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Minutes Of The Meeting 2


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Minutes Of The Meeting 2

  1. 1. MINUTES OF THE MEETING Group Name: ”SPSU-Servitium” Date:06-May-2010 Time: 1130hrs Follow up Action Member Date Deliverables Next Meeting All 12th May 2010 at 1100hrs Ideas with presentation Revised Ideas with Student (SPSU) 12th may 2010 at 1100hrs Send mail and correction upload it on NING Member Present: Servitium team: 1. Viplav Baxi Faculty Adviser’s(spsu) 1. Deepak Gour 2. Avinash panwar Student’s(spsu) 1. Yadu Nandan Shrimali 2. Ayush jani 3. Pritosh jain 4. Nikhil Sharma 5. Sparsh Gupta 6. Kuldeep purohit 7. Neeraj samar Member Absent 1. Pravesh sharma
  2. 2. Agenda: The Agenda of the meeting was to come up with new ideas. Each team had to research three areas and prepares presentation of their ideas with examples. Every student member will come up with revised ideas and correction with full detail specification which is to be clearly self explained and these would be next deliverable. It was also decided that mentor, adviser, group leader and team members all have to be present on our next meeting. Discussions & Decisions: 1.Progress and issues about the internship programme can be discussed at: Each student should have twitter login so that they can easily tweek with #spsuInternship. 2.General discussion upon presentation : Presentation was presented to viplav sir and at the end sir had given some valuable suggestions that need to be revised in the next session that is on 12th-May- 2010 . 3. Time line: All team members have to strictly follow the time line which was suggested by Sir Viplav and which was discussed with Sir Avinash panwar and Sir Deepak Gour. 4. Next meeting was scheduled : The schedule time for the next meeting was decided as 12-May-2010 at 1100 hrs. It was also decided that mentor, adviser , group leader and their team members have to be present on our next meeting.