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PyCon JP 2011 Lightning Talk No.10 in English


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Published in: Technology, Design
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PyCon JP 2011 Lightning Talk No.10 in English

  1. 1. M.Eng. Strangelove 2 Beautiful Dreameror: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the P(omit
  2. 2. Dedicated to TarekThank you for your kindness.
  3. 3. Who are you TAKEUCHI, Yoji @ytakeuch From I was born, I have not written software to make money about 2X years :-P → I am a rookie. This Lightning Talk is second time. PLEASE give me job!.
  4. 4. Where are you fromfrom Light Weight Language Planets (a.k.a. LLPlanets)
  5. 5. What language do you love
  6. 6. What language do you love personal sponsor
  7. 7. What language do you love
  8. 8. on LLPlanets Aug 20th
  9. 9. I was so lonery orz... very few Pythonista
  10. 10. My photos ?dream reality
  11. 11. These are same. Maybe...dream reality
  12. 12. How did I make LT? tk0miya: RT:rookies !, we have some slots of LT. ytakeuch: I have resistered !
  13. 13. I am planning to make applications both Android and iPhonebut..... I do not know Java. I do not know Objective-C too. To learn both is painful !.
  14. 14. Plan PAdobe Flash Builder 4.5We can share same codes.non-free(I am afraid of anger of RMS)It is not fit for LLPlanets.
  15. 15. Plan QTitanium MobileJavaScript LL!)But I do not know JavaScript too, too.But But, @masuidrive propagated to me in Wednsday.But But But, It do not change that I do not know JS.
  16. 16. Plan RSL4A(Scripting Layer for Android)Python, Ruby, Perl, Lua, JavaScript, BeanShellWhat language do I know.........Python ← only one !
  17. 17. What make?Announced a Android ADK (Arduino) on Google I/OPhysical computing is hot?make a motion input gadget to move VF25(Macross F)
  18. 18. Problem !Acceleration sensors are five.ADK board have only one interface.
  19. 19. Solution !FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array)
  20. 20. How to write a logic ?Normally, Verilog or VHDL(hardware description language)These are not fit LLPlanets.
  21. 21. Then I write this !MyHDLWe can write a logic with Python.It is possible to translate Verilog or VHDLand logic synthesis.
  22. 22. And... one more thing !python-on-a-chipVM, translator et al. for micro processors.Porting is going to Android ADK board.
  23. 23. ConclusionWe can make gadget with only Python !
  24. 24. But !
  25. 25. Sorry....This mission is not completed.
  26. 26. Week before last, I was stung by killer-bee(actually NOT). And I called 911.
  27. 27. I am invited to Google Developer Day 2011 JP, and show my gadgets. I am a finalist of Open Call Android ADK.
  28. 28. How did I make LT?(Reality) tk0miya: RT:rookies, we have some slots of LT. in my mind: T-shirt? Free? @terapyon did not say that.... OK. Never mind ! ytakeuch: I have resistered !
  29. 29. I confused with PyCon JP 2011 ..... It is today !!! LT orz... ! OTZ...
  30. 30. Thank you !
  31. 31. I hold Python micro Hack-a-thons No.1 4 people No.2 4 people No.3 2 pople No.4 only me No5. PLEASE attend anyone ! #upyhack
  32. 32. Thank you again !