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Jason and argonauts


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a presantation about jason and argonauts

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Jason and argonauts

  1. 1. Long ago, in ancient Greece, a young man named Jason set out on an incredible nautical expedition in the company of a heroic band of explorers.
  2. 2. Thessaly
  3. 3. But his story begins in the Kingdom of Iolcus /aɪˈɒlkəs/ …
  4. 4. Not long before Jason was born, his greedy uncle named Pelias seized the throne from Jason‘s father, Aeson, Pelias’s half-brother to a mortal father. He threw former King Aeson in priosn.?
  5. 5. When the Aeson's wife gave birth to Jason – the rightful heir to the throne – she worried that Pelias might kill him and decided to hide the baby.
  6. 6. Pretending that Jason had died, she sent him far from Iolcus to live with a loyal centaur named Chiron. Chiron cared for and tutored Jason. Jason grew strong and smart.
  7. 7. And when Jason was full grown, he went back to Iolcus to confront his uncle. Pelias was warned, “Beware of a stranger with only one sandal.”
  8. 8. • He helped a woman across a stream • She turned out to be Hera in disguise • He lost a sandal helping the goddess. • Hera wanted the sorceress Medea brought from the far-away land of Colchis to get revenge on King Pelias for not worshiping her • She used her powers to help protect Jason on his journey for the fleece
  9. 9. To Jason's surprise, Uncle Pelias agreed to give up the kingdom if Jason would do just one little thing: capture a golden fleece – the skin of a magical ram – from the Kingdom of Colchis, a land at the very farthest reaches of the known world.
  10. 10. Impossible? Maybe. But buoyed by youthful confidence and the spirit of adventure, Jason accepted the challenge.
  11. 11. Pelias was adamant that Jason would never return to Iolcus alive. But Jason knew that with perseverance, sagacity, a team of talented helpers, the best tools and equipment, and a bit of good fortune (or help from some friendly Greek gods), the impossible might just be possible.
  12. 12. So Jason sent out a call to anyone game for adventure, and the bravest and most talented men and women in all of Greece – including the strong man Hercules – answered his call.
  13. 13. Together they sailed off in a mighty ship called the Argo, the biggest and best boat the Greeks had ever sailed.
  14. 14. The crew members were called Argonauts, in honor of the boat.
  15. 15. They sailed to the ends of the known world to reach the Kingdom of Colchis.
  16. 16. On their long journey, Jason and the Argonauts made many discoveries and faced many dangers.
  17. 17. All their obstacles • The Women of Lemnos • Phineas and the Harpies • The Symplegades – Clashing Rocks • Yoke fire-breathing bulls • Sew the dragon’s teeth and fight the army of the dead • Defeat a seven-headed hydra • Talos the Giant
  18. 18. Isle of Lemnos • Controlled by woman who killed their husbands • Jason landed and all of his men including him were almost sacrificed • Hercules pressured the men into leaving
  19. 19. Phineas and the Harpies • Gods made Phineas choose to live long blind, or short life with sight. Phineas chose long life blind. This angered Helios who sent in the harpies.
  20. 20. The Sympledges (clashing Rocks) • Released a dove to see if it could make it through • When the dove made it through he told the Argonauts to row with all their might • The Argo made it through with minor damages. • Sympledges never moved again
  21. 21. Having defeated the harpies, the clashing rocks, women of Lemnos, Talus, they arrive at Colchis, land of the Golden Fleece. King Aietes did not want to give up the fleece. And so he thought of two impossible task for the Argonauts to perform: Yoke fire- breathing bulls and sew the dragon’s teeth.
  22. 22. King Aietes of Colchis had a daughter named Medea. Medea fell in love with Jason and gave him secrets to yoke the bulls and defeat the army of the dead that spring from the dragon’s teeth.
  23. 23. Actually Medea was struck by Eros’s arrow of love. Eros was sent by Aphrodite, who was influenced by Hera.
  24. 24. With Medea’s help, Jason wins the ram. Her father discovers her treachery and Medea sails off with Jason to become his wife.
  25. 25. The Getaway • Jason and Medea have to flee to get away from King Aietes with the Fleece – As a diversion Medea kills her brother and throws pieces of him into the sea so her father has to pick them up
  26. 26. Jason returned to Iolcus to save his father – and to tell tales of a world beyond Greece that few had dared to explore.
  27. 27. Jason’s Return • Pelias would not give up the throne • Medea sagaciously convinced Pelias’s daughters that her magic could make Pelias young again. • They chopped him up and put him in a cauldron as instructed. • Medea said, “Fooled you,” and walked away.
  28. 28. Their plan backfired • Instead of being declared king, the people of Iolcus were angry at Medea for practicing sorcery on their king, even if they didn’t like him. • They were chased off the land and floated to Corinth
  29. 29. Jason’s infidelity • In Corinth Jason got engaged to marry the princess Creusa, daughter of King Kreon • This made Medea angry…….
  30. 30. The End ?