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Y&R Puerto Rico | Digital Portfolio


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Y&R Puerto Rico | Digital Portfolio

  1. 1. A full-service advertising agency, Young & Rubicam is always among the top three agencies in creative reputation, size and billings. Our philosophy: “Understand through discipline; compel through imagination.” – Raymond Rubicam Creative Leadership: • “Resist the usual.” – Raymond Rubicam • Achieve results through single-minded creative, based on ideas, not relying on executions. • Use creativity as the biggest multiplier of a client’s budget. Present in everything we do: Strategic Planning Creative Digital Promotions 360 Business-Business BTL
  2. 2. Part of the WPP Global Network, we are guided by a multinational perspective, but with a deep understanding of the local marketplace.
  3. 3. A solid Latin America network. Miami Ecuador* Chile Uruguay Argentina Brasil Venezuela* Mexico Colombia Peru Paraguay* Puerto Rico Dominican Republic* Barbados* El Salvador* Guatemala Honduras* Nicaragua* Costa Rica* Panama
  4. 4. Our Partners
  5. 5. Interactive efforts are always integrated in our agency’s strategic mix. Digital is part of any 360º campaign we develop for our clients. Social Media Strategies & Management Website Design & Development Customized Web-Based Applications (B2B, B2C) Online Banner Campaign Development & Management Mobile / Tablet Applications Content Management Systems (CMS) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Usability Assessment & Information Architecture Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions Data Management & Mining Email Blasting
  6. 6. Scroll Rich Media Banner Campaign | Client: Mazda
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  8. 8. Results: • 2009 Gold Cúspide Award • 2009 SME Web Awards Finalist • We leveraged on a functionality any web visitor needs and knows how to use: dragging down the browser’s scroll bar, equaled how the Mazda 3 lowered its gas consumption. • As our advertisement became the scroll bar, 100% of’s users interacted with the banner, thus earning our banner the highest visibility and interaction any online advertisement could possibly have.
  9. 9. Goals: • Create and maintain consumer engagement, through highly witty and relevant posts. • Incite conversations, likes, and sharable material that would spread the brand’s voice across Facebook friends. • Generate strategies to keep our audience interested, as well as increase our fanbase. Heineken Facebook Page Social Community Management | Client: Heineken / Méndez & Co.
  10. 10. Results: • Among Heineken globally, we have managed to make Puerto Rico have the 18th Heineken Facebook Fanpage with the most fans, totaling 46,010 active fans. • We have increased our fanbase’s interactivity with the brand’s posts. Other countries tend to have an average of 0.50% feedback on their communications; we have managed to increase user interactivity to an average range of 5 to 7%. • Heineken Puerto Rico is the Facebook page with the second highest fanbase in the beer category.
  11. 11. Goals: • Create a fun and witty 360º strategy to incite fans to visit as many Heineken venues as possible – a barhopping, if you will–, as well as various events throughout the Island (including the Ventana al JazzFest). • We created a Facebook page where, those fans who would do the most check-in’s in designated locations, would win prizes. • We took the experience to a whole new level, by creating a real- time video feed of the You Are Here events. This way, all fans could digitally “be there” in the party, and share in on the fun. You Are Here Integrated Promo: Facebook App, Mobile Web, Online Banner Campaign Client: Heineken / Méndez & Co.
  12. 12. Events Pictures
  13. 13. Online Banner Campaigns Google Ads Facebook Ads
  14. 14. Online Banner Campaigns
  15. 15. Online Banner Campaign Results: • In less than a month, more than 900 check-in’s were made across the Island. • At the height of this promotion, You Are Here was the 5th Heieneken app most interacted, making it a very effective effort within Heineken global. In less than three months, this promotion earned Heineken: • 7,422 New fans • 46,698 Visits • 32,146 Absolute Unique Visitors
  16. 16. Virus Email Blast & Microsite Integration | Client: Protex / Colgate Palmolive
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  18. 18. Video will play automatically. Results: • Awarded with Bronze in Festival Caribe • Rather than showing a banner with the product and its advantages, we created an environment where the user could actually experience how easy the H1N1 virus could be spread (“just touch”), and learn how equally easy he/she could be protected (“wash your hands with Protex”). - The communication was so efective, Protex soaps sold out in record time right after the banner was launched.
  19. 19. Goals: • Create awareness of the first Android smartphone that contained Google Search Integration. • Execute a strategy that would easily show the user what Google Search brings to their every day mobile phone use. • Present this smart phone as an exclusive asset offered only by T-Mobile “G1” Rich Media Banner Campaign | Client: T-Mobile
  20. 20. Results: • By running this rich media “takeover” banner in Puerto Rico’s most visited website (, our product had a extremely high visibility. • The manner in which the banner took over the page, and allowed the actual news in Endi to be seen through the phone’s screen, showed how now your smartphone allowed you to better find the same information you would normally access through a desktop computer, but on the go.
  21. 21. Heineken Jam Online Application | Client: Heineken / Méndez & Co.
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  23. 23. Bacardí Social Platforms Digital Ecosystem Management | Client: Bacardí Puerto Rico
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  25. 25. Mobile App (iPhone & Android) -Using geo-location services, the app automatically sends a push notification with the nearest Bacardí spots and events. - Bacardí venues are mapped in Google Maps. - If your friends are also registered in the app, you can view if they’re in Bacardí venues. -Complete integration with Facebook, whereby it shows all the wall posts, images and videos that are uploaded to Facebook. - Includes many recipes for cocktails with Bacardí.
  26. 26. Results: • Bacardí PR ranked as the 5th “most liked page” in Puerto Rico, according to a study done by El Nuevo Día. • Even after earning that high position,our fan base keeps growing and interacting with our brand every day. • We still hold 5th place, with a current total of 118,340 fans.
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