Minutes of the meeting 1


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Minutes of the meeting 1

  1. 1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING Group Name: ”SPSU-Servitium “ Date:15-april-2010 Time: 1530hrs Follow-up action Member Date Next Meeting All; 6Th May 2010 at 1100 Hrs Upcoming Ideas Student (spsu) - Member Present: Servitium team: 1. Viplav Baxi 2. Ashish Midha Faculty Adviser’s(spsu) 1. Deepak Gour 2. Avinash panwar Student’s(spsu) 1. Yadu Nandan Shrimali 2. Ayush jani 3. Pritosh jain 4. Nikhil sharma 5. Pravesh sharma 6. Kuldeep purohit 7. Neeraj samar Member Absent 1. Sparsh Gupta
  2. 2. Agenda: Introduction among all the group members, adviser and mentor. Brief introduction of internship program. Discussion upon further plans, meeting and communication medium. What tool should be used for better enhancement of our activities. Discussions & Decisions: 1. General discussion upon internship program : Study stuff had already been posted on our blog, i.e. material on web 2.0,simulation and eLearning ,gaming. Decided that every week atleast one post should be created by each n every member of our team. No post and comment goes unanswered. Google talk .The documents will be shared using Google Docs.***** 2. Communication way was decided: It was decided that further interaction would be done as: one to one or sometime as in group so that the working flow should run efficiently. Communication is done with Skype,or in case of emergency telephone call is preferred .3rd party tool for sharing stuff, Google reader should be used, any suggested video should be linked in post. 3. Progress and issues about the internship programme can be discussed at: http://spsuservitium.ning.com/ 4. Time line: All team members have to strictly follow the time line which was suggested by Sir Viplav and which was discussed with Sir Avinash panwar and Sir Deepak Gour. 5. Next meeting was scheduled : The schedule time for the next meeting was decided as 6-May-2010 at 1100 hrs. It was also decided that mentor, adviser , group leader and their team members have to be present on our next meeting. Every student member will come up with new ideas of their respective project.