The Best of Asian Art


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Truly there are many styles of wall paintings and mostly all are similar to one another.

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The Best of Asian Art

  1. 1. The Best of Asian ArtWant to know more about art rental forcorporate art? Just click the links provided.Truly there are many styles of wall paintingsand mostly all are similar to one another. Theyare brush strokes of paints to come up withdifferent figures, shapes, and expressions. Ofwhether we speak of art from westerncountries or somewhere else, wall paintings arebecoming more and more as one in style. Putthe wall paintings in one collection side by side
  2. 2. and less is the chance that one cares for itsorigin anymore. Not unless…..And yes, not unless it is the Best of Asian art!No offense to other Asian works which we allknow are equally great but it is irrefutable thatlacquer painting or the mother or pearl- lookbecomes the flag bearer of Asian art whichdoes not necessarily mean that the rest areinferior in quality or aesthetics, but it just sohappened that lacquer gives a unique look thatis truly Asian. Why would a buyer from the westpurchase a wall art that is just like what is beingsold in the nearby store when his plan is tomake his room exotic? Surely, he wants a touchof Asian but he doesn’t want his room to lookhistorical or cultural. He prefers the figure inpainting to be casual like a flower in a pot butthen again he wants the overall look to beAsian. In this case, flower in a vase lacquer
  3. 3. painting is what the art buyer is looking for.Add some touches of mother of pearls aroundthe area and what is offered to the person isthe best of Asian art.Different countries from Asia have differentpainting styles common to each race. Worksare impressive. Their hands are magical when itcomes to art. Their expertise in brush strokesalong with their creative minds are brilliant butlacquer and with some use of mother of pearlexudes a unique look that stands out from therest. It projects a certain effect that is of rarityand confined only to Asian works. And thismakes the works of Vietnamese artists push therest behind them. They have the edge, not tomention that they too got the style!Lacquer- of whether the painting is licked-finished or created and styled in dry brush
  4. 4. exude glossy as well as glassy in effect whichmakes it extremely attractive in aestheticsense. These are the most sought when itcomes to home interior designing. We seethese in panels of multiple pieces. They arearranged as one to reveal the whole figure orsometimes, hung with spaces in between tocreate a look of multiple wall arts. And likewise,these are Asian arts which most of the timerevolve around fortune like money tree, horses,and the likes.