Edanz 121218 kobe workshop


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Edanz 121218 kobe workshop

  1. 1. Writing exercises
  2. 2. Workshop Simple is bestSimple language is bestMakes your science more relevantMinimizes confusion – maximizes understandingScience is often complex Use simple language to help more people understand your work
  3. 3. a majority of of a majority rapidlyrapidlya number of of a number many, several,many, several, some someat a rapid ratebecause of rate at a rapid because ofas a consequence of as a consequence ofbased on based onon the basis ofmost the basis of on most
  4. 4. Workshop Simple wordsAvoid Preferredadditional moreadequate enoughapparent clearattempt trydemonstrate showendeavor tryexceedingly veryutilize use
  5. 5. a majority point in time at this of althoughrapidlya number on the fact that based of tomany, several, someat a rapid rate completely filledbecause of currentlyas a consequence ofbased on the fact that despite filledon the basis ofmost order to in because
  6. 6. Workshop Unnecessary wordsAvoid PreferredFor the reason that BecauseIn the first place FirstIn the not too distant future SoonFour in number FourGreen color GreenSubsequent to AfterPrior to BeforeExcept in a very few instances Usually
  7. 7. Workshop Which voice?Use the active voice unless yourtarget journal states otherwise Surveys were sent to 256 firms. We sent surveys to 256 firms.
  8. 8. Practice Exercises – Active & Passive Voice1. Additionally, 197 firms were classified as service firms.2. The mRNA expression was found to have decreased after treatment with the inhibitor.3. Demand side policies were introduced by the government.
  9. 9. Workshop Eliminating Common English ErrorsCorrectly comparing two different thingsCorrectly using the word “respectively”
  10. 10. Practice Exercises – Common Errors1. When compared to that of the crystalline layer, the structure of the amorphous layer is significantly more disorganized.2. This inhibitor targets an enzyme and aims to correct a pathological condition. On the other hand, many other drugs are not enzyme inhibitors.3. The output of the signal laser is much weaker when compared to the output of the pump laser.4. The firms were divided into three groups; small firms which had less than 50 employees, medium firms which had from 50 to 1000 employees, and large firms which had over 1000 employees.
  11. 11. Practice Exercises - Respectively1. The highest and second highest peaks correspond to the ground state and first excited state, ____.2. The velocity of the first particle was 202 m/s, and the velocity of the second particle was 428 m/s ____.
  12. 12. Practice Exercises - Respectively Product Size Profit (Yen) Small 100 Medium 300 Large 500
  13. 13. Workshop ExpectationsInformation is easier tointerpret when placedwhere most readers expectto find itGood writers are aware ofthese expectationsReadability
  14. 14. The adoption of new technologies has led to productivityimprovements that generate stronger economic growth andmuch of the focus of technological innovation has been inthe manufacturing processes that occur within individualfirms.
  15. 15. The findings could be explained by the specific properties ofgold, silver and platinum as well as by the conditions inwhich these metals were found, for example silver wasfound in…
  16. 16. When buyers cannot ascertain the quality of a used car, theuncertainty depresses prices and owners of high-qualitycars become less likely to put their car on the market, whichleaves it predominately populated by low quality cars.
  17. 17. Workshop Readability summaryReader objectives:• Only need to read once• Do not have to read slowly• Can understand author logic immediatelyWriting style:• Maximum words in a sentence 25–30• Average should be around 17• Not more than four 30-word sentences in the whole manuscript• Use lots of periods (.) and some commas (,)
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention! Questions?
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