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TO ATOMO Consulting Services presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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TO ATOMO Consulting Services presentation

  1. 1. marketing public relations business development build your brand name marketing communications increase market awareness improve your sales performance corporate marketing technology marketing business development organisation & training TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  2. 2. {TOATOMO} the person…  Yannis P. Triantafyllou (born 1965) works for graphic industry sector since 1988  in 1994 started the marketing department for a local graphic industry distributor (key brands: Komori & Linotype-Hell)  in 1998 joined Linomedia, a new regional technology distributor  sales & marketing manager until 2001  marketing & business development director until 2008  introduced in a leading market position XEIKON, Basysprint, Durst & other technologies in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and the Balkan countries  since 2004 was Linomedia’s Quality Manager (ISO 9001) 2 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  3. 3. {TOATOMO} the person…  in 2002 Yannis P. Triantafyllou started organising Linomedia’s regional network  in Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania & Serbia  sales & support subsidiaries & partners  since 2003 was general manager and interim manager of Linomedia’s international subsidiaries  in 2006 he became marketing & development manager for Punch Graphix Hellas  regional branch of Punch Graphix (Xeikon)  managed regional re-organisation of acquired sales channels  Yannis P. Triantafyllou studied mathematics in Greece  he also speaks a range of european languages  Greek (primary), English & French (profficient), Italian (medium), Romanian & Turkish (basic) 3 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  4. 4. {SE Mediterranean} the region…  based in Athens, Greece, Yannis P. Triantafyllou is active in the wider region of South East Mediterranean  established EU markets like Greece  developing and emerging EU markets like Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania  emerging EU-connected markets like Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and FYROM  a region with over 150 mio people,  a business area within a range of 1,500km 4 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  5. 5. {the role} value added services…  in 2008, Yannis P. Triantafyllou formed “TOATOMO Consulting Services”, a network of selected business resources  marketing, production, design, sales, economics… specialists  …bringing together marketing and sales competence, knowledge and experience  managing from plain individual projects up to a completely outsourced marketing department  facilitating customers to optimise resources or try new strategies without overloading their team  helping companies build up in-house marketing know-how  enabling business expansion in markets and regions with optimised cost 5 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  6. 6. {the role} value added services…  …offering value added services to graphic industry  public relations, marketing, business development  …specialising in digital technologies  digital printing presses (color & b/w),  wide format digital printing,  computer-to-plate (UV & thermal),  workflow software  …supporting sustainable and profitable growth  with professional communication  market visibility and strong image  opening of new markets  setting up of new sales channels. 6 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  7. 7. {in brief} the services…  adapting of global marketing strategy to local needs  conducting of target market survey  development of local marketing & pr plan  localisation of product marketing tools 7 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  8. 8. {in brief} the services…  setup and management of local sales channels  full independent business auditing of existing channels  local key account/project management  support of local sales operations & tools  CRM, sales presentations, reporting  localisation of sales tools 8 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  9. 9. {in brief} the services…  manage local/regional corporate public relations  provide also creative copywriting (greek/english)  organise & run marketing communications activities  media relations, press releases, technology and feature articles  create/adapt ads, media plan  coprorate newsletter creation, localisation, distribution  design & production of communication material 9 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  10. 10. {in brief} the services…  organise & maintain local database  lead generation campaign development & implementation  organise and run e-marketing activities  local web site/blog development, hosting, updating  online advertising & e-business services  create customer testimonials & success stories 10 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  11. 11. {in brief} the services…  organise, run and support presence in trade events  product launch  seminars  openhouses  trade shows  product/technology evangelisation  public speaking at conferences, seminars, online forums etc.  industry expert with good knowledge and technical background 11 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  12. 12. {how to} remuneration…  for consulting fees, options to be considered are:  annual contract for the entire program  invoicing/payment on fixed monthly fees  sales target achievement bonuses can be considered as well  on a project basis, with a pre-agreed project budget  invoicing per hour, for time actually worked  remuneration depends on nature of services  advice and/or implementation  detailed pricing to be discussed per project/assignment  basic consulting fees: 120€/hour or 700€/day plus taxes & VAT  client will also cover project-related operating expenses (telephone, travel, etc.) & 3-rd party costs (media buying etc.)  verified by consultant and invoiced directly to client 12 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  13. 13. {TOATOMO} contact details…  your marketing & business development partner can be contacted at the following details  mr. Yannis P. Triantafyllou [TOATOMO Consulting Services}  tel. +30 6932 701315  e-mail  skype yannis_triantafyllou  address Nikitara 6, Athens 10678, Greece 13 TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES
  14. 14. thank you for your attention taf yllou rian P. T annis marketing communications corporate marketing Y technology marketing business development organisation & training TOATOMO CONSULTING SERVICES