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Sharing image prototype system


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Sharing image prototype system

  1. 1. Sharing Image Prototype System Yoshinobu Tanno
  2. 2. Introduction• Setting• Demonstration
  3. 3. Data Base Setting Create sampledb Create sampletable in sampledb Other is optionName format Other Otherid Int UNIQUE AUTO_INCREMENTfilePath Textlat Textlng text
  4. 4. File Setting• Copy 2 files to ./Xampp/httdocs/・・・• Example
  5. 5. Demo 1• Upload FileSelect File and Click [upload], uploaded file display
  6. 6. Demo 2• Set Position in GoogleMap• Drag Image and Drop GoogleMap
  7. 7. Demo 3• Update Data Base• If set position in GoogleMap, Click [update Databse]
  8. 8. Demo 4• Output CSV from database• If updated database, [Click Output CSV]
  9. 9. Thank you kind for listening