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Pollution121 120514131504-phpapp02

  1. 1. Name: Yarissa RamirezPeriod: 5
  2. 2. Air Pollution.What causes air pollution?CausesThings that cause air pollution are: • Smoke from forest fires • Dust • Salt particles • Burning engines • gases of decaying particles • smokes from companys/trucksAir pollution: contaminationOf air by smoke andHarmful gases mainlyOxides of carbon, sulfur,And nitrogen.
  3. 3. It is said that air pollution kills more people than car crashe, etc.La
  4. 4. Air Pollution ResultsHealth results from air pollution:Pollution can affect serioushealth problems some are • Asthma • Chronic bronchitis • Lung cancer • Emphysema Pollution can also kill plants and can affect animals.
  5. 5. Causes of pollution These are some things that cause pollution.
  6. 6. ASTHMAWhat is asthma?• Asthma is a common long lasting disease that causes inflammation in the airways causing difficulty to breath..• Asthma is disease that causes difficulty breathing and a whistling sound none as (wheezing).And coughing specially in the night or the morning.
  7. 7. ASTHMA CON.• People with asthma have difficulty breathing because of the inflammation and narrowing of the airways.• When asthma symptoms becomes worse it is called an asthma attack.• Some people only get one symptom but other people get all the symptoms.
  8. 8. Kinds Of AsthmasChild-Onset Asthma: • Asthma that begins during childhood is called Child Onset asthma. This happens when the child becomes sensitive to common allergens(Dust,Pollen, and Grasses.) Most likely do to genetic reason.Adult-Onset Asthma • This term is used when an adult gets asthma after reaching 20 yrs. of age.This kind of asthma affects women more than men.And is much less common than child onset asthma.It can be triggered by some allergic material or an allergy.Exposure to a certain particle or chemical in certain plastics,metals,medication, or wood dust can also be a trigger for adult onset asthma.
  9. 9. Con.Exercise-Induced Asthma:• If you cough, or feel wheezing or shortness of breath you could be suffering from Exercise induced asthma.Your level of fitness is also a factor - a person who is unfit and runs fast for ten minutes is going to be out of breath. However, if your coughing, wheezing or panting does not make sense, this could be an indication of exercise-induced asthma.Cough-Induced Asthma• This kind of asthma is the hardest to find because doctors have to has to eliminate other possibilitys.The coughing can occur alone without other asthma symptoms.It can happen at day or night if it happens at night it can cause you to sleep less.
  10. 10. con.Some other asthmas are• Nocturnal Asthma• Steroid-resistant Asthma
  11. 11. Asthma MedicationA person with a moderate asthma attack may use quickrelief medication as needed.The persons with severeasthma attacks should take medication on the regular basis.The persons who might have a severe asthma attack mayrequire a diagnosis and may require a hospital stay,oxygen, or vein medication.Asthma treatment is an effort between you and your doctorboth of you guys can work together to come up with asolution for your asthma treatment.
  12. 12. Asthma med.Treatment to prevent an asthma attack, not a treatment duringan asthma attack: – inhaled steroids (such as azmacort etc.)to Prevent inflammation. – Leukotriene inhibitors (such as singulair and accolate). – Anti-lge therapy (xolair), a medicine given by injection to patints with more severe asthma. – cromolyn sodium (intal)or nedocromil sodium. – amino phylline or theophylline (not used as frequently as in the past). - Sometimes a combination of steroids and bronchodilatorsare used,using eithe separate inhalers or a single inhalers/
  13. 13. Medication During An Asthma Attack.-Short-acting bronchodilators (inhalers), such asproventil,ventolin,xopenex,and others.-Corticosteroids or methylprednisolone given by mouth or intovein.
  14. 14. How does polution affect asthma.• Because the air drags in all kind of particles like smoke from cigars, smoke from car motors, etc.• All of those things can cause children’s inflammation in the airways and that change can cause an allergic reaction, and allergy is one of the risk factors for asthma.
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