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Group pitch


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A pitch about our chosen genre, artist and music video ideas

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Group pitch

  1. 1. Junior, Owen, RoChene and Ysabella
  2. 2. • An ideal character for a R&B music video: • Female – Quite attractive, have a nice figure and ensure that there hair and face is always at its best. They also tend to overdress in order to look better and stand out compared to everyone else. • Male – Also quite attractive, has a nice body which is an important factor. Lastly they should dress well and send off the idea that they can provide and can support their partner.
  3. 3. • R&B • As a group we have decided to do R&B, this genre often gets confused with hip-hop but it’s a more subtle version as it often breaks the stereotypes of men being controlling and strong but sometimes they could be seen as vulnerable and less ‘manly’ and I believe this attracts an audience because this is uncommon. • The reason why we choose R&B is because we all enjoy this genre of music and we all have a different interpretation of the video that can come together and work well in the end.
  4. 4. • Crooked Smile by J-Cole • This song is about a girl with insecurities, something a lot of people are faced with in everyday life. The song is empowering in the sense that it says despite having the ‘perfect’ image presented in the media daily it shows us that there is no ‘perfect’ human and that its okay to have flaws. • It also has an underlying storyline in the music video about a girl whose life got taken from her because of a police raid in which they came to take her father on drug charges and she accidently got shot.
  5. 5. • Female Protagonist – Ysabella Ubaldo, in the video she will be the female we use to portray the expectations of society and how she eventually comes to the realisation that you don’t have to live up to the images given. We decided to use her because it will be efficient for us and she displays some of the characteristics that are common in a woman in an R&B video. • Male Protagonist – Good-looking and appealing to attract a female audience, also have a nice dress sense and agrees with the camera. An R&B characteristic is to appear good-looking and sexy.
  6. 6. • Our ideal target audience is aged 16+, to incorporate this into the music video we have decided to include some of the key issues young adults are faced with such as: • - Media portrayal of what's ideal in todays society • - Pressure to fit in • - Perfect body • At this age people tend to notice more about themselves and can also begin to compare themselves to what they see. This song can also be applied to ages 13+ because as they hit puberty they also go through changes.
  7. 7. • Track – to show what someone's doing and to focus on the main person. This links to the lyrics because when it says ‘on my way down’ we will track the female to show her walking down. • Long Shot – used to show the protagonist outfit and give the audience a full view of the proximity between the two main characters. • Fade – From a main screen to another location, also it is a common element in R&B videos • Crosscutting – used to show two things happening simultaneously and they eventually meet up. • Match-on-action – used to show significance of certain objects and to display their importance e.g. makeup • Eyeline match – used to show what the character is looking at, so we could do a front shot of her looking at something with an expression then we could show what she is looking at for example her reflection. • Close up – to show a particular facial expression or set the mood.
  8. 8. • Costume: There will be a range of costume changes in the video which will range from, pyjamas, casual clothes and a dressy outfit for both genders. • Make-up: The female in the video will wear a face of makeup and will also have a scene were she is seen wiping the makeup off. • Props: A smartphone to show interactions, Makeup products, jewellery and other small props to complete the scene. • Location: A bedroom scene potentially in a hotel or a friends house and an outdoor scene, we are thinking to use the park near Stratford because there is a clear view of the skyline and that will set the right atmosphere for the music video • Lighting: Low-key lighting and natural lighting.
  9. 9. • To promote the music video and our artist we believe the best thing to do would be to use social media as we are all active on it and can access and share things easily. • Some of the sites we wish to use include: • - Twitter • - Facebook • - Instagram • - Snapchat • - YouTube • - Email • - Share in person e.g websites, posters, magazine covers
  10. 10. 1) Follow Goodwin's theory because the visuals will relate to the lyrics e.g when its says ‘on my way down’ we will show her walking down 2) We plan to add a performance element, so we could include a choir to link with the part were you can hear people singing in unison 3) There is a notion of looking, so in the music video we will portray the girl as someone who is superficial and narcissistic however, we could subvert that stereotype to teach young girls that although they are faced with daily pressures they can learn to overcome them. 4) We are also thinking to not show her full face until the end of the music video, as this will create suspension and also support the idea that she is not happy with her appearance. 5) Lastly another idea we wish to include in our music video is an interaction between the public and us to show visuals of different people smiling.