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Memos for HotSpot template interpreter

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HotSpot template interpreter memos

  1. 1. Objects in Virtual MachineAll java objects have com m on header called oopDesc.oopDesc has two fields m ark and klass. These fields have the sam e size aspointer €32- bit in 32- bit VM and 64- bit in 64- bit VM mark klassLowest two bits are used for object state.Higher bits Low two bits St at e descriptionPt r 00 locked Pt r points real header on stackHeader 01 Unlocked Regular object headerPt r 10 Monitor Inflated lockPt r 11 Marked Used by Mark&Sweep to mark obj is not valid
  2. 2. Objects in Virtual Machine0x684d2448: oopDesc { 0x684d2490: instanceKlass {0x684d2448: markOop _mark; 0x00000001 0x684d2490: klassOop _array_klasses; 0x000000000x684d244c: klassOop _klass; 0x684000f0 0x684d2494: objArrayOop _methods; 0x684d22080x684d244c: }0x684d2450: klassOopDesc { 0x684d2498: typeArrayOop _method_ordering; 0x68400c180x684d2450: u4 _vtbl; 0x6ff2f318 0x684d249c: objArrayOop _local_interfaces; 0x68400c280x684d2458: klassOop cache_0; 0x684d2448 0x684d24a0: objArrayOop _transitive_interfaces; 0x68400c280x684d245c: klassOop cache_1; 0x684d2448 0x684d24a4: int _nof_implementors; 0x000000000x684d2460: klassOop cache_2; 0x6840ab88 0x684d24a8: klassOop _implementor; 0x000000000x684d2464: klassOop cache_3; 0x00000000 0x684d24ac: typeArrayOop _fields; 0x684d21f00x684d2468: int _size_helper; 0x00000004 0x684d24b0: constantPoolOop _constants; 0x684d20100x684d246c: int _exact_instance_size; 0x00000003 0x684d24b4: oop _class_loader; 0x6d41b0300x684d2470: oop _java_mirror; 0x684d2528 0x684d24b8: oop _protection_domain; 0x6d42a0780x684d2474: klassOop _super; 0x68403230 0x684d24bc: objArrayOop _signers; 0x000000000x684d2478: symbolOop _name; 0x684af510 0x684d24c0: symbolOop _source_file_name; 0x684d21b00x684d247c: AccessFlags _access_flags; 0x00000021 0x684d24c4: typeArrayOop _inner_classes; 0x68400c080x684d2480: klassOop _subklass; 0x00000000 0x684d24c8: int _nonstatic_field_size; 0x000000010x684d2484: klassOop _next_sibling; 0x684d1e10 0x684d24cc: int _static_field_size; 0x000000000x684d2488: juint _alloc_count; 0x00000000 0x684d24d0: int _static_oop_field_count; 0x000000000x684d2488: } 0x684d24d4: int _nonstatic_oop_map_size; 0x00000001 0x684d24d8: bool _is_marked_dependent; 0x00 0x684d24dc: ClassState _init_state; 0x00000004 0x684d24e0: Thread* _init_thread; 0x0000e0e8 0x684d24e4: int _vtable_len; 0x00000007 0x684d24e8: int _itable_len; 0x00000000 0x684d24ec: ReferenceType _reference_type; 0x00000000 0x684d24f0: OopMapCache* _oop_map_cache; 0x00000000 0x684d24f4: JNIid* _jni_ids; 0x0000ec20 0x684d24f8: nmethod* _osr_nmethod_head; 0x00000000 0x684d24fc: BreakpointInfo* _breakpoints; 0x00000000 0x684d24fc: }
  3. 3. Objects in Virtual Machine0x684d2228: oopDesc { 0x684d2010: oopDesc {0x684d2228: markOop _mark; 0x00000001 0x684d2010: markOop _mark; 0x000000010x684d222c: klassOop _klass; 0x684008e0 0x684d2014: klassOop _klass; 0x684009300x684d222c: }0x684d2230: methodOopDesc { 0x684d2014: }0x684d2018: arrayOopDesc {0x684d2230: constantPoolOop _constants; 0x684d2010 0x684d2018: u4 _length; 0x000000350x684d2234: typeArrayOop _exception_table; 0x68400c18 0x684d2018: }0x684d2238: u2 _method_size; 0x0018 0x684d201c: constantPoolOopDesc {0x684d223a: u2 _max_stack; 0x0003 0x684d201c: typeArrayOop _tags; 0x684d21000x684d223c: u2 _max_locals; 0x0001 0x684d2020: constantPoolCacheOop _cache; 0x684d25400x684d223e: u2 _size_of_parameters; 0x0001 0x684d2024: klassOop _pool_holder; 0x684d24480x684d2240: u2 _name_index; 0x0013 0x684d2024: }0x684d2242: u2 _signature_index; 0x00140x684d2244: u2 _null_cast_cache; 0xffff 0x684d2020: 0x684d2540 0x684d2448 0x00000000 0x001e00020x684d2246: u1 _null_cast_seen; 0x00 0x684d2030: 0x68403230 0x0020000b 0x00220021 0x002400230x684d2247: u1 _range_check_fail; 0x00 0x684d2040: 0x00000000 0x000f4240 0x00260025 0x684018480x684d2248: u1 _interpreter_throwout_count; 0x0000 0x684d2050: 0x0028000b 0x684d2448 0x001e000b 0x000000000x684d224c: AccessFlags _access_flag; 0x00100001 0x684d2060: 0x00000004 0x684d25f8 0x002b000b 0x684d21480x684d2250: u2 _code_size; 0x0010 0x684d2070: 0x6840f468 0x68401da0 0x684021f0 0x684013600x684d2252: u2 _parameter_info; 0x0000 0x684d2080: 0x68401390 0x684d2158 0x684d2170 0x684d21980x684d2254: int _vtable_index; 0xffffffff 0x684d2090: 0x68401e08 0x68402388 0x68401308 0x684d21b00x684d2258: int _invocation_counter; 0x00000009 0x684d20a0: 0x00140013 0x68400c80 0x00120011 0x684383380x684d225c: int _interpreter_invocation_count;0x000000010x684d2260: nmethod* _code; 0x000000000x684d2264: address _interpreter_entry; 0x000633200x684d2268: address _from_compiled_code_entry_point;0x6dc023300x684d226c: int _deopt_range_check_count; 0x000000000x684d226c: }
  4. 4. Objects in Virtual Machine0x684af510: oopDesc { 0x684d2010: oopDesc {0x684af510: markOop _mark; 0x00c0b9e9 0x684d2010: u4 _mark; 0x000000010x684af514: klassOop _klass; 0x68400190 0x684d2014: u4 _klass; 0x684009300x684af514: } 0x684d2014: }0x684af518: symbolOopDesc { 0x684d2018: arrayOopDesc {0x684af518: symbolOop _next; 0x00000000 0x684d2018: u4 _length; 0x000000350x684af51c: u2 _length; 0x0007 0x684d2018: }0x684af51e: u2 _data; 0x0020 0x684d201c: constantPoolOopDesc {0x684af51e: } 0x684d201c: typeArrayOop _tags; 0x684d2100 0x684d2020: constantPoolCacheOop _cache; 0x684d2540 0x684d2024: klassOop _pool_holder; 0x684d2448 0x684d2024: } 0x684d2020: 0x684d2540 0x684d2448 0x00000000 0x001e0002 0x684d2030: 0x68403230 0x0020000b 0x00220021 0x00240023 0x684d2040: 0x00000000 0x000f4240 0x00260025 0x68401848 0x684d2050: 0x0028000b 0x684d2448 0x001e000b 0x00000000 0x684d2060: 0x00000004 0x684d25f8 0x002b000b 0x684d2148 0x684d2070: 0x6840f468 0x68401da0 0x684021f0 0x68401360 0x684d2080: 0x68401390 0x684d2158 0x684d2170 0x684d2198 0x684d2090: 0x68401e08 0x68402388 0x68401308 0x684d21b0 0x684d20a0: 0x00140013 0x68400c80 0x00120011 0x68438338
  5. 5. Interpreter _en t r y_t ab l eAb st r act In t er p r et er zerolocals zerolocals_synchronized native native_synchronized _normal_table empty _active_table accessor abstract _safept_table java_lang_math_sin java_lang_math_cos java_lang_math_sqrt St u b Qu eu e in st an ce _stub_buffer D i sp at ch Tab l e entry indexed by bytecodeatositosltos In t er p r et er Co d eletftos _sizevtos _description _safe _bytecode atos entry instructions vtos entry for bytecode
  6. 6. 96: aload 6! ! // MethodHandle 98: ldc #22; //String daddy 100: bipush 100 102: bipush 110 104: invokevirtual #23; //Method java/lang/invoke/MethodHandle.invokeExact:(Ljava/lang/String;CC)Ljava/lang/String; mh = lookup.findVirtual(String.class, "replace", mt); s = (String) mh.invokeExact("daddy",d,n);
  7. 7. InterpreterInterpreter StubQueue 0xfab8_stub_buffer 0x60300-0x74300_buffer_size 0x14000 _buffer_limit 0x14000_number_of_stubs 265InterpreterCodelets in StubQueue safept addr size safe bytecode desc0x00060300 96 0 255/0xff error exits0x00060360 816 0 255/0xff bytecode tracing support0x00060690 1312 0 255/0xff return entry points0x00060bb0 6640 0 255/0xff deoptimization entry points0x000625a0 288 0 255/0xff result handlers for native calls0x000626c0 176 0 255/0xff slow signature handler0x00062770 160 0 255/0xff continuation entry points0x00062810 800 0 255/0xff safepoint entry points0x00062b30 1312 0 255/0xff exception handling0x00063050 704 1 255/0xff throw exception entrypoints0x00063310 640 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = zerolocals)0x00063590 1024 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = zerolocals_synchronized)0x00063990 672 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = empty)0x00063c30 736 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = accessor)0x00063f10 160 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = abstract)0x00063fb0 640 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_sin)0x00064230 640 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_cos)0x000644b0 640 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_sqrt)
  8. 8. Interpreter0x00064730 1232 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = native)0x00064c00 2096 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = native_synchronized)0x00065430 80 1 0/0x00 #nop0x00065480 80 1 1/0x01 #aconst_null0x000654d0 80 1 2/0x02 #iconst_m1:0x00065660 80 1 7/0x07 #iconst_4:0x000659e0 176 1 18/0x12 #ldc0x00065a90 176 1 19/0x13 #ldc_w0x00065b40 176 1 20/0x14 #ldc2_w0x00065bf0 128 1 21/0x15 #iload:0x000693b0 112 1 168/0xa8 #jsr0x00069420 192 1 169/0xa9 #ret0x000694e0 96 1 170/0xaa #tableswitch0x00069540 64 1 171/0xab #lookupswitch0x00069580 848 0 172/0xac #ireturn0x000698d0 864 0 173/0xad #lreturn0x0006b310 32 1 191/0xbf #athrow0x0006b330 240 1 192/0xc0 #checkcast0x0006b420 224 1 193/0xc1 #instanceof0x0006b500 512 1 194/0xc2 #monitorenter0x0006b700 560 1 195/0xc3 #monitorexit0x0006b930 64 1 196/0xc4 #wide
  9. 9. Interpreter_entry_table contents[ 0 zerolocals ] = 0x63320[ 1 zerolocals_synchronized ] = 0x635a0[ 2 native ] = 0x64740[ 3 native_synchronized ] = 0x64c10[ 4 empty ] = 0x639a0[ 5 accessor ] = 0x63c40[ 6 abstract ] = 0x63f20[ 7 java_lang_math_sin ] = 0x63fc0[ 8 java_lang_math_cos ] = 0x64240[ 9 java_lang_math_sqrt ] = 0x644c00x00063310 640 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = zerolocals)0x00063590 1024 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = zerolocals_synchronized)0x00063990 672 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = empty)0x00063c30 736 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = accessor)0x00063f10 160 0 255/0xff method entry point (kind = abstract)
  10. 10. Hotspot Com pilerCodeCache::_haap 0x6ffbbde0 0x6dc00060: stw %ret0,0xd0(%r3) _number_of_blobs 36 0x6dc00064: depwi 0,31,2,%ret1 _number_of_nmethods_with_dependencies 0 0x6dc00068: stw %ret1,0xd4(%r3)0x6ffbbde0: CodeHeap { 0x6dc0006c: stw %ret1,-0x18(%sp)0x6ffbbde0: VirtualSpace _memory { 0x6dc00070: copy %sp,%ret10x6ffbbde0: char* _low_boundary; 0x6dc00000 0x6dc00074: ldo 0xc0(%sp),%sp0x6ffbbde4: char* _high_boundary; 0x6fc00000 0x6dc00078: fstd,ma %fr12,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbde8: char* _low; 0x6dc00000 0x6dc0007c: fstd,ma %fr13,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdec: char* _high; 0x6dc28000 0x6dc00080: fstd,ma %fr14,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdf0: u1 _low_to_high; 0x01 0x6dc00084: fstd,ma %fr15,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdf0: } 0x6dc00088: fstd,ma %fr16,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdf4: VirtualSpace _segmap { 0x6dc0008c: fstd,ma %fr17,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdf4: char* _low_boundary; 0x6fe1e000 0x6dc00090: fstd,ma %fr18,8(%ret1)0x6ffbbdf8: char* _high_boundary; 0x6fe9e000 0x6dc00094: ldo -0x38(%ret1),%ret10x6ffbbdfc: char* _low; 0x6fe1e000 0x6dc00098: stw %r4,0x38(%ret1)0x6ffbbe00: char* _high; 0x6fe1f000 0x6dc0009c: stw %r5,0x3c(%ret1)0x6ffbbe04: u1 _low_to_high; 0x01 0x6dc000a0: stw %r6,0x40(%ret1)0x6ffbbe04: } •0x6ffbbe08: int _number_of_committed_segments; 0x6dc001b0: ldo 0x7a4(%r19),%r190x00000a00 0x6dc001b4: bv,n %r0(%r19)0x6ffbbe0c: int _number_of_reserved_segments; 0x6dc001b8: ldil L0x6dc04000,%r200x00080000 0x6dc001bc: ldo 0x7a0(%r20),%r200x6ffbbe10: int _segment_size; 0x00000040 0x6dc001c0: cmpb,<>,n %ret1,%r20,0x6dc001cc0x6ffbbe14: int _log2_segment_size; 0x00000006 0x6dc001c4: ldil L0x6dc04000,%r190x6ffbbe18: int _next_segment; 0x00000144 0x6dc001c8: ldo 0x7a4(%r19),%r190x6ffbbe1c: FreeBlock* _freelist; 0x00000000 0x6dc001cc: ldw 0xd0(%r3),%ret00x6ffbbe20: int _free_segments; 0x00000000 0x6dc001d0: bv,n %r0(%r19)0x6ffbbe20: } 0x6dc001d4: nopHeapBlock 0x6dc00000 _length 8 _used 1 0x6dc001d8: break 0,00x6dc00010: vtbl 0x6ff57d68 0x6dc001dc: break 0,00x6dc00014: CodeBlob {0x6dc00014: int _size; 0x000001c80x6dc00018: int _header_size; 0x000000300x6dc0001c: int _relocation_size; 0x000000140x6dc00020: int _instructions_offset; 0x000000500x6dc00024: int _data_offset; 0x000001c80x6dc00028: int _oops_offset; 0x000001c80x6dc0002c: int _oops_length; 0x000000000x6dc00030: int _frame_size; 0x000000300x6dc00034: int _return_address_offset; 0xffffffca0x6dc00038: int _link_offset; 0xfffffffe0x6dc0003c: OopMapSet* _oop_maps; 0x000175480x6dc0003c: }
  11. 11. Virtual Machine StartupInterpreter StubQueue 0x8094398_stub_buffer 0xb1af64c0-0xb1b1f4c0_buffer_size 0x29000_buffer_limit 0x29000_number_of_stubs 0xf80xb1af64c0 96 false -1/0x-1 error exits0xb1af6520 3488 false -1/0x-1 return entry points0xb1af72c0 13120 false -1/0x-1 deoptimization entry points0xb1afa600 96 false -1/0x-1 result handlers for native calls0xb1afa660 160 false -1/0x-1 slow signature handler0xb1afa700 128 false -1/0x-1 continuation entry points0xb1afa780 1056 false -1/0x-1 safepoint entry points0xb1afaba0 2272 false -1/0x-1 exception handling0xb1afb480 896 true -1/0x-1 throw exception entrypoints0xb1afb800 896 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = zerolocals)0xb1afbb80 1056 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind =zerolocals_synchronized)0xb1afbfa0 64 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = empty)0xb1afbfe0 1024 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = accessor)0xb1afc3e0 160 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = abstract)0xb1afc480 96 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_sin)0xb1afc4e0 96 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_cos)0xb1afc540 64 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = java_lang_math_sqrt)0xb1afc580 1728 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind = native)0xb1afcc40 1920 false -1/0x-1 method entry point (kind =native_synchronized)0xb1afd3c0 96 true 0/0x00 nop0xb1afd420 96 true 1/0x01 aconst_null0xb1afd480 96 true 2/0x02 iconst_m10xb1afd4e0 96 true 3/0x03 iconst_00xb1afd540 96 true 4/0x04 iconst_1
  12. 12. Virtual Machine Startup0xb1aff760 64 true 96/0x60 iadddisas 0xb1aff770 0xb1aff79fDump of assembler code from 0xb1aff770 to 0xb1aff79f:0xb1aff770: add %al,(%eax)...0xb1aff780: pop %eax0xb1aff781: pop %edx0xb1aff782: add %edx,%eax0xb1aff784: movzbl 0x1(%esi),%ebx0xb1aff788: inc %esi0xb1aff789: jmp *-0x48f8b1a0(,%ebx,4)0xb1aff790: add %al,(%eax)0xb1aff792: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd540 96 true 4/0x04 iconst_1disas 0xb1afd550 0xb1afd59fDump of assembler code from 0xb1afd550 to 0xb1afd59f:0xb1afd550: add %al,(%eax):0xb1afd560: sub $0x4,%esp ; sp -= 40xb1afd563: fstps (%esp)0xb1afd566: jmp 0xb1afd5780xb1afd56b: sub $0x8,%esp0xb1afd56e: fstpl (%esp)0xb1afd571: jmp 0xb1afd5780xb1afd576: push %edx0xb1afd577: push %eax0xb1afd578: mov $0x1,%eax ; constant 10xb1afd57d: movzbl 0x1(%esi),%ebx ; move next bytecode0xb1afd581: inc %esi ; advance bcp0xb1afd582: jmp *-0x48f8b1a0(,%ebx,4) ; 0xb7074e60(,%ebx,4)
  13. 13. Virtual Machine Startup0xb1afd4e0 96 true 3/0x03 iconst_0disas 0xb1afd4f0 0xb1afd53fDump of assembler code from 0xb1afd4f0 to 0xb1afd53f:0xb1afd4f0: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4f2: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4f4: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4f6: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4f8: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4fa: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4fc: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd4fe: add %al,(%eax)0xb1afd500: sub $0x4,%esp0xb1afd503: fstps (%esp)0xb1afd506: jmp 0xb1afd5180xb1afd50b: sub $0x8,%esp0xb1afd50e: fstpl (%esp)0xb1afd511: jmp 0xb1afd5180xb1afd516: push %edx0xb1afd517: push %eax0xb1afd518: xor %eax,%eax0xb1afd51a: movzbl 0x1(%esi),%ebx0xb1afd51e: inc %esi0xb1afd51f: jmp *-0x48f8b1a0(,%ebx,4)0xb1afd526: nop0xb1afd527: nop0xb1afd528: add %al,(%eax)
  14. 14. Virtual Machine Startup0xb1b04040 448 false 182/0xb6 invokevirtual ...disas 0xb1b04050 0xb1b041ff 0xb1b04193: jne 0xb1b041a6Dump of assembler code from 0xb1b04050 to 0xb1b041ff: 0xb1b04199: addl $0x1,0x14(%edi)0xb1b04050: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b0419d: sbbl $0x0,0x14(%edi)0xb1b04052: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041a1: jmp 0xb1b041da0xb1b04054: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041a6: xor %edx,%edx0xb1b04056: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041a8: cmp 0x8(%edi),%edx0xb1b04058: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041ab: jne 0xb1b041c10xb1b0405a: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041b1: mov %eax,0x8(%edi)0xb1b0405c: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041b4: mov $0x1,%edx0xb1b0405e: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1b041b9: mov %edx,0xc(%edi)0xb1b04060: sub $0x4,%esp 0xb1b041bc: jmp 0xb1b041da0xb1b04063: fstps (%esp) 0xb1b041c1: cmp 0x10(%edi),%edx0xb1b04066: jmp 0xb1b04078 0xb1b041c4: jne 0xb1b041da 0xb1b041ca: mov %eax,0x10(%edi)0xb1b0406b: sub $0x8,%esp 0xb1b041cd: mov $0x1,%edx0xb1b0406e: fstpl (%esp) 0xb1b041d2: mov %edx,0x14(%edi)0xb1b04071: jmp 0xb1b04078 0xb1b041d5: jmp 0xb1b041da 0xb1b041da: add $0x18,%edi0xb1b04076: push %edx 0xb1b041dd: mov %edi,-0xc(%ebp)0xb1b04077: push %eax 0xb1b041e0: mov 0x118(%eax,%ebx,4),%ebx 0xb1b041e7: mov 0x3c(%ebx),%edx0xb1b04078: mov %esi,-0x18(%ebp) 0xb1b041ea: mov %ebx,%eax0xb1b0407b: movzwl 0x1(%esi),%edx 0xb1b041ec: jmp *%edx ; ->// get cache and index at bcp _entry_table[method_kind(m)];0xb1b0407f: mov -0x10(%ebp),%ecx 0xb1b041ee: nop0xb1b04082: shl $0x2,%edx// resolve cache and index0xb1b04085: mov 0x10(%ecx,%edx,4),%ebx0xb1b04089: shr $0x18,%ebx0xb1b0408c: and $0xff,%ebx0xb1b04092: cmp $0xb6,%ebx0xb1b04098: je 0xb1b04112
  15. 15. Virtual Machine Startup0xb1afb800 896 false -1/0x-1 method entry point ...(kind = zerolocals) run compiled code:disas 0xb1afb810 0xb1afbb7f 0xb1afbae2: mov %esp,%eaxDump of assembler code from 0xb1afb810 to 0xb1afbb7f: 0xb1afbae4: shr $0xc,%eax0xb1afb810: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1afbae7: mov -0x48f7eae0(,%eax,4),%eax ; get0xb1afb812: add %al,(%eax) thread to eax0xb1afb814: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1afbaee: movl $0x0,0x108(%eax)0xb1afb816: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1afbaf8: mov 0x70(%edx),%eax ; interpreter0xb1afb818: add %al,(%eax) entry point of the nmethod0xb1afb81a: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1afbafb: test %eax,%eax ; make sure0xb1afb81c: add %al,(%eax) there is an interpreter entry point0xb1afb81e: add %al,(%eax) 0xb1afbafd: jne 0xb1afbb650xb1afb820: mov 0x38(%ebx),%edx ; _code0xb1afb823: test %edx,%edx ; ...0xb1afb825: jne 0xb1afbae2 ; run compiled 0xb1afbb4f: jne 0xb1af4140code 0xb1afbb55: mov 0xd4(%edi),%ebx 0xb1afbb5b: movl $0x0,0xd4(%edi)0xb1afb82b: movzwl 0x26(%ebx),%ecx0xb1afb82f: movzwl 0x24(%ebx),%edx 0xb1afbb65: mov %eax,%edx 0xb1afbb67: mov %ebx,%eax ; 0xb1afbb69: jmp *%edx // to new method 0xb1afbb6b: nop
  16. 16. HotSpot JVM Big Picture
  17. 17. Virtual Machine Startupmonitorenter bytecode synchronized methodBasicObjectLock mark oop . _mark BasicObjectLock 2 unlock . BasicObjectLock oopfield . _mark 2 . ObjectMonitor oopDesc _mark 2 10, ObjectMonitor inflate .ObjectMonitor queue ObjectWaiterGC inflate GC deflate
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  19. 19. Hotspot Compiler SSA IR : Sea of Nodes