Prayer to mark international women’s day


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Sambhali Trust is a non-profit NGO that runs a variety of projects that empower women and girls who are victims or potential victims of abuse.
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The Girl Effect:

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Prayer to mark international women’s day

  1. 1. A Franciscan Prayer to Mark International Women’s Day 8th March 2013Adapted from a prayer by Deborah Hirt, Intern at Franciscans InternationalMost images used in this presentation are taken at Sambhali Trust-Empowering Abused Women in Rajasthan (India)
  2. 2. Lord, make me an instrumentof peace:Bless all women who strivedaily to bring peace to theircommunities, their homes andtheir hearts.
  3. 3. Give them strength tocontinue to turn swords intoploughshares.
  4. 4. Wherethere is hatred, let mesow love:We pray for all women whoface prejudice, inequality andgender disparities.
  5. 5. Help us see and to face thediscrimination against womenin all the many forms it maytake.
  6. 6. Where there is injury,pardon:Comfort all women whosuffer from the pain of war,violence, and abuse.
  7. 7. Help them to becomeinstruments of their ownreconciliation and peace.
  8. 8. Where there is division,unity:Forgive all women and menwho let differences breedhate and discrimination.
  9. 9. Let your example of valuingall of creation help us to seethat we are equal partners inthe stewardship of yourworld.
  10. 10. Where there is darkness,light; where there is untruth,truth:Comfort all women whostruggle in the darkness ofabuse, poverty, and loneliness.
  11. 11. May we stand with them inlight to acknowledge theirsuffering and strive toremove the burdens of shameor embarrassment.
  12. 12. Where there is doubt, truefaith:We pray for all women wholive in fear of their husbands,fathers, and forces thatcontrol their lives.
  13. 13. Help them to be empoweredto be their true selvesthrough your everlasting loveand faith.
  14. 14. Where there is despair, hope:We pray for all women wholive in the despair of poverty,violence, trafficking, slavery,and abuse.
  15. 15. May the light of your lovebring them hope.
  16. 16. Where there is sadness, newjoy:Help us to see the strengthand goodness in all women andmen.
  17. 17. Transform our hearts tocelebrate the love and graceof all people.
  18. 18. We pray for ourselves, thateach of us will discern ways thatwe can more fully live as Godcalls us to live. Gracious God, hear our prayer. AMEN