Not all about Beauty


Published on For designer, art like a wall painting is more of decoration.

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Not all about Beauty

  1. 1. Not all about BeautyBe with the beauty inside! Get your wallpaintings now!For designer, art like a wall painting is more ofdecoration. But then for artists, art is beyondaesthetics but a voice, a sound, and true senseof expression. The depth of expression is adirect representation of experience,background, and values of the artists. Peoplemay see each art differently, but for its creator,lies within is a meaning that only him or herknows.
  2. 2. Fine arts are not always beautiful. Graffiti,nowadays, are heralded to be a brilliant artdespite the fact that for others it is stillvandalism. Less is the chance that non-artistswill find it decorative. For them, this kind is notneat enough to beautify a space. Yet artists willuse such to send a message to the public. Nomatter how messy or ugly this may be forothers looking for artworks for sale, for itscreators, it is a sound and effective expressionwhich can be personal but more often than not,it is societal. It concerns an issue that affects aportion of humanity, if not the entirety. It is justnormal for people to look at wall paintingsbased on beauty. Our eyes in fact are meant tosee beauty. We’d rather see things andsituations this way than looking at things asugly. But then, the continuous changes infashion or in trend make people see beauty in
  3. 3. different ways. This means that an art that wasbeautiful yesterday can be a piece that is nolonger pleasing the eyes today. Yet theexpression such art conveys remains the same.Despite that viewers may interpret workdifferently, for the creator, as aforementioned,such piece was based from a strong andpassionate emotion that was felt while the artwas being created.Emotion—this is a crucial factor when creatingan art meant to express. Artists need to take astand to an issue based on what he feels oversuch. From this, hand will just follow what theheart dictates. And before he knew it, hisfeeling over such issue is then effectivelyrepresented via his artwork for sale. With this,we know that art is not at all beauty which maynot be easy for most people to accept. This alsobecomes a justification why art is not for all.
  4. 4. But the challenge then is how to make a non-artist love such piece that is meant to expressrather than to decorate because for every artistis a person who does not understand where theart is coming from.