonfly• Tastesome of the flower is sweet,and some of the fruit of theflower plant is bitter. Thebamboo plant is very hard wecant even bite in, so istasteless.
  19. 19. • SmellI smell fresh air here and the smell ofjungle. I also smell the smell of deadcreature, latex of rubber tree andmushrom, it is smelly. Beside theflowering plants have a nice smell.
  20. 20. Unforgettable part• the time while we arehaving fun togetherexample, we punishall the team who arelate, make logo of ourown team, stay overnight together with noelectricity supply andalso solve all theproblem with friends
  21. 21. Ecosystem• The smaller the size of creature, thelarger the amount of their population•leaf -> caterpillar -> birdGrass -> grasshopper -> lizard -> eagle
  22. 22. This is how we enjoy in this trip, photo beforewe going back.