Money for the Creative Minds


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Creativity is beyond knowledge when knowledge is limited while the former is driven by imagination like how one comes up with a wall painting that put people into awe is a little percentage of technical know-how and a big credit to the creative mind.

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Money for the Creative Minds

  1. 1. Money for the Creative MindsWant to know more about art rental forcorporate art? Just click the links provided.Creativity is beyond knowledge whenknowledge is limited while the former is drivenby imagination like how one comes up with awall painting that put people into awe is a littlepercentage of technical know-how and a bigcredit to the creative mind. And whichsupposed to mean that among the ones who
  2. 2. are to hit big time financially are theimaginative. However, there is a cliché thatwhen you want to be a millionaire, then choosenot to be an artist.Why is it so? Would that be a direct insinuationthat there is no money in creativity when artistsare the epitome of creativity? Businesses arethe money-makers of economy. And businessesare in no way possible without creative mindsin operation. Entrepreneurship is aboutforesight, imagination of the process, andenjoying vision without getting hands-on to theactual by-product of imagination. If this is thecase, then it should be the artists who are theones to make millions given that creativepeople are artists themselves. By the way,when we speak of artists per se on here, wemean true-blooded artists not just the onesthat are backed-up by investors, publicity, and
  3. 3. massive advertisement. For a true creativemind will make millions of her own, and on herown, in due time. We hold onto the belief thatwhatever is innate shines almost effortlessly.And whatever that is, it is the ultimate thingthat will bring the person to heights!Take a look at the artworks for sale postedonline. Many of the artists are honed when itcomes to skills. Most have undergone formalart education while the rest could havefollowed what their hearts dictated. Theypursued a path that for them is unique even 90per cent of the world does the same. Artbecame their hobby and their sole refuge fromdistress. And truly these are whom we calltrue-blooded artists. And the gift within is tobring them luck and fortune because they havealigned themselves to what they are destinedto do—of whether they create masterpieces of
  4. 4. wall paintings or poems that trigger the globeto act on something. And yes, among the manyselections of arts search engine generateswhen one buys art online, there will always beone to stand out!There are many intelligent and diligent peoplebut only few can make the world go round andround due to imagination that opens manypossibilities for innovation and amendments,not to mention that true-blooded artist, mostof the time, are carried away to theunexplained realm of spirituality. Imaginationtakes them to heights without being druggedwhich only means that there is something realthat is coming out from within when ultimatecreativity takes place, and that unusual processdeserves appreciation, credit, and yes millions!