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Memo used in today's session for Serial GC

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Notes for xx_use_serialgc

  1. 1. -XX:+UseSerialGC rough memos
  2. 2. minor gc で eden/from から to に copy する辺りのスタックトレースDefNewGeneration::copy_to_survivor_space(oopDesc*) ()FastScanClosure::do_oop(oopDesc**) ()Universe::oops_do(OopClosure*, bool) ()SharedHeap::process_strong_roots(bool, bool, SharedHeap::ScanningOption, OopClosure*, CodeBlobClosure*, OopsInGenClosure*) ()GenCollectedHeap::gen_process_strong_roots(int, bool, bool, bool,SharedHeap::ScanningOption, OopsInGenClosure*, bool,OopsInGenClosure*) ()DefNewGeneration::collect(bool, bool, unsigned int, bool) ()GenCollectedHeap::do_collection(bool, bool, unsigned int, bool, int) ()GenCollectorPolicy::satisfy_failed_allocation(unsigned int, bool) ()GenCollectedHeap::satisfy_failed_allocation(unsigned int, bool) ()VM_GenCollectForAllocation::doit() ()VM_Operation::evaluate() ()VMThread::evaluate_operation(VM_Operation*) ()VMThread::loop() ()VMThread::run() ()java_start(Thread*) ()
  3. 3. Java heap からのメモリ取得に失敗し、VMThread に GC を依頼したスレッド。GC 終了まで待つ。#1 0x00ddd48c in pthread_cond_wait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 ()#2 0x01310524 in os::PlatformEvent::park() ()#3 0x012e80f8 in Monitor::IWait(Thread*, long long) ()#4 0x012e88c3 in Monitor::wait(bool, long, bool) ()#5 0x0144a064 in VMThread::execute(VM_Operation*) ()#6 0x010396ef in GenCollectorPolicy::mem_allocate_work(unsigned int, bool, bool*) ()#7 0x0110f83c in GenCollectedHeap::mem_allocate(unsigned int, bool, bool, bool*) ()#8 0x0114c379 in instanceKlass::allocate_instance(Thread*) ()#9 0x0137a0c5 in OptoRuntime::new_instance_C(klassOopDesc*, JavaThread*) ()#10 0xb489d909 in ?? ()#11 0x00000000 in ?? ()
  4. 4. void DefNewGeneration::collect(bool full, bool clear_all_soft_refs, size_t size, bool is_tlab) {:age_table clearto clear:gch->gen_process_strong_rootsevacuate_followers.do_voidif !promotion_failed eden clear from clear : swap_spaces _tenuring_threshold = ...else : swap-spaces gch->set_incremental_collection_will_fail _next_gen->promotion_failure_occurred
  5. 5. Full GC の最中のスタックトレースGenMarkSweep::mark_sweep_phase4() ()GenMarkSweep::invoke_at_safepoint(int, ReferenceProcessor*, bool) ()OneContigSpaceCardGeneration::collect(bool, bool, unsigned int, bool) ()TenuredGeneration::collect(bool, bool, unsigned int, bool) ()GenCollectedHeap::do_collection(bool, bool, unsigned int, bool, int) ()GenCollectorPolicy::satisfy_failed_allocation(unsigned int, bool) ()GenCollectedHeap::satisfy_failed_allocation(unsigned int, bool) ()VM_GenCollectForAllocation::doit() ()VM_Operation::evaluate() ()VMThread::evaluate_operation(VM_Operation*) ()VMThread::loop() ()VMThread::run() ()
  6. 6. void TenuredGeneration::collect(bool full, bool clear_all_soft_refs, size_t size, bool is_tlab) { retire_alloc_buffers_before_full_gc OneContigSpaceCardGeneration::collect(full, clear_all_soft_refs, size, is_tlab)}void OneContigSpaceCardGeneration::collect(bool full, bool clear_all_soft_refs, size_t size, bool is_tlab) { SpecializationStats clear(); ... GenMarkSweep::invoke_at_safepoint(_level, ref_processor(), clear_all_soft_refs); ...}
  7. 7. void GenMarkSweep::invoke_at_safepoint(int level, ReferenceProcessor* rp, boolclear_all_softrefs) : mark_sweep_phase1 mark_sweep_phase2 mark_sweep_phase3 mark_sweep_phase4
  8. 8. void GenMarkSweep::mark_sweep_phase1(int level, bool clear_all_softrefs) { : GenCollectedHeap* gch = GenCollectedHeap::heap(); : gch->gen_process_strong_roots(level, false, // Younger gens are not roots. true, // activate StrongRootsScope true, // Collecting permanent generation. SharedHeap::SO_SystemClasses, &follow_root_closure, true, // walk code active on stacks &follow_root_closure);
  9. 9. java class をあらわすデータ構造 method area (perm) にある。class instanceKlass klassOopDesc 0x9c falsefield instanceKlass _array_klasses 0 4 klassOopfield instanceKlass _methods 4 4 objArrayOop:field instanceKlass _fields 0x14 4 typeArrayOopfield instanceKlass _constants 0x18 4 constantPoolOopfield instanceKlass _class_loader 0x1c 4 oopfield instanceKlass _protection_domain 0x20 4 oopfield instanceKlass _signers 0x24 4 objArrayOopfield instanceKlass _source_file_name 0x28 4 symbolOopfield instanceKlass _inner_classes 0x30 4 typeArrayOopfield instanceKlass _implementor 0x34 4 klassOopfield instanceKlass _generic_signature 0x38 4 symbolOopfield instanceKlass _class_annotations 0x3c 4 typeArrayOopfield instanceKlass _fields_annotations 0x40 4 objArrayOopfield instanceKlass _methods_annotations 0x44 4 objArrayOopfield instanceKlass _methods_parameter_annotations 0x48 4 objArrayOopfield instanceKlass _methods_default_annotations 0x4c 4 objArrayOop
  10. 10. *Klass 系の物の先頭にある部分class Klass Klass_vtbl 0x54 truefield Klass _super_check_offset 0 4 juint:field Klass _primary_supers 0xc 0x20 klassOop[8]field Klass _size_helper 0x2c 4 intfield Klass _java_mirror 0x30 4 oopfield Klass _modifier_flags 0x34 4 jintfield Klass _super 0x38 4 klassOopfield Klass _name 0x3c 4 symbolOopfield Klass _access_flags 0x40 4 AccessFlagsfield Klass _subklass 0x44 4 klassOopfield Klass _next_sibling 0x48 4 klassOopfield Klass _alloc_count 0x4c 4 juintfield Klass _is_objArray 0x50 1 bool
  11. 11. メソッドを表すクラスclass methodOopDesc oopDesc 0x58 falsefield methodOopDesc _constMethod 0 4 constMethodOopfield methodOopDesc _constants 4 4 constantPoolOopfield methodOopDesc _method_data 8 4 methodDataOopfield methodOopDesc _interpreter_invocation_count 0xc 4 intfield methodOopDesc _access_flags 0x10 4 AccessFlagsfield methodOopDesc _vtable_index 0x14 4 int:field methodOopDesc _method_size 0x18 2 u2field methodOopDesc _max_stack 0x1a 2 u2field methodOopDesc _max_locals 0x1c 2 u2field methodOopDesc _size_of_parameters 0x1e 2 u2:field methodOopDesc _i2i_entry 0x40 4 addressfield methodOopDesc _adapter 0x44 4 AdapterHandlerEntry*field methodOopDesc _from_compiled_entry 0x48 4 addressfield methodOopDesc _code 0x4c 4 nmethod*field methodOopDesc _from_interpreted_entry 0x50 4 address