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Practising australian scientists


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Practising australian scientists

  1. 1. Practising Australian Scientists Barry Marshall Fiona Wood
  2. 2. • Immunologist• Developed the cervical cancer vaccine Current Area of Work • immunoregulation and immunotherapeutic vaccines • Creating a Hepatitis-C vaccine • Teaches at the University of Queensland
  3. 3. Research• Preventing skin cancer through immunotherapy*• Creating a Hepatitis-C vaccine Impact on today’s society • Preventative measures to reduce common diseases creates a healthier generation • Creates awareness *treatment of disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response
  4. 4. Current area of work• Plastic and reconstructive surgeon• Specialises in acute burn care and scar reconstruction• Director of the Burn Service in Western Australia
  5. 5. Research• Further research into tissue repair, regeneration, and reconstruction• Investigating into scar-less healing Impact on today’s society • Aims to improve the patients quality of life and return to pre-injury condition • Reduces body image and social participation issues encountered by patients • Creates awareness on how to complete first aid on burns