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For Retail Success!
  Master Class

Michael ‘”Bird   ...
“I couldn’t help but get inspired
                     by Sam Walton, the iconic founder of Wal-Mart.”
CONFERENCE AGENDA                                                  11.30am to 1.00pm - SESSION II
Exciting New Horizons!
Wouldn’t it be great to learn
Sam Walton’s success strategies?
Now you can!
With’Bird Dawg Milliona...
4.00 5:30 SESSION IV
  Talent & Service Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
  in Tough Economic Times©

“Bergdahl is a Wal-Mart authority who is open and honest about what it takes to compete,
survive and thrive in direct comp...

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Retail Master Class in India - Bird Dawg Millionaire
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Retail Master Class in India - Bird Dawg Millionaire


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Bird Dawg Millionaire - Retail Success Master Class in India. Details about topics and sessions. Master class conducted by Michael Bergadahl, former WAL*MARTER, speaker, author and business turnaround specialist.

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Retail Master Class in India - Bird Dawg Millionaire

  1. 1. ESSENTIAL! Grab This Fast For Retail Success!
  2. 2. “BIRD DAWG MILLIONAIRE” Master Class IN MUMBAI, DELHI AND CHENNAI. Dawg”* Michael ‘”Bird Bergdahl, the international speaker, author and business turnaround specialist, helps you discover exciting new vistas of profitability! *An authority on Wal-Mart’s Best Practices, Michael Bergdahl earned his nickname from Sam Walton, as a reference to his unerring ability to spot the best business opportunities. Crest The Wave During The Economic Tsunami! “Bird Dawg” Michael Bergdahl, the authority on Wal-Mart’s best practices, brings you strategies and tools gained from his years of experience with Sam Walton. Learn how to cruise through stormy times, to a safe, profitable harbour! “Bird Dawg Millionaire” The one day Master Class is an essential pre-requisite to achieving amazing business success. With these valuable sessions you will gain all the “gyan” you require to navigate past the economic doldrums and capitalise on the amazing growth potential of Indian Retail. Plus you will be fully equipped with future-ready information and practices to sustain business success and conquer new horizons! Come and make these amazing secrets of success your own!
  3. 3. “I couldn’t help but get inspired by Sam Walton, the iconic founder of Wal-Mart.” Kishore Biyani, author of ‘It Happened in India’. Make Waves In The Retail World The Retail sector in India is rated number one in the world. With a huge population of over 200 million households, the highest density of outlets in the world, plus a growth in GDP of 8% for the past two consecutive years, India continues to be the leading country for retail development and investment. “India is the fastest growing retail market in the world! With 11 retail shops per 1000 people in India, compared to 3 retail shops per 1000 people in the USA, organized retail represents only 4% of the marketplace. It is estimated that 95% of the close to 15 million retail outlets in India are family run businesses occupying average 500 sq. ft. in space. Opportunity abounds in India for both the large hypermarket operators, and small Kirana Shop owners who are able to define a unique niche, and capitalize on local market opportunities by providing targeted products and great service! Times may be challenging right now, but the best is yet to come for the enormous emerging India Retail Market, and amazingly, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg!” Michael Bergdahl Professional International Speaker on 6 Continents and Author of 2 books about Wal-Mart & Sam Walton The Indian Government has allowed FDI of up to 51% for a single brand retail company, with the intention of bringing greater benefits to Indian consumers across the sub-continent. “Bird Dawg Millionaire” Master Class will help bring about this paradigm shift, building the skill-sets required to successfully challenge the current scenario. Anchor Your Business In Wal-Mart’s Best Practices Internationally, Wal-Mart has effectively capitalized on a policy that incorporates local elements into the product offering, succeeding in making it the world’s largest retail chain. In the Indian context, this strategy will add a hitherto unexplored dimension to the complex task of meeting regional consumer expectations while maintaining operational profitability. By looking at good practice abroad and avoiding the mistakes of other markets, Indian Retailers can capitalise on the huge untapped potential! The spokesperson for the International Council of Shopping Centres claims that India has the potential to be the most exciting and dynamic country for retail anywhere in the world. While retailers across the globe are struggling to prevent themselves from going under during this economic upheaval, the Indian Retail scene is much more hopeful. With just 2-4% of organised retail, a large consumer base still remains untapped, particularly in the rural sector. For the incorporation of localised elements, Wal-Mart identifies five key categories - consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, home goods, apparel and fresh food. This customer centric approach will initiate a fresh vision for Indian Retail, aligning it towards success. The “Bird Dawg Millionaire” Master Class gives you these key strategies and tactics, to make your own. The winds of change are blowing your way! Get Your Organisation Ship-shape In Fair Weather or Foul! The strategic areas of Wal-Mart’s retail operations are summed up in the acronym ‘POCKETS’ Price Operations Culture Key Items Promotion Expenses Talent Service Through a thorough discussion of each of these important concepts, you will gain the tools required to effectively navigate your business into the future! Reach New Horizons Who can be benefited most from the ‘Berg Dawg Millionaire’ one day Master Class? Everyone who’s anyone in the Retail Sector! Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Heads of Departments, Human Resource Directors, Consultants from • Retail • Operations • Customer Service • Sales and Marketing • Advertising and Promotions • Supply Chain • Merchandising From cross-industries • Supermarkets • Hypermarkets • Departmental Stores • Speciality Retail • Fashion Houses • Pharmacy & Personal Care • Food & Beverages • Electronics • Music Stores • Books • Toys • And many more! Keep your calendar clear for these days Mumbai May 25th 2009 Ramada Plaza Palm Grove (Juhu) Monday Delhi Wednesday May 27th 2009 The Park Chennai May 29th 2009 The Park Friday
  4. 4. CONFERENCE AGENDA 11.30am to 1.00pm - SESSION II Culture Strategies & Tactics for Business Success in Tough Economic Times© REGISTRATION 8.30am to 9.00am Culture Strategy Why your people can make the difference when 9:00am to 11.00am SESSION 1 the going gets tough Price & Operations Strategies & Tactics for Business Success in Tough Economic Times© Profit Sharing is the fuel that drives the Wal-Mart engine Sam Walton was a servant leader Welcome and Introduction of Michael Bergdahl Golden Rule Values Agenda The Sam Walton Way is The Wal-Mart Way The 10 Rules of Sam Walton “Wal-Mart / Sam Walton’s Strategies & Tactics for Business Sam Walton’s 3 Values Success in Tough Economic Times©” Entrepreneurial Spirit / Work Ethic What Businesses in India can learn from Empowering people by pushing decision making downward “The Wal-Mart & Sam Walton Way” Embraced Change / Risk-taking Then: How Sam Walton almost failed back in 1962 Reinforce company standards using folklore and storytelling Now: Tough Economic Times Even for Wal-Mart 2009 Small Retail Shop Owners (Kirana Stores) Self Assessment Inventory The Seven Strategies of Wal-Mart – The World’s Largest Company Culture Tools for You Definition/Explanation of P.O.C.K.E.T.S. Niche Strategy “The Wal-Mart Way” Strategies of the World’s Largest Company Questions & Answers “The Sam Walton Way” Tactics of the World’s Richest Man 1.00pm to 2.00pm - LUNCH Best Practice to Compete / Survive, and Thrive in Tough Economic Times© As you learn about Wal-Mart, you’ll gather tools you can use 2.00pm to 3.30pm - SESSION III to compete in India KIP/ Product & Expense Strategies & Tactics for Business Success in Tough Economic Times© Price Strategy Why is Wal-Mart’s Pricing Strategy, and Yours, so important Why merchant skills and supplier partnerships are so important in today’s economy? especially in tough times Sam Walton’s Discounting Principle - Appeal of Low Prices Everyone is a merchant regardless of job function around the world Volume Producing Item program to reinforce merchant skills Every Day Low Prices Execution of product promotions Price Rollbacks Outside / in approach to selecting products and services Special Buy Merchandise Vendor Partnerships – Vendorville Predatory Pricing 3 types of Wal-Mart Suppliers - negotiating to supply Wal-Mart Low price strategy driven by high volume inventory turnover Automated Replenishment – just-in-time Inventory Manufacturing in China & Asia critical to low price profitability Store Wars – Wal-Mart battles retailers horizontally Shopping Cart Comparisons and suppliers vertically Wal-Mart passes expense savings along to the customer Innovation versus imitation via lower prices Key Item Promotion / Product Strategy Pricing Tools for You Operations Strategy Expense Strategy What lessons can you learn from Wal-Mart’s operations Why the art and science of managing expenses to help you to achieve success can make or break you Big Facts behind the Wal-Mart Success Story The History of Wal-Mart - Most Admired Company 2003 & 2004 Wal-Mart Low Profitability Model Global Presence Low prices are a result of constantly reducing costs – passing savings Types/Number of Stores and Distribution Centers along to customers Supply Chain Driven Company, in-stock, RFID Suppliers are pressured to improve their efficiency and lower costs Technology / Cross Docking / Spoke and Hub Distribution/ Management accountability - Sales / Payroll / Shrinkage No Traditional Warehouses Culturally engrained expense control teaches employees Benchmarking Best Practices to monitor expenditures Operational Excellence Standards - At Wal-Mart as sales volume rises expense as a percentage High expectations are the key to everything continuously falls Continuous Learning / Continuous Improvement / Nothing exposes a weak expense structure faster than Flow Charting Processes falling sales volume Operations Tools for You Each day work schedules are adjusted to reflect sales volume shortfalls Questions & Answers Wal-Mart’s executives lead expense control by their own example Customer greeters are at every front door to greet and monitor theft Expense Tools for You Questions & Answers 3.30pm to 4.00pm TEA BREAK
  5. 5. Exciting New Horizons! Wouldn’t it be great to learn Sam Walton’s success strategies? Now you can! With’Bird Dawg Millionaire’ Master Class, you gain directly from Michael Bergdahl as he shares invaluable insights into the tactics followed by Sam Walton to overcome what appeared to be an insurmountable cash and credit crisis that threatened the viability of his business. You will understand his 7 core strategies and be able to make them your own. Welcome on board the Wal-Mart way!
  6. 6. 4.00 5:30 SESSION IV Talent & Service Strategies & Tactics for Business Success in Tough Economic Times© Service Strategy Talent Strategy Why serving your customers is more important than ever How do you increase productivity when business is difficult? in tough economic times© Setting aggressive goals with input from the entire team The customer is the boss Average people and above average performance One stop shopping – replicate the “High Street” under one roof Hire for attitude and teach the necessary skills One agenda – the customer Accentuate the Positive / Eliminate the Negative Drop everything to serve customers Dealing with Non-performers 10 foot rule / Sundown Rule Performance Discrepancy – Dealing with non-performers Internal customer service / External customer service Empathetic versus sympathetic leadership Customer segmentation strategy Promotion from within, before people are ready Saturday Morning Meetings / Wal-Mart Cheer Cross-functional movement of people Service Desk in the front of store Hire the Best, Provide the Best Training, and Best Place to Work – 100% product guarantee / Wal-Mart museum 11 Core Leadership Competencies Service Tools for You Talent Tools for You Questions & Answers Conference Delegate Registration Early Bird Offer Up to April 15th 2009 From April 16th 2009 onwards Rs. 12,500 per person Rs. 15,000 per person Single delegate early bird Single Delegate Rs18,000 21,000/- with return air fare on Jet Airways with return airfare on Jet Airways Group* booking Rs. 60,000 Group* booking Rs. 70,000 For registration and for details. Group* booking with the return Group* booking with the return air fare on Jet Airways Rs. 87,500 air fare on Jet Airways Rs. 97,500 visit at: *Five Delegates Terms and conditions apply, Entitlement • Certification of Participation signed by Michael Bergdahl • Complimentary Book 6.00pm BOOK SIGNING Every delegate receives a Special India Edition of Michael Bergdahl’s book “What I learned from Sam Walton“: How To Compete & Thrive in a Wal-Mart world’
  7. 7. “Bergdahl is a Wal-Mart authority who is open and honest about what it takes to compete, survive and thrive in direct competition with Wal-Mart or any other aggressive competitor. I highly recommend him as an international speaker to other retailers, non-retailers, manufacturers and suppliers who are looking for a competitive edge.” Paul Slevin, Director of Food and Impulse, TESCO, Ireland “Your message is powerful!” Edward Ray, Head of National Sales, Coca Cola, Russia “Michael’s analysis of Wal-Mart’s case is lucid and inspirational at the same time. It gave me and my top leadership a great example of how amazing and consistent results can be achieved also thru Focus and Simplicity.” Andrea Ragnetti, CEO, Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care “The feedback we received from the attendees on-site and post conference was overwhelmingly positive! Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise.” Lorraine Mazza, VP, International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) For a registration, complete bio of Michael Bergdahl, pictures and updates on ‘Bird Dawg Millionaire’ Master Classes, please visit You are also welcome to contact Mr. Bergdahl directly at
  8. 8. SPONSORS AND PARTNERS Television Media Partner Online Media Industry Publication Airlines Get On Board “BIRD DAWG MILLIONAIRE” Master Class For Registration Details, please contact: Events Ten #9, UNI Building, Ground Floor, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore 560 052 Tel: + 91 80 4092 6211 Email: Bangalore: Gerard Tel: +91 80 4092 6211-13 Mobile: +91 98457 20227 Mumbai: Tauqir Shaikh Tel: +91 22 2438 5007-09 Mobile: +91 99693 00060 Event Manager Organizer Delhi: M K Pandey Mobile: +91 99100 13600 Hyderabad: Y V L Narasimha Murthy Tel: +91 40 4003 2690 Mobile: +91 92465 77114 Driving performance of Indian Retail